The Problem with #WalkAway

Another “movement” that is afoot is the #WalkAway campaign. Regardless of its foundation or intention, this movement is the same as every other attempt at belonging. So now people are jumping from one movement or campaign to the next, one extreme to the other extreme. I am not saying that this is an extreme group or campaign, but why does anyone need a group or a sense of belonging to be honest and open with who they are? The fear that people have with expressing themselves is very eye opening. How long have we forsaken our own individuality for trendy popularity? Does this harken back to the days of tribes and survival? People are always citing the year as if that has something to do with progress. Time and time again, whether laws, religion or perceived “social construct” has shown that human behavior is based on free will. Participate in what you want, but champions are the leaders and the followers are often mediocre.

Why do we care so much about belonging, when at the same time we demand independence? You hear it all the time, whether entertainment, cartoons, books, toys or CEOs and elected representatives, “no one looked like me”. I had no idea that homosexual was a look, or that skin color was a defining characteristic or that a vagina or lack thereof was distinguishing criteria. What the hell! What ever happened to being unique? Well, to be truly unique requires independence, if you are not independent, then you are simply trying to fit in. Choose whatever you want but stop bullying the rest of us into filling your wants and desires, while your needs are already met.

If belonging to a group of strangers is how you define happiness and fulfillment, then perhaps you have more problems than simply fitting in. Again, why is mediocrity praised and sought out, while independent thought or expression is falsely championed? From Christianity to Trump, guns and family life, motherhood and fatherhood, why are we always explaining and justifying our choices to those who disagree or disparage? Drug usage and alcohol intake is at an all-time high these days. Are we just simply numbing ourselves from all the “progress” happening?

It shouldn’t take a movement or campaign to assure you that you can speak your mind. The more movements afoot, the more that individuals become faceless bodies in the crowd.


11 thoughts on “The Problem with #WalkAway

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      exactly, and this is what I speak about from time to time. Consensus does not equate to truth or fact or even right.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Wow, thank you so very much. Once I get off of work I’ll read it. Thank you so very much.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      I find it funny that they dump one group (mob) to go to the next group, all the while wondering why they can’t get their lives together. Maybe it’s because they are constantly trying to fit in rather than be who they are.

      1. They are so full of contradictions. They are promoting diversity (i.e. everyone should be different and unique), but the also want to belong. Maybe they are just confused and don’t know who they are.

  1. Virginia Kotz

    Yep…. keep these post coming. I don’t comment often but they speak volumes. Hope you are all well. Love as always. V

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