Cassie Jaye, The Red Pill

This is an absolutely amazing documentary, raw, honest and nothing is held back. I am not a promoter by any means, this film just moved me and touched me so deeply and profoundly.

The link is to the trailer.

If your fight is for equality for all, I challenge your assessment and your ability to see through the fog.


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        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Arguably men have gone through and are still going through discrimination. The focus always has and is still today on women. But more and more men are being left behind. I can understand a person’s hesitation viewing the other side, however; I think the conversation is not honest if men and their plight is not included.

  1. Everyone is going through something. I think the problem is that society allows the rich to divide us. Everyone on both sides is being manipulated by those who control the wealth.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That is an interesting dynamic you bring up in the atmosphere of feminism, MRAs and people living together. Have you watched “The Red Pill”?

      I will concur that there is money to be made with feminism, and that’s probably why it has risen as much as it has. Winners and losers, there can be only one unfortunately.

      1. It’s an easy conclusion, we know for a fact that misogyny is a money maker. Weak men wine about women to control paychecks and the household spending.

        Feminism learned all it knows from misogyny and benefits from a gain in wealth which equals more freedom in a capitalist society.

        What benefit would either of them have to a society that didn’t thrive on money and power?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I wouldn’t go that far to say that women learned from misogyny. The problem lies with the idea that there must be a winner and a loser.

          1. I don’t think women learned from misogyny just like I don’t believe all men are misogynist.

            I’m saying that the feminist movement learned from the successful male movement of domination as a control mechanism to gain wealth.

            The majority of men and women are what I would call somewhat reasonable but the power structure in place by a handful of men is not. The handful of women in the movement are equally power centric.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Feminism is based solely in the “damsel in distress” idea. Why else would they first refer to themselves as “The Temperance Movement” and the later “The Suffragettes”? What exactly were they suffering from? The suffragettes notoriously ignored black women and other minority women. Yet today it is hailed as for all women.

              1. As a realist I don’t look at what is said only what is gained.

                They gain more money, better positions, and less restrictions in the home.

                People say all kind of things, like some churches say they love you…. until you need something.

                Like you said earlier, we can agree to disagree on this.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  For sure, I cannot recommend the documentary enough though, it’s not a swipe at feminism, just highlights what is overlooked.

  2. You stated — “If your fight is for equality for all, I challenge your assessment and your ability to see through the fog.”

    My response — Equality is impossible. If I were in a fight it would be for freedom from oppression. Since this is a complicated topic I will understand if no one wants to reply lol.

      1. Ann Coulter said it best when pressed on her controversial book titles, she said she didn’t really believe everything she said but who would buy the book without those titles.

        LOL what would the movement look like with a realistic mantra.

        “We are fighting for low pay to be just like the majority of the other people in the office.”

        “We want to be the same tired worn out human coming home from a low pay, underappreciated job like the majority of the other people on our block.”

        “We are tired of men getting all the credit stolen from them for their hard work to the 3 executives sitting around all day, we want them to take credit for our work also.”

        See how awful it would look?

        We want equal rights!

        Sounds much better but realistically is the exact same thing.

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