Pro Trump or Anti Trump

With the midterms quickly approaching, it seems that the message on both sides is the same. They are either with Trump or they are against Trump.

Those who are with Trump are idiots that are so incredibly removed and illiterate that they must plagiarize Trump’s message. They’re not even smart enough to figure it out for themselves including their own message or their own way ahead. You hear them regurgitate it time and time again, while wielding firearms or driving trucks, possibly both and wearing jeans.

On the other side the same nonsense continues. Pictures of them at the woman’s march, hugging and kissing supposed minorities and always posing with celebrities all while dressed to mimic metropolitan crack chic. They never shy away when the cameras are on to denounce Trump, regardless of how many pictures there are out there of them together at some point in time. With all of their posing and resisting, what and how much time will they actually take to work?

With all the money and power these criminals and thieves already have, you would think they could actually fix a bunch of stuff just by spending their own money. However; they are above spending their own money, when they have unlimited access to all of our money. None of these people will punch a time card if they get elected, they will not have to earn vacation, their healthcare will be paid by us, their family members will become rich since their position is used for profit rather than service.

Vote however you want, just realize that you are always voting against your own interests when the candidate can not formulate their own original plan or original message. If everything is either pro Trump or anti Trump, there is no actual plan, since all Trump must do is continue. If Trump is doing all of the heavy lifting for these people, what will there be left for them to do once they win?


38 thoughts on “Pro Trump or Anti Trump

      1. Yeah, like Australia’s Liberal Party (our main conservative party), there are many worthless Republicans who are globalist shills (like Aus’ current Liberal Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull).

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  All of these socialists just want to destroy everything. They act nice when in fact they are evil maniacal and incredibly dirty. The only want to enslave everyone but themselves to the state. I don’t know why they’ve become popular again. It isn’t that hard to figure out what their up to.

  1. Trump seems more like a form of entertainment to get people more interested in the process of government. It seems to me that we have a record number of people learning how government works now that Trump is in office. The more conflict the more people are interested.

    There is also (From a Christian perspective) a large amount of hero or idol worship going on with him. Seems a bit twisted, lot’s of religious people are following him like a prophet.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      False idols, good find. I voted for Trump, but I cannot stand the people who cling to him hoping for a win. If they support Trump, fine, but what are they going to do themselves for their own districts and constituents?

      The criticism from the left is asinine, but the problem is, is that is the only criticism that exists so far. Even though I voted for Trump, doesn’t mean that I still remain critical and expect even more from him. If only more were critical, perhaps we wouldn’t be getting railroaded time and time again.

      1. You stated — “but what are they going to do themselves for their own districts and constituents?”

        My response — They either do what’s right or sell their souls (if secular then sell out) like everyone regardless of party.

        The idol thing is a bit more complex in this case, it’s not just the right worshiping him, negative adoration is also a form of worship. There are people on the left who see him just short of being a prophet in the amount of power they claim he has.

        For (some ) people on the Right and Left he is being idolized.

      2. I didn’t vote for him. I live in the middle class, I will only vote for someone who lives as I live. I don’t trust people in office who don’t share my reality.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Good for you. May I inquire as to why you’re against trump? If you’re against trump, what are you for? What do you support, whom do you support and why?

      These are not loaded questions, more or less an insight into what is important to you and why. is an open and free space, to express yourself. is open to all walks of life, all experiences and most importantly of all, open to different ideas and conclusions.

      Honest and open communication and discussion is the only thing I ask.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I do not think that trump is a god. Furthermore, I believe God wants us to choose for ourselves, whether to believe in God or not. God gave us free will to decide.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I checked out your blog, very sweet and a lovely setup. I noticed you stated that you’re a “homeschool girl”. I must warn you, that some of the topics on this blog can be adult in nature. I’m unsure of your age, but it would be good if your parents could check out my blog, to ensure that it meets their criteria for appropriateness in their opinion. Please, hold onto your innocence and let your parents know that you are reading this blog.

          I mean no disrespect, just transparency.

        2. You are right to say that we should have no other gods before Him, and if people do otherwise, they are wrong. But, Trump is appointed by God to be President. Check out Mark Taylor.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I voted for him and I think he is doing an outstanding job. I just try to remain critical and I cannot stand the resistors or the suddenly pro trump candidates that cannot formulate their own message or plan for their own constituents.

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