I was nominated by “The Perks of being Different” for an award, thank you TPBD. Please check out “The Perks of being Different” blog.


What do you like the most about blogging?

I look forward to honest and open discussions on many different topics. I also enjoy reading the opinions and comments that I receive, positive or negative. I have to allow other to comment as they see fit, if I want to discuss anything in length.

What do you like least about blogging?

It can be nerve wracking from time to time, depending on the topic, to be completely open and honest in my writing and when I comment.

Do you have a favorite artist or painting?

 I’ve always been draw to paintings of people, nature and landscapes. I believe that art is inspired by God’s work, both in the human form and in every aspect of the universe.

If you could travel to one place in the world, where would that be?

 Hmmmmm, good question. I have traveled extensively throughout my career, always leaving my family behind. The one thing I realized, was that family for me is most important of all. I don’t know if there is any place that draws my heart more than my family. I guess the answer although perhaps lame, would be wherever my family is.

What is your favorite TV show that you are watching at the moment?

 I don’t really watch that many TV shows, I do enjoy “The Americans” but I am waiting on the last season to be released, as I do not have cable. I will admit, I do enjoy watching “Family Guy” clips on YouTube.

What was the last film you watched that made you laugh out loud?

 Without a doubt, “Borat”. Hilarious movie, enjoyed every second of it.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

Conversation, openness and honesty.

Sunseeker or adrenaline junkie?

I’m pretty pedestrian in life now, I like to take things slow and enjoy the moment, rather than chase the moments. Sunsseker, maybe and maybe not, it all depends on my mood when I wake up.

Sweet or savory?


Do you like airplane food?

Yep, I even ask for seconds sometimes!

Is there one blog that has inspired you above all others?

No, my friend suggested that I try it out.


The Perks of being Different’s questions

What made you smile this week?

 When I was blocked for the first time from commenting further on another’s blog. I gave me a sense of, I’ve arrived. I’ve never been blocked before, so it was a first.

What is your favorite type of bear? (No, not beer)

My favorite type of bear is “My Momma Bear” because she gives me hugs and kisses!

How often do you check “spam” comments folder?

 Every few days or so, if I find a comment in spam, I immediately approve it for my post and comment back. I don’t want to set an example of not allow others to comment as they see fit. I do not participate or propagate censorship

Candles, natural light or a lamp?

Natural light, it’s the only way to truly see.

Is there anything you collect?

 I don’t believe so.

Apartment on the 7th level or house with a garden?

 A house and a garden.

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  1. That was interesting! I have to say I quite like airline food too, I was actually blown away by Norwegian last time I flew to Ireland. It was fantastic. Thank you for the nomination too.

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