Gentrification vs. Demographics and Xenophobia?

What is the difference between a demographic change or shift and gentrification? Is either xenophobic, or do the terms migrate depending on whom is discussing either? Do demographics speak only of skin color or cultural background? How is gentrification bad? Often times, the two terms are never discussed in the same conversation, is that by design or does simple ignorance come into play.

They say that the white majority will be the majority minority by 2040, yet, I thought we were all simple humans. At what point did we decide that the shape of an eye or the shade of a person’s skin would dictate their existence for eternity. Is there a difference in the races? If so, what is the difference between race and ethnicity? If you look on an application, there are many boxes that one must check to signify their identity. Yet, when it comes to ethnicity, more often than not, the two available choices are “Hispanic Latino” or “Not Hispanic Latino” . Yet white, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, are the other choices, apparently have no ethnicity available to choose from. Why is that?

Is it considered racist to discuss demographics? Is gentrification a crime against human rights? With all of the tribes and civilizations throughout history, how is xenophobia even a thing? Obviously, if the Neanderthals were a true race of people, who is guilty of killing them off or breeding them out of existence? What people were killed off by the Native Americans during their invasion?

It would be ignorant to somehow allow only certain peoples to escape their ancestors obvious brutal past, yet it happens everyday, from classrooms to boardrooms. The willful ignorance of the politically correct (PC) state, enables and promotes this rewriting of history, on both the left and the right. To suggest that PC is only peddled by the left is insanity. The right continues this hogwash just as well. All of us are culpable, yet it’s always someone else, or something else that we try to hide behind. Two wrongs don’t make a right, yet the excuse of hyperbole and spin only continue to provoke the idea of property and belonging.

Who owns whom or who belongs there or here? Casting stones and reciting myth to solidify a stance does nothing for nobody. It only weakens humanity everywhere.



7 thoughts on “Gentrification vs. Demographics and Xenophobia?

  1. Vandelay Industries

    I’ll respond to some of this. Gentrification is a specific instance of a demographic change, specifically when an old and perhaps dilapidated neighborhood is renovated and the lower income people there are gradually replaced by wealthier people who can afford to live there. Think of Harry and Lloyd getting spruced up for the charity ball. Demographic shifts happen at, say, the strategic level, while gentrification happens at the tactical level. Neither is xenophobic, but that may be the response some people have to those occurrences. Demographics aren’t just race and cultural background, but also include income bracket, religion, marital status, age, and various other related categories. Gentrification is viewed as bad by some because it generally affects the poor and more vulnerable members of a society, but gentrification is also a byproduct of the effort to revitalize what used to be the crumbling downtown districts in cities across America, so it is a balance between good and bad like anything else. In my educational and professional life the terms are discussed together all the time.

    Lastly, to jump further down, the Neanderthals weren’t a race of people. They were either a different species or a subspecies of hominids.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks for the comment, this does aid in clarification, yet I wonder how many others share your view. From what I can tell, gentrification is often applied to caucasians whereas demographics are applied to other than white. I’ll agree that the two are synonymous yet different in their applications. I won’t get into the mud with how they have been used in the past, but I will say that gentrification is a general term in today’s society that is used as slander, while demographics are often viewed in the light of simple observation.

      What I was attempting to drive at was, we are all human and somehow, we view each other as either subordinate, peer or superior based on nuance, rather than character or merit. I believe this idea has forever been promoted, yet I see it today more than ever, since I wasn’t alive back when time began. So I’m not attempting to make the claim that this is new or anything, just a thought.

      I stand corrected on Neanderthals.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I hope you enjoyed the post.

      1. Vandelay Industries

        I did enjoy the post, and although it isn’t my favorite subject I have had to consume an inordinate amount of information about it, ha.

        The reason gentrification is considered a white or Caucasian thing is simply that, in America at least, most low-income urban dwellers are often non-white peoples, while the middle-class young professionals (hipsters. sigh) that define gentrified areas are generally white. Interestingly, many of the same people that lament gentrification love eating, drinking and exploring the revitalized urban centers of cities. But the difference in the treatment of that and demographics isn’t a mystery to me. Demographics are a broad and comprehensive set of characteristics that can be viewed neutrally much easier than a somewhat smaller event that people can observe with their own eyes.

        The reason humans always categorize other humans through any set of characteristics is a term called sorting. Humans will naturally sort into groups of people they feel comfortable or have common ground with, and all of these various ethnic, cultural, social or economic characteristics end up defining a group. It’s just human nature but we often try, usually unsuccessfully, to socially engineer it out of our societies.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Your explanation is quite thorough. I know the subjects I choose to write about can be controversial, elementary or just plain boring, but I do appreciate your support and your thoughtful comment.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Just how certain people are allowed to overlook their ancestor’s past, while others are made to constantly rehash and are expected to pay for what their ancestors did or did not do. How history is taught in such a way to label a bad guy, rather than just go over what actually took place on all sides. How whenever an area is suddenly inhabited by a different race, how the story will be spun based on the skin color of those new settlers.

      Things are never just discussed any longer. With government assistance and other programs, we are never given actual events, only race and sex are the distinguishing criteria. The victim status of people these days, yet none have actual scars from being whipped.

      Then again, perhaps my writing wasn’t that great.

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