Once President Trump was sworn in on 20 January 2017 Antifa and other extremist groups went on the rampage. They torched cars, broke windows and caused mayhem and pandemonium wherever they amassed. Then there was the rash of fraudulent hate crimes that were reported to law enforcement. It was always the same story, a group of white males who apparently voted for Trump and ripped the hijabs off of Muslim women and went out of their way to harass and assault women and supposed minorities. The problem with the majority of the supposed “hate crimes” were that they were staged and supported by the main stream media and politicians, they were fake.

For years now false rape allegations, false hate crimes and real outrage toward anyone who wasn’t “With Her”. They keep on calling for Nazis to be punched and now U.S. Representative Maxine Waters finally put out the lynching call. She demanded that anyone serving under President Trump to be lynched, to be harassed and to be assaulted. The trend that I am noticing is they pretend to be oppressed and in danger, when in fact they cause the danger and they cause the mass hysteria.

So now they take pride in forcibly and violently stealing MAGA hats from ordinary citizens. Where is the outrage in the media for this very real assault and very real danger? Where is the outrage from the politicians? Silence, in their mind, it is right to threaten and assault not only a President Trump appointee, but anyone who voted for him or supports him today. They continue to cite the disgusting and abhorrent lynchings that were committed against black people decades and generations ago, the pictures are always an arms-reach away. However; in their mind today, to be an outsider, to support the perceived unpopular president, is rewarded with physical bodily harm.

No one is safe, do they realize their crime, do they realize their apparent hypocrisy? Do they realize that they are the perpetrators and the purveyors of this crime, let alone the purposely misnomer of “hate crime”? They rip the MAGA hat off of an innocent, like how they falsely accused Trump supporters of doing to Muslim women. There are mass lynchings brewing, their target, who knows, not even they know until they are told. These brain-dead hoodlums cannot differentiate between the atrocities of the past and what they are carrying out today.





12 thoughts on “MAGA Hats

  1. roughneck7

    Yup. Physically attacking a person for wearing a MAGA hat is stupid. Taking their photo would be fun. Maybe someone could start a website featuring photos of folks wearing MAGA hats. It would be interesting to see the demographics of the folks who sport those hats. I have purchased a controversial hat depicting Trump’s name. I wonder if someone will attack me when I wear it. It was produced by a company in the UK; still better than a MAGA hat from China, one of our greatest manufacturing competitors.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ha, I like your outlook. Violence does nothing but make it easier to choose sides, rather than allowing everyone to chose for themselves. This buffoonery is the same nonsense that the bloods, crips, hells angels and other gangs carry out every day, whenever someone wears the wrong colors or patches in their supposed territory.

      If this type of behavior is supported, encouraged and celebrated, how will play out over time?

      The leaders of French Revolution were notorious for using the guillotine against their dissenters. Before long they were put under that same guillotine. Everything comes full circle, I just hope that the people that carry out this stuff are prepared to face their actions.

  2. WOW! You hit it right on the head! I didn’t see that until now. Oh, how we the people are fooled by our own government; the ones appointed to uphold and enforce the law and to protect and keep us safe. WOW!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Sandi. For some reason people can’t leave people alone. Winners and losers, instead of allowing people to be people, we buy into the winners and losers crap.

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