What’s with All the Agencies?

From what I understand the U.S. apparently has 17 intelligence agencies. In chorus, just as in modern day “science”, apparently the Russians interfered in our election. No mention of the U.S. interfering in other countries election processes though. For some reason we are too feel that we were wronged by the “RUSSIANS”. My first question is why do we have 17 intelligence agencies? My second question is how are these agencies still active and what were they doing to defend our election process? That being said, who knows who did what and who did not. Who knows if this story is even true? Seventeen intelligence agencies, wow, what have they stopped before and what will they stop in the future? Are they proactive or reactive agencies? Sounds like a resounding REACTIVE, if their story is even true.

If they couldn’t stop the evil Russians, then do we still need these agencies? Do we need more or do we need less? It’s pretty crazy to realize that with the billions of tax payer dollars that are spent everyday on intelligence, that they cannot stop the Russians.

It’s funny how we are only ever told part of a story, we never get the whole story. The number 17 is always thrown out to provide some kind of gravity or to legitimize the story. Yet, what were they all doing while this was happening? Sounds like good old-fashioned politics to me, kinda like the weapons of mass destruction, or you like your doctor you can keep your doctor or when Lois Lerner of the IRS pled the 5th, or when Attorney General Eric Holder plead the 5th. Anything for a buck, right? Anything for a win. Blue or Red, take your pick.


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  1. I thought this might interest you.
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