Has America Become Institutionalized?

You’re driving along a country road in the middle of the day; the earth is flat all around. You’re approaching an intersection, yet before you arrive, you can see no traffic, vehicle, pedestrian or animal. The stop sign up ahead, do you stop as the law requires or do you leave your foot on the gas and proceed on through?

Why are we always lectured about the institutions in our country? Which ones are good and which ones are bad. Our country was founded with an extra healthy dose of distrust for government. What happened to that? Why do we choose to trust that which we have no control over? Is it because we are told so? Why should we trust any government institution or person in government? The Japanese Americans prior to World War Two trusted the government, yet once the Japanese empire attacked Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Sr. (D), drafted and signed an executive order. He ordered the round up all of the Japanese living in America and have them locked up in internment camps. They lost their property, they lost their freedom.

How many times has the government not treated us as its citizens, its financiers or its rulers? It doesn’t matter who is serving as president, we are not servitude to them or our government. Don’t trust the government, the minute you turn your back on the government is the minute you are forgotten.

The institutions of America are made to create and train us to be subservient and dependent.


3 thoughts on “Has America Become Institutionalized?

  1. I absolutely believe we have way too much government. I don’t know how we can reduce it but we have to, we’re bankrupting ourselves to pay for worthless government departments and lazy employees.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly. The left praises the FBI today, yet that was the same agency that harassed MLK Jr. They praise the public school system yet they talk about how stupid Americans are.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, Trump is in office so the left praises the FBI, the same LE agency that harassed and targeted MLK Jr. under both JKF and LBJ. The left praises public education, while they complain about how dumb Americans are. There is no individual choice anymore, do what you want, but you are still made to pay taxes at the business end of a gun and the same LE agency that 3-4 years ago was racist.

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