Women Want Him, and Men Want to be Him

Once again, we are being told how President Trump, gets any lady he wants. Not from his mouth, but from the main stream media. The coolest aspect from all of this coverage, is not only were all of the “relationships” consensual, but there is not a “fatty” to speak of. To top it all off, either the President knows how to really lay some pipe, or the women were only concerned with his riches. Gold Diggers, possibly, but they seem rather obsessed with Trump. No one can fill the void that DJT left in them.

So, what do we have now? A bunch of beta males with no real skill, telling everyone how Trump is a “bad guy”, all in an attempt to convince women not to be attracted to him. You know the old saying, “Those who can do and those who cannot slander”. Not a single credible accusation of rape or harassment, unlike their champions (Clinton, Allen, C.K., Polanski, Weinstein, Franken, Rose, Brokaw, Lauer, Simmons, etc. etc. etc.). Let’s not forget the murderer Kennedy. The list of sexual predators talking trash is long and inclusive.

So, what are we left to believe? That the rapists of the left are a credible source of character discernment when it comes to President Trump? They always scream and shrill about how he is such a bad guy, maybe he is and maybe he is not. The biggest take away from this “sudden hysteria” is that everyone who slanders President Trump, are merely jealous of him. They want to be him, the women who disparage Trump, are jealous that he never wanted them.

For all of the naysayers out there, is there a single one that given the opportunity, wouldn’t accept a payment from Trump? The other reason why they hate Trump is because he is fat and he is everything they have trained for years to avoid, it never occurred to any of the women, all they saw was his wallet. At the end of the day, sexual prowess often is simple as the ability to provide and protect. Sure, a six pack is nice to look at, but in the long run it doesn’t put a roof over your head or food in your belly.

Trump removes the mystery of women and exemplifies the simplicity of men. Say what you want about President Trump, but these women are showing the world how they are all simply psycho ex-girlfriends. If they can’t have him, then no one can.


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