GGA versus GGER

What’s the difference between the two? Who is and who is not allowed to utter or think one or either? Does it even matter? Probably not, so why are we discussing this nonsense while terrorists and child abusers are let out on bail and are expected (hoped) to return for trial in New Mexico. Or, how the Catholic Church along with law enforcement and politicians protected pedophiles while they raped and sodomized children for decades and now later this is verified.

Is there justice or only just us? Where is the Pope in all of this? Children savaged by animals and all that seems to draw money is Trump and the possibility of him saying a word. How did we get here you may ask. We’ve always been here, slide of hand and gossip. The world is filled with cowards that would rather turn up their nose, than actually take action and save children. But hey, abortion is a woman’s right, right?


19 thoughts on “GGA versus GGER

  1. People argue against conspiracies by saying that in order for any conspiracy to hold true, then multiple people all need to keep a secret for a long period of time. Perhaps the Catholic Church is proof of the ability of conspiracies and the people that keep the secrets.

  2. I’m curious what you mean by the acronyms in the title. GGA (good game all) and GGER (a person who says good game)? I’m confused.

    But yes, we focus on the wrong things. All that is going around the president is just a smoke screen.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Just how the news and society is obsessed with nigger or nigga and who can and cannot say it. Meanwhile true atrocities are happening, yet they just focus on who is and who is not allowed to say or express both. Manufactured outrage in an exploding world. Yet we wonder why our time is spent discussing hogwash.

          1. Ha. Right?
            I once heard a woman say: “Don’t call me a bitch”, to which a guy replied: “Ok, I will call you a tree from now on when I will really mean bitch. Is that going to make you feel better?”

            I think it was very poignant. Words are words. I am always suspicious of people who are too nice. They might not be offensive at first glance, but they sure can be snakes. What good does that do? But I digress.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              The biggest problem I see with this slide of hand is how the Catholic Church and their enablers along with the terrorists in New Mexico and their enablers are just allowed to slide under the radar since trump may or may not have said something. The news always tries to tell us what is important, however they never actually report on what is important.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Yep, and we are told that we need “common sense” gun control, since they could care less about the criminals since they can simply limit and subjugate the law abiding citizens

  3. It’s all hypocrisy. Your sins are okay because you’re voting for me/giving me money.
    His sins aren’t because he votes for the other side/got caught/no longer can benefit me
    Case in point.
    Bill Clinton or Harvey Weinstein. Both misused their position but one is loathed and the other lauded.

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