Boycott the Boycott

This is absolutely hilarious. People are destroying their own property now, since Nike decided to make Kaepernick the star of their 30th anniversary. People are boycotting the NFL for not taking a harder stance on the National Anthem. Others are boycotting the NFL for not signing Kaepernick. Celebrity gossip and entertainment news is now suddenly news! Oh man, I hope this never ends, this is too much fun. Boycott the boycott!!!


14 thoughts on “Boycott the Boycott

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      You got that right girl, poor kids in Africa and China could use those sneakers!!! I don’t make enough money to destroy my own property!!!

      1. LOL. Another boycott you may or may not have heard about is the boycott of ALL movies that have a left-leaning director/producer/writer/actor/actress/ANYTHING. I disagree mainly because of the movies I would have to throw away if I participated! LOL
        [My favourite actor, Harrison Ford; favourite director/producer, Steven Spielberg; Roland Emmerich; Morgan Freeman; etc etc all have left-wing views, and I ain’t about to throw out Indiana Jones! LOL]

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