Today was Amazing

Thank you to all for your comments, participation and views. This was wonderful. We may disagree, but at least everyone was able to voice their opinion. I do not believe in censorship nor do I participate in it. I know and accept that people will sooner attack me, than argue the points that they are attempting to make. That is an important part of speaking your mind in public.

For some reason winning is sought out rather than open and honest discussion or debate. We take things too personally to view them as they are, rather than as we want them to be. Then again, what do we expect from our fellow humans? We are all guilty as we are all hypocrites as time goes by.

a special thank you to those who argued the point.

If you are interested in the comments and the original post, they can be found in the link below.

Evolution is a False Escape


4 thoughts on “Today was Amazing

      1. It’s not a reflection on you – it’s a reflection on others. We had divergent views but managed to listen to each other. We may not have changed each other’s minds BUT we know moving forward that each other will LISTEN

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly, and if we want to be heard, we must hear others out. We are only as free as we allow others to be free.

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