As time continues to march forward and as we continue to feel a sense of enlightenment, our communication continues to fail. From face to face, texting, emails and various social media platforms, we are speaking less and less with one another. More often than not, we continue to speak at each other, never really connecting. Albeit, it seems, that when people do speak to one another it usually concerns materials or gossip. We have all the tools to communicate, probably more than we need, yet we never seem to really express or convey what we attempt.

We do not listen so how can we respond properly. On the other hand, though, how honest are we with ourselves? This directly translates to how accepting we are of others honesty. Can we accept criticism? Do we receive enough criticism in our communication efforts, or do we not criticize in hopes to avoid criticism? The different inflections, voice patterns and speech, I think we are too wound up in our own thoughts and day to day life to truly hear someone out, when given the opportunity. Thumbs up or thumbs down, pictures, emojis and graphics interchange format (GIFs) are used as slang and quite possibly could lead to the detriment of our abilities in expression. Although easier to respond with while texting and driving, I don’t know if these simple visual representations capture and relay what we are saying.

The complexity of our conversations has gone down as well. Sure, every now and again, a deep conversation is had, yet they seem to be farther and farther apart from happening nowadays. Why else would true friendship be so highly desired if not to finally communicate with someone?

We need to listen if we desire to be heard out. The more we listen the better we can conversate. We are not imbeciles, yet the more we cut ourselves off from the world, the less we will have to say. If you cannot speak for yourself, then you have no voice in turn you will not be considered a contributing member.


7 thoughts on “Conversation

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s the thing, I look forward to criticism, I think it teaches us. Then again, take it for what it’s worth

  1. Vandelay Industries

    Speaking to the complexity of our conversations (which is probably not what you were aiming at but it is where my mind went): the quality of our conversation may have gone down, but the quantity is way up. And while quantity over quality is generally not considered good, it does have many benefits. The ease of communication has and will reduce uncertainty between countries, which will limit tensions that in the past led to conflict. Conversations do not have to be complex to be effective, and when the stakes are bigger simplicity is probably preferable.

    On the human level we do spend too much time absorbed in our own thoughts, but I think that is one of the basic individual struggles we all contend with in our efforts to be better, more present friends and family members.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Great counter Vandelay. You bring up good points. Not everything has to be complex, and perhaps the quantity will produce more substance. I guess all that matters is that conversation continues to happen.

      On your point of the human level, I know from experience that too often I tend to over think more than I should. It’s an interesting dynamic, trying to express our thoughts and concerns while still remaining grounded and accessible to friends and family.

      Thanks for the comment, very insightful.

    2. I’m not sure about that. Because we have such ease of communication, anyone can go on Twitter and spew a hundred letters in hopes to change the world. I think it actually complicates things.

  2. I apologize. Normally, I would re-create the comment, but I didn’t have much time when it happened earlier.

    Let me re-cap:
    1. We are “evolving”, yet our language/ communication goes back to pictographs (i.e. emojis)?
    2. It’s easy to misinterpret text, so many people assume something without ever verifying it with the sender, and so people stop talking to each other because of an artificial/ false offense.
    3. Communication is something I enjoy working on. I think I’m decent at it, but not many people like hearing the truth, and so I have to censor myself, and overthink the things I say, which impedes communication in the long run.
    4. Emojis hold less emotions than words, so we get detached from one another. We form no bonds.
    5. I have a hard time finding someone to talk to about something other than weather and just polite chit chat.

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