“If You Don’t Work, You Don’t eat”!

If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If you don’t eat, you will fall apart and eventually die. We all have to work in some form or fashion to sustain our lives and our way of life. Why don’t more people serve in the military, police, firefighters or emergency medical technicians, or another type of civil service? I understand that not everyone is fit to serve in one capacity or another, but why can’t more young people step up to the vast plate of civil service? Civil service also provides an accelerated pathway to citizenship. There are many facets of civil service and they all serve the people of America. I think if more people would serve in some capacity or another then we would be much farther along and we would be an all-around better country.

When they stopped the military draft, in 1973, it was simply for political purposes. Since the end of the military draft our country has suffered. I cannot understand why people would not want to serve. If you don’t serve in some capacity, then why should you have a say in anything? Without the selfless people that have since volunteered to serve before us, the people and the nation, then we would have been long forgotten. It is because of selfless service that we are still surviving. As an all-volunteer military, we are still the strongest and the best, but for how long? What if every young person chose to serve? If you don’t directly serve in any capacity then why not support those who do step up and serve?

People now fight over college and healthcare. But if the majority was to volunteer to serve in the military, upon separation your healthcare would be provided by the Veterans Administration and your college would be paid in full. Just being able to satisfy and quell those two points of contention would benefit our country as a whole and it would save money for our delicate budget. Why not serve, and see the world or get the chance to work alongside different people? Civil service matures and creates a strong and diversified people that can work together and accomplish anything.

Civil service, I would argue creates a better person and provides the momentum from within for our country to continue to prosper and lead the world. For almost any government job, selective service registration is mandatory. What is so bad about selective service and why aren’t women expected by law to register for selective service? The purpose of selective service is to be able to identify and gather people to react to any national emergency. If true equality is what we want then why are we holding women back from registering? Why are more people are not compelled to serve? It is more than likely for so long people have gotten used to handouts and rights, without ever having to earn either?

Rights are granted at birth and simply refusing to serve does not void those rights. But what about showing gratitude for those rights and showing appreciation for every man and woman before you that volunteered to ensure those rights would be passed down to you? If we don’t work how can we expect to eat. If we don’t eat we will surely die and become a forgotten people. If we don’t step up and volunteer to serve, no matter the person’s motivation then more and more will refuse to serve. Eventually our protection and sustenance will be sought after by mercenaries and contractors, their allegiance is only to the highest bidder. Service from within produces a better society throughout, for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Merry Christmas.


4 thoughts on ““If You Don’t Work, You Don’t eat”!

  1. I don’t know if I really agree with you on this one. People may not join the military for a number of reasons – handicaps, illness, disabilities, they have other work or need to stay at home at take care of the family.
    “If you don’t serve in some capacity, then why should you have a say in anything?” – You don’t have to serve in the military or the army to have a say in something. If you are a citizen of the country, you have a right to have a say in anything.
    But, as you say, I could be totally wrong. Just a thought.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Totally Rue, I just think that the majority avoid service since there is no mandate. If they don’t serve then they really have no skin in the game. Which means they don’t really care one way of the other, since they never had to ever do anything and they know they will never have to fight to keep what they got. But you’re right, I could be totally wrong.

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