“So What is it, That You Would Say, That You Do Actually Around Here”?

What do senators actually do? If one of them is sick, shouldn’t they hold a special election to ensure the citizens don’t go without representation? Or do they die as a sitting senator? If their staff does the majority of the heavy lifting, then what’s the point of having an elected representative? Perhaps its selfish to think that once an elected representative is found to be deathly ill, that they should immediately step down, so their districts and constituents don’t go a day without representation.

I’m not wishing ill will, death or sickness on anyone. I’m just saying, it must be nice to continue to get paid, by the citizens, while you’re in the hospital or in recovery. Perhaps public and civic duty isn’t what it used to be. Must be nice to get the executive level treatment.


6 thoughts on ““So What is it, That You Would Say, That You Do Actually Around Here”?

  1. I fully agree with special elections for dead and/or resigned senators (I don’t know about what happens in the US, but in AUS, replacements are simply selected by the party). Not so sure about sick ones – what if they recover, even if miraculously, and don’t die? That sometimes does happen, you know. If that kind of law was in place, if a useless politician became very ill, we would be rid of him. But then again, if a really good one became ill (or was deliberately poisoned – would someone abuse a “sickness = vacant seat law?), we would lose that person as well – even if they had a recovery. So, I’m not so sure about that one.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      My point is you’re elected to represent. If you cannot represent regardless if you are a good representative or not, you should be replaced immediately. They kick people out of the military who’ve been injured in combat all the time. Somehow McCain gets to get over some more.

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