The Telephone Game

Have you ever played the “telephone game”? You line up and it begins with someone at one end of the line whispering something in someone’s ear, from person to person the message is passed down the line. Once the last person hears the message it is often something completely different, everyone laughs. We are inundated with so much information and misinformation that often the original message is so butchered that what comes out on the receiving end is completely different. From opinion pieces, to so-called “experts”, all of these filters spin the message, yet who knows how long the “telephone game” line was before even they got the message. We are left an attempt to decipher what was actually expressed, even though we have our outside influencers, steering us as well. We think we know what is happening, even though all we see or hear is what we are allowed to see and hear.

I think Norm Macdonald summed it up very accurately. On both sides we believe that only our aspect is the right one, in the meantime, we demand that the other side is forced into compliance with our values and beliefs.

This coupled with whatever “news” channel you subscribe to only emboldens that theory. Then again, if your values and beliefs are constantly changing by the minute, it becomes more pronounced. Blame it on social media, blame it on music, movies, blame it on whatever you want. However; the more you blame everyone and everything else, the greater the chances that the “problem” will persist. Since self-reflection is only a responsibility of the other side. If any person challenged your belief or caused you to change what you had believed for years, then possibly, your beliefs were only skin deep.

The telephone game only works on willing participants. More often than not, it is imperative to hear it directly from the “horse’s mouth”. Rumors and insight only propagate hatred and paranoia. If we want to be heard, then we must hear out those whom we disagree with.


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