Is The Pope Culpable?

Yes, without a doubt The Pope is culpable. He is the leader of the Catholic Church. He cannot simply be responsible when something good happens, he is also responsible when something goes wrong. What went wrong you may ask? They were caught, plain and simple, it’s not the deeds that they are ashamed of, it’s the fact that they were caught.

The Pope is addicted to power, that is why he is silent. The Pope is addicted to money and influence, otherwise, as the leader, he would take responsibility for not only his actions, but the actions of those trusted with positions of leadership. The Pope, like the rest of us is a man, corruptible and obsessed with the physical and mortal possessions of the world. Rather than humility and graciousness, he hides behind the walls that surround The Vatican City.

A man of God, in hiding. Wow, I would think that any man of God would not fear death or public shame. A true believer would accept their faults, they would not hide from them, like putting lipstick on a pig, no matter the hats or gowns, he is still a simple man.

Platitudes are easy to convey when everything is easy. This is what happens whenever one man is granted greatness by other men. I believe it was President Abraham Lincoln that said something along the lines of, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

Once power is tasted, it is hardly ever relinquished. The Pope is as guilty as the ones who committed the crimes against children and babies, not only did he enable it, he encouraged it, with his limp-wristed leadership. But hey, he talked shit about Trump and he made heart symbols with his hands. Unfortunate to say, but that is the level of acceptance in this world today, platitudes and false acceptance.

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11 thoughts on “Is The Pope Culpable?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yes, yes and yes. The Pope wants people to worship him. Therefore, this isn’t the ideal situation in his eyes. Remove the wall, walk amongst the people with no protection. “Tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, God is with me”!

  1. The Pope is a role filled by many men to date. None of them have stopped egregious sins or ever apologised for evil wrought in the name of their church. As such my comments refer to the position through time and not just its present occupant however, the current pope is responsible for not admitting evil and apologising for it.
    The pope is more than culpable. He is an enabler. He is a smoke and mirrors man, he is a scammer – he is anything but a pious man.
    A pious man wouldn’t allow priests to abuse others and cover it up.
    A pious man wouldn’t conspire with Nazis.
    A pious man wouldn’t allow slavery of orphans and unmarried mothers.
    A pious man wouldn’t cover up murders of the above.
    A pious man wouldn’t allow millions to die of hunger and disease while the Vatican is immeasurably Rich.
    Why would you believe in a church that preaches poverty and IS a bank?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly right, there needs to be sanctions, and an embargo on the pope and the Vatican City. They tell us to build bridges not walls, yet ever since the inception of the Catholic Church, all they have done is evil. They say it is in the name of God, yet none of them are man enough to face what they have done.

      These heinous crimes have been part of regular operation for the hundreds of years the Catholic Church has been in operation.

      Damn straight Britchy, thanks for the comment.

  2. Leadership is an art spoken by a man that has resumed the responsibility. The man who wrote this article is a man who has led men when failure was not an option. I have served under him and I assure you he knows what is right and wrong.

  3. “The Pope, like the rest of us is a man, corruptible and obsessed with the physical and mortal possessions of the world.”

    Add the lust for power to that mix — as you did in your post — and you have the essence of the problem right there.

    I don’t buy into the excuse that the Church is too large to systemically root out its evils. A good organization even of that size could have had the problems solved twenty years ago. The Pope and leadership simply lack either the will or the competence to do the job.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The more we put our trust and faith in our fellow man, the further we will continue to be left heartbroken and lost. We are, our own worst enemy, what makes us think that those in power are any different? Because they smile when the cameras are on? Thanks for your comment and your insight.

      Everyone after something like this happens, stands around and asks “how could this have happened”? It happens because we put our faith in people that have their own means to an end.

  4. You asked — “Is The Pope Culpable”

    My answer — Yes. The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church and is therefore responsible for it at all times.

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