Feminist Droppings

The Women’s March has left mass pollution everywhere they infested and swarmed. People’s lawns and gardens were trampled, rampant vandalism and massive amounts of waste and trash is what they left in their wake. I thought the feminist were about accountability, respect and power. Turns out, the riot was merely a slide of hand to freely dispose of trash on the street, sidewalks and private property. Dirty womanizers are what they turned out to be, trash and filth not only being worn, screamed and acted out, but pollution and total disregard for global warming and their voluntary participation in promoting massive weather disruption. All because they were too lazy to recycle. I guess these mere simpletons cannot be expected to have the consciousness of promoting a green life while they assault our delicate planet with their droppings.

Non-biodegradable articles left, for the lowly street sweepers to pick up. These womanizers that stake their claim on feminism have once again, exhibited their shallow and false demands, if they cannot demonstrate cleanly and clearly, then their platform should be revoked until they police their path. Pick it up and put it where it belongs, is that too much to ask of these manipulative trollops? If these supposed equal rights insurgents were true and genuine, then their corners where they blatantly engaged in pseudo embrace, would have been as clean and spotless as they were before these rejects descended upon our infrastructure.

Litterers is what they are, pure and simple, look what they have left the rest of us to deal with, since they are so completely selfish and braindead. They cannot hear what anyone else is saying, since they drown out their competitors with noise pollution and litter. Designer coffee cups mixed with human excrement and other pollutants that when combined form toxic and poisonous hazardous waste which can take thousands of years until it has decomposed enough to where it will no longer pose a threat to our delicate environment. If the future is female, then we will require chemical suits to navigate the fatal poisons that will be espoused to promote these phony imposters.


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