Congressional Pensions (Originally Posted 11 May 2018)

The original post can be found at the link below. Please share this with friends, family and social media for the upcoming Midterm elections. I hope this will help with your decision.   Congressional Pensions We are constantly barraged with new technology and we are being told that in order to keep up with the …

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Absentminded Wordplay

Have you ever listen to someone that you completely disagree with? While they spoke, you would retort whenever they said "us" or "we", in your mind you would say to yourself "you"? A lot of people it seems to me, always say "we" or "us". I am guilty of this as well. Although I don't …

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What is Your Credit Score?

What if I were to tell you that the National average for credit scores in the U.S.A. were around the 680 range? Does that mean that the majority are of us are doing rather well? Paying all of our bills on time, maintaining a positive debt to income ratio. Do you believe that? If the …

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Will Their Pay be Docked?

The representatives that walked out of the vote today, has their been pay docked for the time they were absent? Did they get prior approval to leave the job site? Will they have to use some of their vacation time to make up for their absence? What in the he'll are we paying them for? …

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When Temptation is Presented

What's the difference between a female grinding her ass on a male's groin and a male pressing his groin into a female's behind? The obsession with alcohol consumption and drug usage between the sexes only increases the chances of criminality. Whether she grabbed him or he grabbed her, is completely inconsequential, by this point. The …

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You Are Entitled to Your Own Facts

Red vs. blue, democrats vs. republicans, left vs. right, man vs. woman, Ford vs. Kavanaugh. No matter what took place today, no one is changing their mind. No one cares, it's politics at it's finest. The "facts" are biased, the "facts" have nothing to do with anything. Here say, hyperbole, conjecture, facts maybe and maybe …

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Do the Dictionaries and the Encyclopedias and the General Controllers of Information, Change the Definition to Fit the Narrative?

If you don't know anything, how do you expect to learn anything? Who controls the information? From primary school to university and beyond. What has been changed in the history books? What are credible sources? CNN Explains Democratic Socialism: