Build 100 Bridges, Suck One….., What Will You be Remembered As?

Just a few observations and not very many questions, answer at your leisure or not at all.

– Everyone telling us that Trump watches a lot of television, are actual television personalities, who make their living, on television.

– They say that Trump lies on average 7 times a day. Before he got into politics, Trump was in business. How many business owners or politicians or law makers tell the truth, ever?

– With all the Diet Coke and McDonald’s that Trump takes in everyday, how many jobs is he either creating or sustaining?

– Why aren’t reporters/journalists elected, if their so important?

– If it’s ok to hate your boss, why isn’t it ok that Trump is a boss?

– How many more women must come forward before we all realize that Trump is actually the most interesting/accomplished man in the world?

– How many lifetime politicians have to tell us that Trump is destroying America with less than 1,000 days on the job so far?

– What have any of those lifetime politicians actually achieved for any of their districts?

– I think that politicians should by law be required to wear body cameras at all times.

– How come, law makers, don’t enforce the laws they create? Like, why after they make a law, they don’t jump in a squad car and start kicking in doors themselves?

– How come, elected people don’t live in government (section 8) housing?

– If a president was a good president, why do they need protection for the rest of their lives?

– We are always told how much security costs for president Trump, yet we haven’t seen the bill for the security for Jimmy Carter in awhile, it’s been almost 40 years now that we are still paying for his security. I wonder how much he costs the American tax payers, up to this point?


8 thoughts on “Build 100 Bridges, Suck One….., What Will You be Remembered As?

  1. How come they don’t have to have Obamacare?
    How come they aren’t so forthcoming with their own tax returns?
    How about if they all have to declare companies, lobbyists etc they’re in bed with?
    How come their security isn’t armed with ping pong bats and catapults since they’re so keen on disarming Americans?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Yeah, everyone who tells us that Trump is bad, had their chance for decades. He might not be that great, then again, he has been full filling promises since day 1!

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