A Church, a Funeral and Enough Lectures Concerning Politics

Well, one would’ve thunk that the biggest party in D.C., perhaps the world, took place in a cathedral yesterday. A venerable who’s who in attendance, yet the outsider, remained outside, perhaps the invitation was lost in the mail! For an audience patting themselves on the back for exercising their idea of inclusiveness, it’s hard not to see right through their black veils, nonetheless designer at that. Never let an opportunity go to waste. For everyone who championed him today, I wonder, where have they been for the last 16 years? Perhaps their politics and the values they speak of ad nauseam, only placate their own desires.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world continued to turn. Who cares about the victims of the Pope, who cares about the victims of economic terrorism, who cares about children beaten and one perhaps starved to death? There was a party to attend and lectures that were scheduled to proceed.

We are always lectured to about values, about what is right and what is wrong, now their martyr, without breath still attempts the last word in an arena of scoundrels. I often wonder, the values they speak of, how many others actually follow that model? Whatever happened to the cowboy politics of George W.? Perhaps in their mind, Sarah Palin was too much of a dunce. How is it possible for Obama to learn anything, I thought he was the “light worker”? Speaking of cowards and draft dodgers, old Slick Willy was in attendance, but I guess their remarks were more or less pointed at one person rather than everyone who escaped the war in Vietnam.

The majority of those who praise his grit and determination, will never themselves volunteer to serve, yet they use it for their platform. “He was my friend”, yet not when it counted as far as I can tell. Politics in life and politics in death, the legacy he leaves behind will be mired in political affiliation, rather than in service. The seat he leaves behind is vacant, since he had to die a sitting senator, too proud to step down, so another could serve the people.

And the world keeps on turning, time stops for no one.

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35 thoughts on “A Church, a Funeral and Enough Lectures Concerning Politics

  1. benjamindallas554

    This is the only way that those (spineless) cowards could attack the President without getting a response… It’s an interesting new fad of a campaign strategy, but not likely to be successful. Not unless many more “famous people” die, in a very short amount of time. This entire funeral circus, has been a new low for the lowest type of human beings (politicians) on the planet. There is nothing more disgusting than hijacking a funeral, and turning it into a platform to push a political agenda…. Keep it classy Democrats!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Speaking of which, I wonder how much this exuberant, exclusive and most of all expensive as hell circus cost, and who is footing the bill for an invitation only “public servant” memorial and viewing?

  2. Besides the deadly USS Forrestal disaster, here is their beloved McCain:


    I live with a Vietnam Seabee vet whom was also in the Fleet Navy during the Cuban Blockade. He was ‘in country’ when McCain was shot down. Navy veterans do not like him because they know who he was, how he was and what he did.

    Good riddance.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          No, please express what you want on bottomlesscoffee007.com say what you want and get things off your chest. That’s what I set out to do, a place for freedom of speech and expression. A place to have discussions and conversation. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, from the bottom of my heart.

  3. I’m not one to bash someone after they die. Whoever he was, is in the past. It’s time for those who loved him to mourn, and for the rest of us to move on.
    As far as the circus is concerned, that’s what bothers me, too. Once someone dies, suddenly, so many “friends” appear. So many nice words are said. Did you say those words to that person when they were alive?
    I did not watch the funeral, etc., but I heard who was there. Absolutely ridiculous how a funeral can be politicized.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      He led his life, I agreed sometimes and disagreed other times. Like you, I cannot stand the circus or the sudden friends and allies. This type of behavior only reminds me, that they may claim a moniker of republican or democrat, refer to the other side as the enemy when it’s time for their election. But behind closed doors, they conspire together for their version of global domination, at the cost of their own constituents. Politics always, especially when they demand that everyone else leave politics out of it.

  4. Lauren Macdonald

    For starters I am from Australia, so I don’t even know who died but I wanted to make a comment on hypocrisy. Or perceived hypocrisy. I can honestly say I have no opinion on the decisions made by this person who died or their cronies, but my comment is about our decisions and how they often appear to be poor decisions from the view point of the outsider.

    This weekend I made a decision to inflict pain on about 50 people, including myself and my children, so that the future would be better for one child in particular. 6 other people would benefit immediately and hundreds more, possibly thousand, and who knows even millions will hopefully be impacted by the flow on effect of that decision. (Including those in the community who were present for the decision.)

    A number of people could see what I was doing, what I had faith for, and they encouraged me but many could not. They only saw the painful present. One person even threatened to destroy my life because she saw only the immediate effects of my choice.

    Since Saturday I have already seen the flow on, and it is good. However, those 50 people know nothing of the backstory or the results of that decision. I ay never set eyes on them again. All they know is that for 15 minutes I made their life hell.

    I know that what I did was for the greater good. One day my decision and it’s effects could greatly impact their lives or the lives of their children. But only God will know.

      1. Lauren Macdonald

        Actually one woman said, if she lived next to me, she would have notified the department of child services! I’m posting about it tomorrow. Have a read and see what you think.

      2. Lauren Macdonald

        Did I reply twice? Sorry if I did. Just to say another lady told me if she was my neighbour she’d alter the department of child services for what I did. I’m blogging about it tomorrow.

  5. I have long been of the opinion that, if you have a choice between two equals, and one has served in the military while the other has not, you should pick the military person, because he or she is less likely to send men and women into harm’s way. I don’t know if that’s entirely true or not, but that’s how I think about it.

    That’s one reason I’m none too confident the current administration will keep us out of unnecessary wars — wars that will be made to appear necessary.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I don’t understand why military service in combat overseas isn’t mandatory criteria for government jobs or elected representatives. The last president with actual combat time was H. W. Bush, and he got us into Desert Storm, then again, the entire Bush family was notoriously involved in the oil industry.

      I am convinced there is not a single worthy person in government, that is fit to lead. They all are dirty and they all have their handlers.

      1. Some years ago, I did a little experiment. The sort of wacky, non-scientific experiment my friends know me for. I went to my favorite coffee shop one morning and counted the people I knew well enough to judge whether I would trust them as a congressperson or a senator. Then I tallied up the ones I would trust and compared each to my real representative and senators. Turns out as far as I was concerned all but maybe one or two of the people I’d trust were — in my judgement — more likely to make a good representative or senator than the ones I had.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Its an interesting idea, giving our own voices to others, hoping they will do what we would do. Like Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” everything comes at a price and the minute we willfully give up our own voice or rights, maniacal things suddenly happen, not only to us, rather everyone who simply decides to vote, but never follows up no their vote.

  6. Maybe the only good thing you can say about having so many “friends” after you die is that it reminds all of us that we share a common fate, a common humanity. I’ve always thought “speak no ill of the dead” should be viewed in that light, although I’ve come to recognize that such is impossible in a politicized world.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Anyone in public service is open for criticism in life and in death. Since the weight of their decisions are still felt after their death. Old FDR got his social security, and it has been spent by the government since day 1. They have no true friends, mere allies in the moment.

  7. I swear if I have to turn on my computer or TV or radio and hear the name “McCain” one more time I am going to puke. That goes for the “Bush slipped Michelle Obama candy” video circling around.
    Who cares.
    Why is this nonsense going on for 12 days?
    What a disgusting display of politics…all of a sudden the democrats love him yet hated him and fought him when he was alive. Hmmmm….

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Nothing but a bunch of posers girl. Free airtime and just another platform to push their ideals and goals onto the rest of us, meanwhile, they look down their nose at us. We weren’t invited, yet we are forced to watch the disgusting display of politics at a funeral.

      1. I may get crushed here in bloggerville but I am a Trump loving, conservative, fiesty mom of nine who doesn’t put up with these liberal nut jobs. Twelve days of wasted news time devoted to a man that these people could honestly care less about. These people hated McCain yet show up because they hate Trump more and want to look like the good guys.
        I see right through this BS.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          On the friggin nose girl. But alas, trump is too trump for them to see the literal shit on their own knees and noses!!!!

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