Doubt is Natural, Love is Learned

We all doubt, we are all cynical, it comes easily and naturally. Love is a learned trait, love must be tended to and fostered. Doubt is what ultimately brought down the Soviet Union, doubt from its own citizens, their lack of faith in their government. The only question is where did that doubt come from, was it already inside the country, or was it the plot of a foreign or alien psyop? Doubt is fully capable when exercised from a single person, there are no conditions of doubt that shake its stance or importance. Love and trust are earned, both can be lost easily if continual maintenance and reaffirmation are not practiced at appropriate intervals.

Seeds of doubt, planted in the desert, void of water and maintenance can grow rapidly and spread like the plague. Nations and Empires have been burned out of existence with doubt. Planting doubt in the minds of the masses will eliminate anything and everything. Like the army ants of South America, they destroy and kill everything in their path. All powered by a small dose of doubt, planted into their heads. That’s the thing about doubt, all it takes is a tiny morsel, doubt is plug and play. Doubt is self-sufficient and does not require massive amounts of fuel to catch a blaze. The hardest aspect of doubt is once it is unleased on any society, it will rapidly grow out of control.

The entire media spectrum currently controls the doubt narrative, they have wielded it against powerful regimes, and have always won. If you venture out and doubt their chosen path, then they will cast doubt upon you, calling you racist for questioning President Obama or sexist for questioning Hillary. Then you must defend yourself from this doubt, in the public eye. Whoever gets the most airtime, clicks or reads, will control the doubt and will have the power to destroy anyone or anything they deem fit to crush back into the earth from which they came.

Convincing someone that the grass is greener on the other side starts with planting doubt and inflating their hubris. It’s how Satan works.


2 thoughts on “Doubt is Natural, Love is Learned

  1. I think I would change all of the ‘doubts’ in this article to ‘fears’. Fear is a very powerful emotion. Fear of violence, abandonment, lack, chaos, etc. Politicians use it very well to get votes and overthrow regimes. Maybe you meant that someone introduced a little doubt into whether the government could be trusted and that led to fear?
    “The entire media spectrum currently controls the doubt narrative, they have wielded it against powerful regimes, and have always won.” I agree with this. And isn’t it interesting that you posted this BEFORE the Kavanaugh situation?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Maybe it’s interesting, but based on the trend of our Government for over the past 150 years, I would think that the “proof is in the pudding”.

      I can see what you’re saying about fear instead of doubt, but aren’t they practically interchangeable in almost all applications?

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