Assault is the Crime, While Defense is Blamed

This weekend in Portland a clash happened, on both sides and all who participated are to blame. Last year in Charlottesville the same took place, although the fatalities were not due to any firearm, just stupidity. Whenever these groups amass, no matter the location, catastrophe is only moments away. With all of the physical assault on both sides, not a single law maker attempts to ban sticks, marbles, socks, wood, metal, masks or anything else that is used as an assault weapon during these gaggles of morons.

“Hate speech” is discussed and often recommend for censorship. Censorship is a legitimate resolution in all of their minds, not their’s but censorship of the opposing side. Guns are blamed for the deaths, yet a trigger puller is never absent when a discharge takes place. Speech and guns, in all of these demonstrations of the complete jackassery of human behavior, speech and guns are blamed. Not the sticks, not the stones and none of the fists or feet.

Why don’t any of these idiots choose a field out in the middle of the woods to fight it out? Why, because they are afraid of a real fight. Because they all know that the law enforcement present will break up to fights, they know that the emergency responders will do whatever they can to save their lives. Because they are all cowards, sure a few get locked up, but they all know that if a fatality does occur, that it will be found out and it will be investigated. Cowards having cowardly fights, only for a show, never for keeps.

Seriously, with all of the open spaces in America, why a city. Take it outside, take it somewhere that no one will see what actually took place. Take it anywhere except where people live and work. Fight it out, let it get savage. Isn’t that what they always scream about?

Cowards, all of them. Not a single iota of courage or bravery exists among them. These are not protests or demonstrations. This is not how respectful and responsible adults act. These are the actions of cowardly idiots.

Ban guns and censor speech, but it will not fix a thing. The actions in Portland only serve as blatant evidence that affluence is far worse for mankind, than guns or speech.

Just as all self-defense experts say time and time again, “anything and everything is a weapon”.


10 thoughts on “Assault is the Crime, While Defense is Blamed

  1. Agreed. I always stay away from those areas when the marches/ protests are going on. They are simply annoying for anyone, who prefers not to be involved. However, some of them (BLM) go as far as closing major expressways for their marches. Some people need to get to work, you know? Or they want to get home. Ya know? But who cares, right?

    And the gun debate is just hilarious. Many things can be used as weapons, and anyone with half a brain knows it.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, it’s all bait and switch. Blame the inanimate “anything” guns, drugs, music. To take the blame away from the perpetrator and instill a victim mentality.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate your support. F the coward girl.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, if guns and weapons were the problem then these atrocities wouldn’t have happened before they were invented.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Left or right, it happens no matter what. They all say the same thing and somehow demand safety and freedom, when both do not coexist. It’s only one or the other.

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