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With all of the attention devoted to human atrocities here and around the world, through pictures alone, I don’t know where the baby pictures are. What faces does a baby make while it is killed inside the womb? How does a baby contort and twist its body while it is being murdered, inside the womb? Does a baby scream while it is being hacked apart, alive? Does the baby try to escape? Does the baby kick and punch while it is being slaughtered?

Do those who support and commit abortion even care? Do those who champion abortion give any thought to the baby and the torment? It seems that animals have more rights and get more attention than babies.

Where are the pictures of a baby in the womb during the murder? If you wanna devote your time to rescuing animals, but cannot be bothered with rescuing babies, I wonder where and when your morals deviated so drastically.


8 thoughts on “Baby Pictures

  1. They have a video somewhere and a woman who worked at planned parenthood saw that baby try to move away from the machinery trying to kill it and that’s when she left the business.
    Disgusting. They can feel pain. It’s inhumane. So very sad!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I couldn’t imagine. Innocent babies slaughtered for profit.

      Release the damn footage and let’s have an honest discussion about abortion for once. (Not aimed at you)

  2. I haven’t seen footage of an abortion – but I’ve heard about some taken (it may have been the footage that Blended Hope mentioned). I HAVE seen footage of Planned Parenthood persons discussing black market baby parts. Absolutely sick listening.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’ve never seen or heard it, I honestly don’t know if I could stomach it. It must be released if we or anyone will ever have an honest discussion about it.

  3. I’ve seen footage a doctor did in the 1900s I think (I know I mentioned it in another post). I can try to find the video and post the link if anyone is interested (though, I totally understand if no-one does and I would rather not see the video again myself, but it does show what truly happens).

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