Trump and Obama, The Same? (Campaign Edition)

Discussing either President Trump or President Obama during their initial campaigns, the same can be said of both, you either love em or you hate em. Both men ran incredibly similar campaigns. Both took a bullhorn and pronounced to the world their base’s frustrations. They did not cultivate anger, they simply emboldened it. The other candidates that ran, attempted to tell us what we should be frustrated about, instead of listening to us, they ignored us. President Obama beat out career politicians, just as President Trump did. The more I look and listen to both on their campaigns, the more they become interchangeable.

If you criticized Obama, you were racist, if you criticize Trump, you hate America, regardless if either were true or false. That’s how simple their platforms were and it worked. It worked so well, that is has become the new model for success in elections. Any politician running for office today knows, the harder they echo the frustrations of their base, the better they will do. Everyone who lost complained that the values of both, were not the values of America. Again, politicians telling us what America’s values ought to be, rather than listen to the voter. Why wouldn’t Obama or Trump win?

The importance of exercising criticism on the one you voted for is paramount. The less we criticize, the easier it is for them to execute their desires instead of doing what they were hired to do. Once President Obama was elected, the majority of the press in our country and around the world fell in love with him and the complete opposite is true of President Trump. That should show you the barometer of our nation and the world. We are either hot or cold, there is no middle ground. They left blames it on Trump and the right blames it on Obama. Sound familiar, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I truly see the two as almost interchangeable, during their campaigns. Whenever the press becomes emotional about any elected representative, it is that much easier to control the population. It becomes easier to identify and label the “bad guy” and run with it, with no regard for accuracy. Meanwhile the remaining representatives just go along to get along. As long as they can blame the president, there is no need for them to work, since the press does all the leg work involved.

The more we begin to think for ourselves, the less power they will hold over us. If you find yourself mimicking lines from the “news” then you’re only seeing what they want you to see and you’re only hearing what they want you to hear. The same talking points over and over and over again. They become less relevant and more annoying the longer they are regurgitated.

If we are as simple as Trump or Obama, then why do we deserve better?


7 thoughts on “Trump and Obama, The Same? (Campaign Edition)

  1. roughneck7

    Not the same campaign. Trump spews lies as flagrant as flipping a cop the bird while popping a wheelie. He propagates hate with remorse expected of a three year old eating the last piece of candy. He has contempt for anyone that does not stay under his thumb. He denigrates women, minorities, handicapped, combat veterans, LGBTQ and NFL players because he is a proven bigot. He abhors the right for freedom of speech, unless he is the author. These are all of his greatest hits tactics used during his rallies.
    Last night, in Montana, he attacked the Justice Department, the media, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren and the #MeToo movement. He is denigrating the standing of the United States in the global community while energizing a base of flag waving sycophants.
    Equating Trump’s campaign to anyone else’s in the history of American politics is not defensible; Trump is an anomaly, hopefully. His campaign should become a case study on how Nationalism can be dangerous when used to energize a base of frustrated citizens who do not mind enabling an egocentric narcissist.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your view on the matter. I wasn’t comparing the men, I was trying to draw a comparison between their campaigns, not their presidencies. Obama managed to get people to vote who had never voted before, the same is true of Trump. Lies, allegations and accusations aside, like I stated in the beginning, you either love em or you hate em. They convinced the majority of their voters to finally vote for someone instead of voting against someone. On the left Obama is beyond reproach, on the right it’s practically the same with Trump. I think it is simple as that. Perhaps Russia is the new birth certificate, it just a matter of who you align yourself with. If this is how we view our fellow neighbor (by who they voted for) then why wouldn’t we be polarized? I think the problem is that politics has become so personal that we ourselves align with either democrat, republican or independent (which is an actual party, not an independent stance). We no longer value each other unless they politically aligned with our select party.

      Lastly, thank you for taking the time to comment honestly. I don’t think we talk openly enough as a country or society. We only view each other through the lens of “you’re either with us or against us” instead of treating others as we would want to be treated. We need balance, not totally right or left, but a balance of both if we are to exercise our government with transparency and measure.

  2. The term “a majority of voters” is an interesting semantic. An actual majority of the voters did not vote for the current president, the Electoral College went rogue.

  3. bottomlesscoffee007

    Ha, that’s one theory. The other is the electoral college has been how presidents have been elected. The same was said when W. Bush won his first term. Then it was the Black Panthers making people vote in 2008. Whenever the other side wins it always gerrymandering or outside influences, never that the losing opponent just had a horrible campaign or a worse message.

  4. I personally have not voted since Al Gore ran for president, for the simple fact that there has not been a worthy candidate as of date. Tell me I’m not a patriot…. Ha, you wanna fight?

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