Inclusion and Diversity Prove that Manufactured Minorities Cannot Exist Without Assistance

Demanding action via social justice, litigation or legislation for the inclusion of perceived diversity only prove and provide example after example that these manufactured minorities are less than their Christian straight white male counterparts. If they were truly equal, then they could blaze their own path, they could carve out their own way ahead, but instead they look to us. They claim that they cannot succeed time and time again, on their own volition. These false handicapped persons demand our assistance for their climb up the ladder, perhaps they should attempt the climb themselves. If they are afraid of the fall, they should hold on tight, or not attempt the climb in the first place.

Is this true or is this merely another fraudulent scheme to steal tax payer money in the fabricated assault on anyone who claims to be oppressed in the freest society in existence?

Just a question. Answer for yourself. Equality doesn’t differentiate. Why do they all champion mediocrity and equality, when power over all is the trophy everyone desires?


4 thoughts on “Inclusion and Diversity Prove that Manufactured Minorities Cannot Exist Without Assistance

  1. Definitely food for thought.
    It reminds me of childhood when over-competitive (but not better) people who just cry and run to their mothers once they realized they had no chance in winning whatever race. They needed someone to tell them everything was going to be alright, and they hoped for a consolation prize. That’s how it is nowadays. Only these aren’t kids. These are grown people faking a fall to cry a foul.

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