Childish Fodder

It seems that more and more, the vices of the past somehow become mainstream and accepted, whereas legacy norms are now frowned upon. Yet, it always seems to center around children. Why is that you may ask, because children are not fully developed yet, mentally or physically. They focus on children as a way to integrate and force acceptance, since children always seek out approval from their parents, teachers, anyone and everyone.

There used to be a thing known as adult conversation, the kids table and the adults table. Yet more and more, the creatures that thrive in the shadows, side step the parents and go directly for the children. Remember when people were whining about how will they ever explain President Trump to their children? Or, what about the children separated from their families? How about this one, teenage pregnancy and abortion, they paint a picture of miserable parenthood to convince the child and the parents that the baby must be killed if the child has any chance of success in their life.

The interesting aspect of this foolishness, is that somehow Christianity is blamed and viewed as unaccepting. Yet, Islam also does not accept these new and perverse “norms” that are hoisted upon us. Christian prayer is frowned upon in public school. Yet Muslim prayer, prayer rugs and even the celebration of Muslim holidays and holy days are encouraged. Is Easter even marked on the calendar anymore?

We are forced to accept Islam while in the same breath we are expected to denounce Christ. I am not providing an excuse for either, yet one is praised while the other is dammed. Our children are inundated daily with backwards and contrary information to what their parents teach and the values their family holds dear. The adult conversation is not happening on purpose, they do not want the adults to know what is actually taking place or what their children are being exposed to.

The traits of abuse are similar, the perpetrator forces shame on the victim and convinces them that no one will believe them or that they will be ostracized if they speak up. Why else would they speak to kids alone? Why else would they want government grants to spread their messages to innocent minds? So what do they do, they force children to accept them because they act nice while the lights are on. Because children want acceptance and these perverse people force it upon them. You know how most people wouldn’t argue with kids that are not theirs, these people argue with minds that are not developed or kids that have no life experience to speak of yet. So, they shame the children into their version of conformity, only to further their chaos and malicious attack on humanity.

All of this is happening daily, in school, on television and especially where parents don’t generally go. At what age do we allow our children to venture into a public restroom while we wait outside? Is it the school’s responsibility to teach your kids about sex or is it yours? Is it the government’s responsibility to teach your kids about politics, or is it yours? The values that we instill in our kids is their only armor against these insatiable forces that only desire to win at any cost. Why else would abortion be praised and funding demanded, while responsibility is always expected from the tax payers?

This is how society has always been, we all realize it in our own time. If any idea, religion, faith or way of life is ever any good, the adults will decide since children have no real grasp of life or the people who inhabit it. Anyone who desires to speak to children and only to children or entertain children, only wants to destroy those children, which in turn will destroy the traditional nuclear family that this country and nation were founded upon. The traditional nuclear family is what has enabled America to thrive in a dying world. Lose the kids, the family will fall.


15 thoughts on “Childish Fodder

  1. This is such an important issue you raise!
    The indoctrination from early childhood is well in place. What happened to universities teaching critical thinking and facts? Now, they impose their agenda and ban your speech (if you’re on the wrong side). What happened to being an innocent child (not knowing about sex and abortion when you’re 7)? They say they are trying to educate kids. Right… There is time and place for everything. And ultimately, whether it’s good, or bad, it should be the parents’ decision to talk to their kid about crucial issues when they feel is appropriate.

    Like you said – people were asking how to explain to their 4 year olds about the President grabbing them by the pussy. Like, seriously?

    It is NOT for your kids’ own good. It is for them to have an early start on their impressionable minds. That leads into people raising their kids with no religion, so they can choose themselves. How can they choose if they don’t know what’s out there? If you’re going to dress them in a dress one day, and pants the next, you are not giving them freedom. You are confusing them.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, I was inspired to write this today when I found out that Drag Queens will be reading books to children at libraries. This perverse ideology of having to accept and fit in is absolutely disgusting. If anyone wants to be a cross dresser, I have no issue, but to normalize it to children is abhorrent. Normalizing sexual fantasies and fetishes has no place with children present. They do it so slyly, showing how nice they are and that they are “just like everyone else”. It’s disgusting and I am afraid before you know it it will be in schools. Just like the children’s story about gay penguins and their baby. This type of rubbish has no place.

      Too bad they no longer stick to the staples of education: reading, writing, arithmetic, history and science. The socialization of the public education system has failed in this regard as well. No more facts, only state approved stances and opinions, and perpetual victimhood to quantify feelings. The state now raises children, since feminism drives the market and all goods are priced according to a two income household. The cities are trashed thanks to government assistance and subsidies. There is no where left to go, peaceful people looking to raise their families are forced to the subdivisions to escape the madness and crime.

      1. You really have to be a vigilant parent these days to get ahead of what goes on outside of the house.

        And I totally share your sentiment. I guess we’re not progressive enough.

    2. Kids today aren’t thought how to think – they’re taught WHAT to think.
      The news doesn’t report facts, it reports their interpretation of the facts.
      There is stuff NO ONE NEEDS TO EXPLAIN TO A CHILD!!
      Kids under 12 have no need or business learning about politics. Even that’s an early age so why do you feel the need to explain anything about politicians? Oh wait. Yeah maybe you do after Weiner sexting 16 year olds.
      Education needs to be politics free. The media needs the same. We need a lot more transparency and a lot less government.
      This whole situation has been caused by Governments hiding what they do from voters and politicians not disclosing where they get their money. That’s where the real problem is. It’s the backers, the shadow men behind the scenes. The civil servants. Follow the money.

      1. bottomlesscoffee007

        Exactly, it’s always been about money and it will always be about money. The sexualization of children is just a more advantageous route for them to attack and delegitimize us, our way of life and ultimately our country.

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