Opportunity is Not the Responsibility of Others

Whether is Chicago, Baltimore or the backwoods, hills and mountains of our nation, the opportunities are an individual responsibility. Imagine where we would be today is we were to offer “assistance and opportunity” to the Neanderthals. Would the human race still exist, or would we have been bred out by this point? The inclination for charity has been replaced with an idea of a socialist Shangri La, a perceived utopia, to right all of the wrongs.

Whether it’s the neighboring states or municipalities, somehow the blame is always shoved to the people who can handle the criticism. The blame is never placed where it belongs. Why is that you may ask? Because the true prejudice lies in the idea that money, color, sex or ethnicity, predetermines outcome. If correlation doesn’t prove causation, then everyone would know that these traits dictate nothing other than who can and who cannot conceive.

There is a reason why the locations across America with the highest regulation and populations with the greatest density of government assistance are also the most dangerous and fatal.


12 thoughts on “Opportunity is Not the Responsibility of Others

  1. Quit e interesting. I get the sense you have a fine mind, capable of sharp insights. It seems to me you might benefit from a much greater familiarity with the science on many of the subjects you write about. But please do not take that as in any way intended as a put down. Just a suggestion for your own consideration.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      None taken. I would enjoy conversation. I am more of an observer more than anything, I also ask a lot of questions and want to understand the thought pattern behind decisions and actions.

      1. Off to your right on the blog, below the search boxes. You should know most long term readers acquire PTSD. It’s a mystery to me why. I swear my opinions are not designed to inflict it.

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