The Problem with Socialism

The problem with socialism is that it requires society to toe the line and forfeit every individual gain. Whenever socialism is brought up, I think of the campaign donations that are not donated to socialism, the “baby trump” balloon, where the cost could have been donated to society. Socialism seems to be becoming suddenly popular, although, I think that is what they want us to think. If socialism worked, whether regular socialism or national socialism or the latest democratic socialism, then the rest of the world would be in harmony with their versions of socialism. However; it has never worked, for long, especially on a scale as large as the United States. With all the money that socialism garners whenever there is a socialist candidate, why wouldn’t they just lead from the front and show us how great socialism could truly be, by example? Why does socialism need to be legitimized by our tax dollars? Why don’t these people just open their own wallet and begin to pay for everyone else?

Just like the southern U.S. border, these people demand that I.C.E. be shut down, instead why not sponsor a few families on your own first? Why not pay for the healthcare of others out of your own wallet. How can we be a socialist country with no borders? Who would work, who would go to school, what would our manufactured class bracket look like? The only people that want socialism are the same people who cannot get their own lives together. Why would we be willing to follow those who cannot even lead themselves? Socialism in theory requires no leader only willing volunteers. The problem with socialism is the same with our laws. Laws and socialism are held over the law abider, not the criminal and not the government. Socialism only works if everyone follows the laws of socialism, yet as history and law breakers have shown us, human behavior cannot be legislated. If this wasn’t the case, then why so many laws?

If socialism worked, then there would be no demand for socialism, it would simply and spontaneously happen. Socialism only works under the gun of the government. Who will finance socialism in America? Our taxes are already too high, why are we willing to give the government more authority over us and why do some of us want the government to take more of our money? With interest rates on the rise, are we truly ready and willing to co-sign for strangers? The idea that our debt would be erased only creates more poverty for the people who already paid off their own creditors. If you cannot pay off your own debt, then why should I pay it for you?

Socialism requires no personal or individual responsibility, since its always someone else’s money or insurance.


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