Do Women Complain More than Men?

As an aggregate, I do not think this is accurate, nor do I think there are any other stereotypes between men and women that seem to be mainstream ideology today, or yesterday, that are even close to being accurate. The platform of the imaginary “wage gap”, treat men and women as an aggregate, rather than individual, this is by design though, it is not mere happenstance. The “wage gap”, “racial discrimination”, or the good old “rich versus poor” platforms are all to trick people into volunteering for socialism, rather than working for what they want. I have addressed these concerns before in older posts, the links are provided:¢¥ene/

It may seem like a lot, but I hate to repeat myself.



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11 thoughts on “Do Women Complain More than Men?

  1. I don’t think women complain more – but I think they’re more open about it. Personally, I’ll speak right up to complain in a store etc but my husband won’t say a word, he’ll just get silent and then waffle on about it to me for days!
    I work in HR. Men come to HR to complain waaay more than women who again, just soeak up at the time. I don’t blame men at all for that, current RIDICULOUSNESS would have men emasculated to the point of extinction. Men are rightly afraid to open their mouths around women for fear of consequences. This benefits no one as eventually the tide will turn. It always does.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It would seem that the fairness and the balance between the sexes and the colors has already been in place then.

    2. I’m going through Coffee’s latest posts and catching up on the comments. Whenever I read your comments, I just nod in agreement. I just realized I “Liked” a bunch of them. Your notifications must be going crazy. Oops…

      1. bottomlesscoffee007

        Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, I do appreciate the support and the comments. I try to remain relevant, thanks for noticing.

      2. I’ll just do that right back!! That’s different because we know it’s in agreement – we’re not “strangers” (you know what I mean!!) I ‘like’ your comments when I agree too, especially because a lot of the time you phrase what I want to say perfectly

  2. Instead of celebrating the differences in the sexes and appreciating a balance between the two (men still can’t bear children and women still can’t stand up to pee effectively without assistance), we have become a brainwashed society that demands equal outcomes instead of equal opportunity.

    007, you and I have already had a great discussion over this very thing. Complaining is born out of unmet expectations. If politicians promise handouts and they don’t manifest, there can be protests or there can be revolution.

    This is a complex issue. I’ve seen a group of Vietnam vets bitch louder than a group of women at a hair salon.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yep, yet the argument continues since uniqueness is falsely sought out, yet mediocrity is praised. I guess the buffoons that clamor about bullshit will never be content!

    2. What you mean by “Men can’t bear kids”? A month, or two ago, I saw a headline stating the opposite: “Men gives birth to…” Turns out “he” was born a woman. LOL

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Hahahahahah, oh man, I couldn’t imagine, funny though how many women are too willing to give up that truly incredible attribute.

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