Charlottesville Status Quo?

Charlottesville remains status quo?

New Mayor = Status Quo

New Police Chief = Status Quo

Different Policies = Status Quo

Huh, I thought everyone’s problems would’ve been solved by now, perhaps progress only applies to the comptrollers. Oh well, I guess the problem persists.

In any regard the small businesses in that town should fair well, as long as their business are still standing afterwards. All of the people descending on that town will at least spike their economy for a few days, too bad the regulators will be paid before the workers or business owners.


3 thoughts on “Charlottesville Status Quo?

  1. There are some eyewitness testimonies from Charlottesville proving it was a false flag setup – that the belligerents from the opposing sides were literally bused TOGETHER – IN THE SAME BUSES – into the city to cause a ruckus.

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