The Hidden Message in Omarosa’s Secret Recordings

So, we were treated to some salacious secret recordings recently, that apparently Omarosa made while serving in the White House. Did Trump use a racial slur? Why wasn’t Omarosa more forthcoming with the real insight into the Trump universe, during her tenure prior the campaign and up until now? Who knows and who really cares? Not me and I’m sure not really anyone else for that matter.

The biggest take away that I can decipher from all of this hoopla is that Omarosa is still a free person. She didn’t run to Russia like Snowden, she didn’t take refuge in an Emabassy like Assange, and she isn’t in prison like Manning was. She is out peddling her book and she is making the rounds. How could this be you ask?

Because the Trump presidency is possibly the most transparent presidency is modern history. Time will tell if this is accurate or not. The reporters and journalists can scream that Trump is against them and that he is inciting violence towards them. But wait a minute, how many of these news people has he had locked up compared to Obama? I don’t think any as of yet. Omarosa isn’t afraid, because she knows that whatever litigation can be brought against her, will be due to her nonchalant and careless habitual recordings in secure areas.

She is not a whistleblower, she is a scam. Say what you want about the Trump Whitehouse, just realize that up until this point, he is the first president to let people say what they want. This is yet another display of the freedom that Trump himself exemplifies. Sure, she may have broken the law, but the chance she will be brought up on charges of treason are highly unlikely. The same level of transparency or freedom cannot be said of Obama or his presidency.


15 thoughts on “The Hidden Message in Omarosa’s Secret Recordings

  1. Here’s the secret – she’s just a worthless tramp on the take. If I was hiring, I wouldn’t employ her if she paid me so she better hope she makes big bucks from this scam – she’s just rendered herself untrustworthy and unemployable.

  2. The amount of books that came out against the President during Trump’s presidency is astounding. So many people got rich because of him. In today’s world everyone wants to get famous and rich fast (i.e. see Twitter activists).

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Even bloggers, your right though. Pathetic, for some reason gossip and talking shit now is considered a skill and a career.

  3. You stated — “Who knows and who really cares?”

    My Response — I’m not sure why we wouldn’t care. The public wants to know what goes on in it’s government. I have never seen a president in office where people “didn’t want to know”.

    Does Nixon ring a bell.

    The better question is why would you think the public would suddenly not want to know?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      If your concerned with whether or not trump said nigger or nigga, I don’t know what to say. Between the Catholic Church turning out children (the pope is still silent in this matter) or the terrorists getting out on bail in NM, those stories did not receive a 16th of what the Omarosa tapes got. Nixon this and Nixon that, are simple comparisons that don’t add up. Obama’s presidency was the least transparent and the media was complicit.

      1. I’ve never thought about what trump says, I’m not interested in presidents much. I follow real trends like technology. I was speaking to the fact that what happens in the white house is very important to the masses. When have they not been interested? It’s a form of entertainment at the least or vicarious life at the most but either way people want to know as much as possible. This should be common knowledge at this point. I gave Nixon as an example; how else could such a boring president still be so famous if not for entertainment.

        I seek the interesting (have you seen my website, the fact that you jumped on a possible race interpretation makes me more curious. Does everything boil down to the simplistic for you? I thought that you would be seeking more truth than more escape.

        The reference to Obama is also curious, are you one of those party supporters? The democrats are some type of enemy to the truth of a righteous party such as the republicans?

        I would love to explore this aspect of your understanding. Please elaborate on your beliefs.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          The news is obsessed with the whole trump Omarosa debacle. The point I was driving at was how even though she secretly recorded in secure areas shows how trump is allowing her to spread this stuff. The other day she stated that she had a tape of trump saying nigger or nigga and the news was ablaze, meanwhile the terrorists in NM were let out on bail and the Catholic Church pedophelia thing came out. I was trying to show how when obama was in office, no whistle blowers were actually protected, they either ran or they were imprisioned. Meanwhile, while everyone is trying to figure out what trump possible said or did not say.

          I’m not arguing for or against trump, just the hysteria around him and obama.

          If you had read my earlier posts, you would see that I am not affiliated with any party, nor do I want to be.

          1. Have you thought of the possibility that this is just a distraction put in place by the government?

            Why would you assume she is real?

            As for the church child sex ring haven’t you noticed they never really suffer when caught?

            Maybe I do watch the news… just not the main stream 😉

            Usually with a few big scandals in place is a good time to slip larger changes by undetected. The masses are so easily distracted.

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          Might I suggest that you pay attention to current events more, it might help to understand what I am addressing in my articles.

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