The Vanity of Abortion

Abortion is paralleled with breast enlargement, liposuction and Botox injections. Abortions are never truly justified. Abortions and those who advocate for them do so only to get laid or because they are vain, so very vain and incredibly weak. An abortion should not be financed by any government or public authority, as an abortion is the same as a nose job, just doing it for looks and convenience. Too bad all of those who champion abortion, weren’t aborted themselves. Abortion is a very selfish and self-centered concept, abortion is to kill an innocent baby, who can be given up for adoption. Those people that demand that a woman should be allowed to choose whether or not to kill her babies, should undergo mandatory hysterectomies. The men that advocate for abortion, should be castrated, as they don’t require their sperm any longer. Their children taken from them, as the children will always be in a perpetual state of danger, while they reside with a murderer sympathizer.

Abortion questions should be mandatory for any and all child care employment. Why should a person who believes that abortions are a valid choice be allowed to care for someone else’s children? Allowing an abortionist to be around children, is just as dangerous as allowing a child molester to be an elementary school teacher. Abortion, is vanity, killing someone without their explicit consent simply for your own convenience, nothing is more vain than that.

Abortion, is an oxymoron, the argument for abortion defeats itself, in the justification that in America, we have it so good, that we can argue about legal murder. Abortion, is self-defeating, a nation will never survive while abortion is legitimate. Abortion, along with homosexuality, cannot survive in nature. If you cannot reproduce, then eventually you will die out. It’s science and fact. Abortion is big business, they are cashing in on your aborted babies and their parts, like a salvage yard. If people were truly worried about the mother and her health, then they would demand that the mother give birth to the child that she is carrying.

Women, who have abortions, are forever scarred and damaged. Women, are put on this earth, for the sole purpose of reproduction. Taking that very real and important task from a woman merely lowers her to being a holster, worthless, a toy for men to pass around. If a woman willingly undergoes an abortion, then she has chosen worthlessness as her place in the world. A woman who voluntarily kills her children, is utterly and completely worthless to the nation and to the human race. If a person chooses themselves over the future of others, then they are sabotaging those to their left and right, for their own gain.

Why do some protect the saboteurs of our people and our country? They shield those who murder their own blood, from scrutiny and persecution. Abortion, is the same offense as rape and forced sodomy. Abortion is evil, and those who purvey and deal in it, are minions of the devil. Abortion will most assuredly ensure the women who partake, will remain single and alone until their demise. Men, who fight for the right to abort, will always be just that, betas and cuckolds. Any man, who doesn’t want to pass his bloodline along, will one day find himself alone, surrounded by artificial pleasures, that never come close to replicating the love and adoration of a family.

Abortion is never the answer. There are plenty of couples who want to adopt your baby, they will love and care for it as if it were their own. Tell those abortionist that they are vain and close minded. Any women who has an abortion, will always be that, an empty vessel, slowly going insane and forever damned, while they are on this earth.


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  1. I 100% agree! My grandmother was adopted out, having been born out of wedlock in the 1920s. I’m SOOOO glad they didn’t abort (granted it wasn’t legal back then, but that didn’t stop it happening).

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Horrible man. That’s the other side of the story, the women and girls who were forced to have an abortion

                  1. Marleen

                    I once hired someone to mow my lawn when our regular was not available. This person wanted like twice what was normal in the area. I got him to recognize a more appropriate price. Then he gouged up the yard with his equipment… so he was either usually worse at his work than others who had done the job or he was bitter about the deal. When I pointed out what he’s done to the yard, he popped me on the butt and said I’d “jewed him down.”

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Handle your business. What, you can’t figure out how to deal with a shitty situation or person? In the end, you get what you pay for.

                      It’s the way of the world. Either learn how to deal, cope or fix it yourself or do nothing.

                      Regardless of what you do or don’t do, there is always a cost and a compromise.

                    2. Marleen

                      You’re a callous prick. You get what you pay for? So I should pay twice the going price (a price for which I had gotten good service repeatedly from others) in order not to be assaulted… and so that a low-count (displayed by his behavior) man would not toss anti-semitism at me along with it? He got paid more than the others had gotten paid. How the hell do you dismiss a stranger putting a hand on a woman because of an agreement he entered into?

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      That’s your side of the story. Who knows what really happened? What, am I supposed to give you platitudes based solely off what you say happened? You could be making the whole thing up, you could be embellishing, you could be telling the truth.

                      Shit happens, you either move past it or you allow it to consume you.

                      I think you just want everyone to feel sorry for you.

                    4. Marleen

                      No. But you’ve made it clear life is an us or them scenario, and you’ve chosen that everyone should feel sorry for white guys.

                    5. Marleen

                      I didn’t sue the guy, and I did handle the situation. But a response of getting what you pay for, to that, is revealing.


                      From a reader/review: …

                      This … was very fascinating … providing insight into how much money has been circulating in politics and for how long.

                      …. The book is not anti-republican, rather it highlights the funding of anti-government movements and intentional divisions within the [R]epublican party as a result of libertarian ideas held by the Koch brothers. It moves past the … party and focuses on the ultra-conservative anti-establishment ideas of a few of the 1% in creating a scenario that is wholly advantageous to them….

                      Throughout the book, every time a major economic player is introduced, Mayer underscores that introduction with a reference to a specific court battle or lawsuit due to fraud that that particular individual is facing. I understand that it is used to underscore why specific persons being referenced may have a disdain against the government, but in some situations, knowing the pending lawsuits for fraud are not advantageous to moving the story forward. This would be my one major criticism with the work.

                      There is also some Koch family background that serves to paint a high level of dysfunction within the Koch family; as brothers apparently bickered even over their mother’s will that requested that they not sue one another, upon which they promptly sued. Yet, the family background does serve well to highlight where the wealth of the Koch brothers originated from and ideologies of anti-government that came from their father who was also a member of ultra conservative groups while alive. [Their father was also an important ally of Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.]

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