What Does the Disaster in Puerto Rico Teach Us.

That the government cannot be trusted to help its own citizens in peril. Say what you will about the leadership in the Whitehouse or the leadership of Puerto Rico, they will never hear you. What will it take, before people quit putting their trust in government?

It’s easy to sit back and say this or that should’ve taken place, but that only distracts from the pain and anguish the citizens of Puerto Rico dealt with and are still dealing with. What are the lessons learned? The lesson is that only you know how to care for yourself and your family.

Have a plan, take your own defense into your own hands. Plan for disaster and prepare. Train your family in life saving techniques and procedures. Establish priorities of work and empower everyone with a specific task. Cross train and continue to improve. Various methods of communication are preferable and appropriate clothing is necessary. Fill up your cars prior to an impending storm. Have plenty of charcoal on hand, fresh water and food. Cook and prepare plenty of food the day prior. Keep your cell phones charged at all times.

You may be caught off guard, this does happen more than we know. But the more you prepare and think preparedness, the more planning becomes muscle memory.

I’m not stating that the citizens of Puerto Rico were not prepared. I’m simply driving home the fact that when you or your family is in need, the last thing you want to be, is stuck, waiting for the government to actually care about you.

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8 thoughts on “What Does the Disaster in Puerto Rico Teach Us.

  1. If the government does not respond to the needs of the citizens, I would say that urgently calls for an examination into the causes of why that’s the case, along with the implementation of remedies to at the least ameliorate the problem.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The response is never appropriate, nor does it truly address the need, rather a piece of duct tape used as a band aid.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Awesome!!!! Unfortunate to say, but we are not that valuable is the grand scheme. If we let the government decide when and how to help, we will all be helpless.

  2. ONE DAY the sh** will hit the fan. Someone will ask, “Anybody got a really big knife and a 5 gallon bucket of nonperishable food?” And you and I will step forward.
    That’ll be our day, my friend. That’ll be our day.

  3. This is very true! It reminds me of a scripture at Ecclesiastes 8:9 which says “man has dominated man to his harm or detriment”. Government is made up of imperfect people that are susceptible to greed, a thirst for more power and a lack of compassion. We see this play out everyday. I look forward to God’s Kingdom when we will have a real ruler that loves us and does what is best for his people (Isaiah 9:6,7; Revelation 21:3,4).

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