Is CNN and Other Left Leaning News, Fake?

Fake news, who are the arbiters of fake news? Is it Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, BBC, OAN, RT, Facebook, etc. etc. etc.? What is the criteria to be labeled “fake news”? Does fake news appeal to some and why is that? Who decides who or what is fake news? Is it our intelligence community or another facet of government that should tell us what is or is not fake news. Who is left and who is right when it comes to broadcast news in your opinion?

The term fake news is an interesting connotation, as it seems to me, that it is up to the individual viewer to decide, not any particular audience. I do not believe that any broadcast news is exclusively entirely left or right, although it seems that more opinion pieces get the majority of the attention, and are labeled news. The fake news moniker has flustered many, but they always say that the other side is fake news.

I do enjoy politics, I hate to admit it, but politics is in itself a vice. The term politics means to silence and or destroy the other side through opinion and propaganda. At the same time, I know that the exceptionalism of America could actually be as simple as fake news, depending on what is important to you. There is no law decreeing that everyone must acknowledge America as the greatest nation on earth. We may agree or disagree, but our opinions only matter to us.

Saying that any news center is right or wrong, one must also acknowledge who finances these broadcast news companies. What stories are approved for release and which ones are not, and why are they not? The enemy of my enemy is my friend is more often than not used, but who are your enemies and why or how did they become your enemies? Do they know that they are your enemies, are you their enemy as well?

If there anyone that would truly lay down their own life for any president ever? I know that I wouldn’t, not a chance in hell. There never has and I’m pretty sure there will never be any elected representative that I would be willing to die for. Why is that you may ask? Because I do not truly know them and they do not know me. There is no actual relationship there, thereby there is no kinship. We elected with our heads and our hearts, but criticism and skepticism is missing once our person wins.

It seems that not only is it them that cares about winning, it is us as well. So much so, that we disparage our own kin and neighbors alike at the idea that they do not share in our politics. Are we that simple, that the term fake news can conjure up feelings of hate or slander? Are we so attached to the news center that we sacrifice our own relationships for people and companies that we are so far removed from?

I’ll admit, I do enjoy CNN, not only for their feisty arguments that they broadcast, but also for their criticism of President Trump. I may not agree with their take from time to time, but I believe that it is a good thing, that they do everything they can to hold him accountable to their standards. Fox News tends to get rather redundant for me, but when President Obama was in office, Fox News was just as critical as CNN is today. I start to think that all of these news broadcasters have more in common than even they realize. They are the ying and the yang, the push and the pull, between them, balance might actually occur.

The one thing that I acknowledge is that all of these platforms are companies, and as we all know, companies are in the business of making money. Agree with Trump, Obama, Sanders, or disagree, it really doesn’t matter. If for some reason one of them or others appeals to you, then go with it, just know, you do not have to tie your wagon to any of them. All of them are politicians and business men alike, they may seem different on the top, but they all crave power. Just as every politician ever has been, always.

The more you push for your side to win, the more you lose. People need to decide for themselves, free of guilt or shame. The more people that freely decide for themselves, the better off we all will be. We do not have to agree on anything other than, allowing others to be free, if it is freedom that we desire for ourselves. The more anyone forces others into compliance, the worse off they will be. Calling people names for not voting the way you want only emboldens more to stray away from you.

America and Americans have struggled to exist since the founding. We have never been a nation that falls in line, we are all individuals. The appeal of America is rebellion.

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25 thoughts on “Is CNN and Other Left Leaning News, Fake?

  1. Very thought-provoking, BC. Thanks for posting this.

    As I see it the media today is rampant with false and misleading information largely enabled by the appalling lack of critical thinking skills in the general public, along with their dismal knowledge base.

    Beyond that, I see the mainstream media as not representing more than a narrow slice of the politics in this country. Yeah, they all make a big deal about how each channel is so radically different from its competition. BS, I say. The mainstream outlets are about as alike as neighbors in a gated community. Even a relatively mainstream politician like Sanders (he is more or less an Eisenhower Republican adapted to the 21st Century, as I see it) is marginalized by the MSM.

    The MSM drags in “liberals” who would be conservatives twenty or forty years ago, calls them “socialists” and “radicals”, and dupes the public into believing that nonsense. Basically, they’re elites, we’re non-elites, and they don’t want us well informed enough to know where our true self interest lies.

    End of rant.

    I’m getting to like your blog. You raise the important political questions.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Damn, that’s high praise! Thanks Paul, I appreciate it. We choose our media and representatives like we choose our sports teams. Yet we have no say in who gets traded and we bicker amongst ourselves when our favorite player leaves our team. Suddenly they just became the enemy!

  2. For me, fake news is when I see something with my own eyes, and hear it with my own ears, but they report it differently. Also, when they take things out of context and twist things to fit their narrative.
    You are post on when it comes to who owns which news. It can tell a lot.

  3. There isn’t any reporting. That’s the problem. Everything is an opinion piece, right down to the weather. It used to be that the editorial or columnists wrote opinion pieces and news stories were based on facts. That journalism doesn’t exist anymore and frankly, I don’t believe in any media stories.
    Social media has been the biggest eye opener ever. I don’t think anyone expected that but when you read people’s own accounts of events and see uncensored video clips it really brings home how little truth there is in the ‘news’

  4. floatinggold said what I was about to say, only in fewer words.
    I’ve seen the reality, and I’ve seen the news coverage of that reality, and I’m not impressed. The news is like a great big hysterical gossip whore, and it just takes the most sensational thing and makes it bigger, freaks people out, adds fuel to fires, creates contention, rips at people’s private pain for monetary gain and show.
    Sometimes nice things can happen from the news, but more often than not it causes division.
    I see what you mean about watching them both and reading in between the lines, maybe you can actually get a pretty good idea of the facts that way, but in the end, it’s still just a glorified Jerry Springer show. I never had much patience for gossip and the news exhausts the hell out of me!

    1. LOL! OMG! “Hysterical gossip whore”…I suddenly thought of Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched.

      I can’t stand the news. They rarely report facts if they report on something at all. They do engage in opinion manipulation. “WE think this is bad, bad, bad, therefore, you should to. Nevermind the parts we left out of the “story”. You don’t need to know ALL THAT. It’s not relevant. Really.”

      I don’t trust any of them.

  5. *rant*
    My 16 year old son started school this week and his new US History teacher gave the following assignment:
    Write a paragraph on a current event. News sources that are acceptable are: NPR, CNN, NY Times. Sources NOT allowed are FOX news or MSNBC.
    She explained to the class that she was raised in a liberal home, continues to practice those beliefs, and has had issues with her husband who holds conservative beliefs. She also said she hates FOX news, thus doesn’t allow it.
    How in the literal hell does that teacher think CNN is fine but FOX or MSNBC is not?!!!
    I cannot think of ONE news source that isn’t biased.
    Yes, I raised hell, he is out of that class, and the teacher was spoken to as what she did was against school policy.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s how it begins, first with reports on favorite presidents or a list of historical figures that you can write a report on. No critical thinking or arguing a case. Plain and simple, silence and compliance. Once that sets in, stepping out of line will be punished harshly, until the lesson is learned.

      1. Exactly!!
        I posted a video on my Instagram on my way to the principals office to handle this and somehow it has made the rounds. I’ve had liberal kids come at me and it’s hard to explain to them that teachers make mistakes. This teacher went against school policy. Biased should never be taught. Aggghhhh….it difficult raising children in this day and age!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          We allowed it, the hippies won girl. That’s what happens when the adults of today were never obligated to earn their seat at the table, their citizenship. They’ve never fought for their country, they’ve never cleaned their own house before they torched the neighborhood.

          Why should they care, if they’ve never cared for anything before?

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