Old People and New Technology

There are plenty of jokes out there targeting old people and their apparent lack to understand any if all new technology. Smart phones, computers, social media, texting, global positioning systems and so on and so on. The mockery of the elderly strikes me as incredibly disrespectful and horribly ungrateful. The difference between our grandparents and great grandparent’s era is as simple as hard work versus minimal work. The old adage of work smarter not harder has been manipulated to allow the masses to believe that we all deserve our participation trophy. The elderly built their own homes, they fixed their own automobiles and they practically cooked and prepared every single meal from scratch.

Today we push a few buttons and we feel accomplished, we buy organic and we feel right, we lease electric cars and we feel as if we are literally saving our fellow man. The constant championship of today is absolutely pathetic. We count our steps and we count our calories, but only because we do not build our homes, we cannot fix our automobiles with simple hand tools and now cooking from scratch is considered “artisan”.

Our ancestors gave us everything we have today and what do we do but make mockeries of them to garner likes and shares. Maybe if we slowed down and listened to our elders we might learn something. All we need to do is stop talking and pay attention.


3 thoughts on “Old People and New Technology

  1. roughneck7

    Yup. I am retired. I am learning to appreciate using my hands to do work that I normally would throw money at.
    I cook lasagna from scratch, using quality ingredients. My Tiramisu leaves my guests mouths watering for more. I am learning how to repair bicycles. It would be easy to buy these things, but they are more fulfilling when I can do it myself.
    I identify with peoole who can attend a concert or sporting event without spending the whole damn event with a phone Stück in their face, making shitty quality recordings they will never watch again.

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