Tough Times Always Pass and Good Times Never Last

Humiliation and chasing nostalgia, we often forget to appreciate the tough times we survived, since we constantly yearn for simpler happier times. Iron sharpens iron, to be ready for the tough times ahead, one must always remain aware and attempt to prepare. Whether it’s not spending money once you get it, or abstaining from vices that attempt to lure us in time and time again. The margin of error in everyday life is often brushed aside and forgotten until tragedy strikes.

Were you complacent or is it due to mere happenstance? Then again, perhaps look at every downfall as an opportunity to measure oneself against. The tough times of the past are personal and cannot be compared. The tough times of the past are how we have learned to survive and adapt up until today. The tough times of the past, make it easier to appreciate what we enjoy today.

Don’t get caught up in the moment and refuse to live in the moment. Whatever anyone accuses you of, remember, they are living their life while you live yours. Gravity pulls everything back down to the earth, yet it’s endurance and persistence that provides the fuel and desire to excel beyond.

Take a knee, drink water and face out.


4 thoughts on “Tough Times Always Pass and Good Times Never Last

  1. It always angered me when my mom would say “You cannot appreciate anything if you do not have to work for it and work hard”. Papa would say, “Elbow grease gives the best shine”. These are both more than true. My parents taught me many things that were true. Pass these two to all children and all will benefit. Thank you for your insight.

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