Who is Protected and Who is Not and Why?

How does anyone fight hate with love? Who chooses who is racist, and what is the specific criteria to attain that label? Who is protected and who is fodder? Is love truly that easy, or is love replaced with lust? For a society that wants to get rid of labels, they seem too eager to label everyone else. Black, white, man, woman, gay, lesbian, transgender, immigrants, people of color, disabled, privileged, cis, fat, skinny, ACCEPTABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE.

For people who hate dealing with prejudice and judgement, they seem to dole it out quite easily when declaring their enemy. We all are hypocrites and we all are corrupt, at least I am, I doubt there is anyone out there who is perfect in every way. Perfect enough to judge others based on their emotions, logic or lack therof. Blame Trump, blame Obama, blame Hillary, blame the left, blame the right, blame Russia, blame religion, blame education, blame, blame and more blame.

We demand rights, yet we never account for our own deeds, we blame everyone and everything, to avoid accepting the blame and accepting the consequences of our actions. Do whatever you want, just realize, eventually you may find yourself in a bind. However; judging by today’s standards, you may already be ostracized for anything. If your character cannot stand the test of time, chances are neither will you.

You cannot expect others to treat you as you would want to be treated. All you can do is practice this simple philosophy yourself. Holding others to mine or anyone else’s values or mannerisms is asinine and unfair to everyone who I interact with. I could not to be forced to comply with the wishes and desires of others, honestly anyway. If goodness and honesty is what I desire, then that is what I must extend, regardless of the consequences, good or bad.

Our reputations have been replaced with skin color, sex and anything else we can be labeled or whatever group we think will fight for us. If I cannot fight for myself, then how can I expect anyone else to fight for me? If others begin to fight for me, then I have become a simple cog in the machine, I am at that point a tool, to be used for the desires of others.


9 thoughts on “Who is Protected and Who is Not and Why?

  1. Sandra Staton

    Speaking for myself, I had to find my own way to these truths. I became so dissatisfied with the junk I was fed at home at school at church that I went on a deep and honest soul search. It was short of painful; it was sheer hell. I’m still on that quest after twenty plus years and I’ll stay on it till I die. I still battle my judgmental attitude, partly because I learned it at home, at school, at church; everywhere I went, that it is so deeply ingrained that it’s hard to dig out. But I won’t stop till God takes me home. Being a strong believer, I look at the way Jesus lived His life on earth, and boy! Did he put those high and mighty, look-down-their-long-noses, finger-pointing religious leaders in their place. He called them a brood of vipers (Matthew 12:34), white-washed tombs (Matthew 23:27-28), and the list goes on. Jesus is the ONLY ONE worthy to cast judgement. His Word tells us that no one is worthy, not even one (Romans 3:10-12). He is my road map, but I don’t always stay on track; hardly ever, in fact. But His love and forgiveness pulls me back. I’m an idiot that my faith is so weak and my heart is so stupid to listen to the lies of the world. But my awareness brings me back on my knees. God forgive us all. He has set in motion the perfect way for us to live but we choose to be idiots, thinking we are smarter than God. Thanks for your post. You are right on!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you so very much for your heartfelt comment. Truly, it requires constant consciousness, it is too easy to simply fall back into corruption. It’s a daily exercise that I am thankful to God to make me aware.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you so much. I have studied nothing really, so I could be completely wrong, these are just my observations.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Isn’t it funny at the frequency that we tend to agree. Not only us, but I have commented on others posts and it seems that no matter what, the majority is down the middle. Live and let live and leave everyone alone to live their own lives. Perhaps this is propagated by only ever seeing the extremes on tv, then again, tv is all about ratings and money. The only problem is that the politicians only listen to the extremes as well, and we are always left to try and figure out how to navigate the new landscape every time. The same is said on how laws are passed, always to curtail the law abiding citizens, never the criminals.

      1. That’s what I used to think – that extremes only exist on TV. However, I’ve met the negative extremes myself. Most often than not, they are the creation of TV, though.

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