Please Answer These Simple Questions


  1. Are Americans stupid, why?
  2. If Americans are stupid, why do we spend so much time and money on education?



  1. Who was or is the greatest American President, why?
  2. Who was or is the greatest elected representative in national politics ever, why?



  1. Have you ever taken part in a protest or demonstration and why did you do so?
  2. What direction do you believe our country/nation/society is headed, why?


Religion, Faith and Science

  1. Are you religious, a person of faith, do you believe in science, all or none or some of all, why?
  2. Please rank these three from most to least important and a brief explanation as to why.
  3. What is abortion?



  1. What rights should we keep and which ones should we delete, why?
  2. Who should be able to exercise their rights, why?
  3. Who has rights and who does not, why?


Thank you for your participation, I hope this will start a discussion that will help us to better understand each other and how we can communicate with one another. I am not setting out to change anyone’s mind or stance, and there is no importance of agreeing or disagreeing. Just please state your opinion or belief, criticism is encouraged and welcome but let’s keep it cordial and clean please. We are simply having a discussion.

The Democratic Party and Liberals Do Not Care About Women

The democratic party and liberals do not care about women. The simplest example that I can provide is the affair between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Both were married when they became involved. The left hails Peter as a hero, a dedicated FBI agent. I wonder, did his wife stand by his side while he was enforcing the law? How long did his wife stand by his side? Does she get any credit for supporting her husband throughout his career at the FBI? There is no mention of the hurt and embarrassment that she dealt with, simply because her husband couldn’t keep it in his pants. If Strzok cheated on his wife, broke his vows and you have to wonder how many times did this take place, was it just as easy to break his oath to the citizens of America? If Page cheated on her husband, broke her vows and you have to wonder how many times did this take place, was it just as easy to break her oath to the citizens of America?

All the left cares about is delegitimizing President Trump. If the left cared about women, why do they place Strzok on a pedestal?

The vail that they hide behind is thin and deteriorating. See for yourself, all you must do is look at what they are trying to distract you from seeing.

Has America Become Institutionalized?

You’re driving along a country road in the middle of the day; the earth is flat all around. You’re approaching an intersection, yet before you arrive, you can see no traffic, vehicle, pedestrian or animal. The stop sign up ahead, do you stop as the law requires or do you leave your foot on the gas and proceed on through?

Why are we always lectured about the institutions in our country? Which ones are good and which ones are bad. Our country was founded with an extra healthy dose of distrust for government. What happened to that? Why do we choose to trust that which we have no control over? Is it because we are told so? Why should we trust any government institution or person in government? The Japanese Americans prior to World War Two trusted the government, yet once the Japanese empire attacked Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Sr. (D), drafted and signed an executive order. He ordered the round up all of the Japanese living in America and have them locked up in internment camps. They lost their property, they lost their freedom.

How many times has the government not treated us as its citizens, its financiers or its rulers? It doesn’t matter who is serving as president, we are not servitude to them or our government. Don’t trust the government, the minute you turn your back on the government is the minute you are forgotten.

The institutions of America are made to create and train us to be subservient and dependent.

The Problem with #WalkAway

Another “movement” that is afoot is the #WalkAway campaign. Regardless of its foundation or intention, this movement is the same as every other attempt at belonging. So now people are jumping from one movement or campaign to the next, one extreme to the other extreme. I am not saying that this is an extreme group or campaign, but why does anyone need a group or a sense of belonging to be honest and open with who they are? The fear that people have with expressing themselves is very eye opening. How long have we forsaken our own individuality for trendy popularity? Does this harken back to the days of tribes and survival? People are always citing the year as if that has something to do with progress. Time and time again, whether laws, religion or perceived “social construct” has shown that human behavior is based on free will. Participate in what you want, but champions are the leaders and the followers are often mediocre.

Why do we care so much about belonging, when at the same time we demand independence? You hear it all the time, whether entertainment, cartoons, books, toys or CEOs and elected representatives, “no one looked like me”. I had no idea that homosexual was a look, or that skin color was a defining characteristic or that a vagina or lack thereof was distinguishing criteria. What the hell! What ever happened to being unique? Well, to be truly unique requires independence, if you are not independent, then you are simply trying to fit in. Choose whatever you want but stop bullying the rest of us into filling your wants and desires, while your needs are already met.

If belonging to a group of strangers is how you define happiness and fulfillment, then perhaps you have more problems than simply fitting in. Again, why is mediocrity praised and sought out, while independent thought or expression is falsely championed? From Christianity to Trump, guns and family life, motherhood and fatherhood, why are we always explaining and justifying our choices to those who disagree or disparage? Drug usage and alcohol intake is at an all-time high these days. Are we just simply numbing ourselves from all the “progress” happening?

It shouldn’t take a movement or campaign to assure you that you can speak your mind. The more movements afoot, the more that individuals become faceless bodies in the crowd.

Evolution is a False Escape

When it comes to creation versus evolution, the split is very simple. If you believe in creation then you realize that you will be judged. If you believe in evolution, then you attempt to abscond from judgement. Day in and day out, temptation and sin are all around us. I have sometimes wished that when it was my time to pass, that I would simply go into the ground. I am afraid of the sin that I have done and the sin that I will do. From lust and lying to greed and sloth, I have plenty to answer for once my judgement comes. If the theory of evolution is true, then why would we need to be good to one another? If evolution is true, then we are as low as the beasts of the earth.

We strive to be clean, we strive to be good, why? Because we know that in our hearts, we will eventually answer for what we have done. The idea of evolution provides a sense of escape from judgement. Evolution is just another feel good idea. If evolution were correct, then why are there still animals on earth?

The Problem with Socialism

The problem with socialism is that it requires society to toe the line and forfeit every individual gain. Whenever socialism is brought up, I think of the campaign donations that are not donated to socialism, the “baby trump” balloon, where the cost could have been donated to society. Socialism seems to be becoming suddenly popular, although, I think that is what they want us to think. If socialism worked, whether regular socialism or national socialism or the latest democratic socialism, then the rest of the world would be in harmony with their versions of socialism. However; it has never worked, for long, especially on a scale as large as the United States. With all the money that socialism garners whenever there is a socialist candidate, why wouldn’t they just lead from the front and show us how great socialism could truly be, by example? Why does socialism need to be legitimized by our tax dollars? Why don’t these people just open their own wallet and begin to pay for everyone else?

Just like the southern U.S. border, these people demand that I.C.E. be shut down, instead why not sponsor a few families on your own first? Why not pay for the healthcare of others out of your own wallet. How can we be a socialist country with no borders? Who would work, who would go to school, what would our manufactured class bracket look like? The only people that want socialism are the same people who cannot get their own lives together. Why would we be willing to follow those who cannot even lead themselves? Socialism in theory requires no leader only willing volunteers. The problem with socialism is the same with our laws. Laws and socialism are held over the law abider, not the criminal and not the government. Socialism only works if everyone follows the laws of socialism, yet as history and law breakers have shown us, human behavior cannot be legislated. If this wasn’t the case, then why so many laws?

If socialism worked, then there would be no demand for socialism, it would simply and spontaneously happen. Socialism only works under the gun of the government. Who will finance socialism in America? Our taxes are already too high, why are we willing to give the government more authority over us and why do some of us want the government to take more of our money? With interest rates on the rise, are we truly ready and willing to co-sign for strangers? The idea that our debt would be erased only creates more poverty for the people who already paid off their own creditors. If you cannot pay off your own debt, then why should I pay it for you?

Socialism requires no personal or individual responsibility, since its always someone else’s money or insurance.

What’s with All the Agencies?

From what I understand the U.S. apparently has 17 intelligence agencies. In chorus, just as in modern day “science”, apparently the Russians interfered in our election. No mention of the U.S. interfering in other countries election processes though. For some reason we are too feel that we were wronged by the “RUSSIANS”. My first question is why do we have 17 intelligence agencies? My second question is how are these agencies still active and what were they doing to defend our election process? That being said, who knows who did what and who did not. Who knows if this story is even true? Seventeen intelligence agencies, wow, what have they stopped before and what will they stop in the future? Are they proactive or reactive agencies? Sounds like a resounding REACTIVE, if their story is even true.

If they couldn’t stop the evil Russians, then do we still need these agencies? Do we need more or do we need less? It’s pretty crazy to realize that with the billions of tax payer dollars that are spent everyday on intelligence, that they cannot stop the Russians.

It’s funny how we are only ever told part of a story, we never get the whole story. The number 17 is always thrown out to provide some kind of gravity or to legitimize the story. Yet, what were they all doing while this was happening? Sounds like good old-fashioned politics to me, kinda like the weapons of mass destruction, or you like your doctor you can keep your doctor or when Lois Lerner of the IRS pled the 5th, or when Attorney General Eric Holder plead the 5th. Anything for a buck, right? Anything for a win. Blue or Red, take your pick.

The Telephone Game

Have you ever played the “telephone game”? You line up and it begins with someone at one end of the line whispering something in someone’s ear, from person to person the message is passed down the line. Once the last person hears the message it is often something completely different, everyone laughs. We are inundated with so much information and misinformation that often the original message is so butchered that what comes out on the receiving end is completely different. From opinion pieces, to so-called “experts”, all of these filters spin the message, yet who knows how long the “telephone game” line was before even they got the message. We are left an attempt to decipher what was actually expressed, even though we have our outside influencers, steering us as well. We think we know what is happening, even though all we see or hear is what we are allowed to see and hear.

I think Norm Macdonald summed it up very accurately. On both sides we believe that only our aspect is the right one, in the meantime, we demand that the other side is forced into compliance with our values and beliefs.

This coupled with whatever “news” channel you subscribe to only emboldens that theory. Then again, if your values and beliefs are constantly changing by the minute, it becomes more pronounced. Blame it on social media, blame it on music, movies, blame it on whatever you want. However; the more you blame everyone and everything else, the greater the chances that the “problem” will persist. Since self-reflection is only a responsibility of the other side. If any person challenged your belief or caused you to change what you had believed for years, then possibly, your beliefs were only skin deep.

The telephone game only works on willing participants. More often than not, it is imperative to hear it directly from the “horse’s mouth”. Rumors and insight only propagate hatred and paranoia. If we want to be heard, then we must hear out those whom we disagree with.


Once President Trump was sworn in on 20 January 2017 Antifa and other extremist groups went on the rampage. They torched cars, broke windows and caused mayhem and pandemonium wherever they amassed. Then there was the rash of fraudulent hate crimes that were reported to law enforcement. It was always the same story, a group of white males who apparently voted for Trump and ripped the hijabs off of Muslim women and went out of their way to harass and assault women and supposed minorities. The problem with the majority of the supposed “hate crimes” were that they were staged and supported by the main stream media and politicians, they were fake.

For years now false rape allegations, false hate crimes and real outrage toward anyone who wasn’t “With Her”. They keep on calling for Nazis to be punched and now U.S. Representative Maxine Waters finally put out the lynching call. She demanded that anyone serving under President Trump to be lynched, to be harassed and to be assaulted. The trend that I am noticing is they pretend to be oppressed and in danger, when in fact they cause the danger and they cause the mass hysteria.

So now they take pride in forcibly and violently stealing MAGA hats from ordinary citizens. Where is the outrage in the media for this very real assault and very real danger? Where is the outrage from the politicians? Silence, in their mind, it is right to threaten and assault not only a President Trump appointee, but anyone who voted for him or supports him today. They continue to cite the disgusting and abhorrent lynchings that were committed against black people decades and generations ago, the pictures are always an arms-reach away. However; in their mind today, to be an outsider, to support the perceived unpopular president, is rewarded with physical bodily harm.

No one is safe, do they realize their crime, do they realize their apparent hypocrisy? Do they realize that they are the perpetrators and the purveyors of this crime, let alone the purposely misnomer of “hate crime”? They rip the MAGA hat off of an innocent, like how they falsely accused Trump supporters of doing to Muslim women. There are mass lynchings brewing, their target, who knows, not even they know until they are told. These brain-dead hoodlums cannot differentiate between the atrocities of the past and what they are carrying out today.




Trump and Obama, The Same? (Campaign Edition)

Discussing either President Trump or President Obama during their initial campaigns, the same can be said of both, you either love em or you hate em. Both men ran incredibly similar campaigns. Both took a bullhorn and pronounced to the world their base’s frustrations. They did not cultivate anger, they simply emboldened it. The other candidates that ran, attempted to tell us what we should be frustrated about, instead of listening to us, they ignored us. President Obama beat out career politicians, just as President Trump did. The more I look and listen to both on their campaigns, the more they become interchangeable.

If you criticized Obama, you were racist, if you criticize Trump, you hate America, regardless if either were true or false. That’s how simple their platforms were and it worked. It worked so well, that is has become the new model for success in elections. Any politician running for office today knows, the harder they echo the frustrations of their base, the better they will do. Everyone who lost complained that the values of both, were not the values of America. Again, politicians telling us what America’s values ought to be, rather than listen to the voter. Why wouldn’t Obama or Trump win?

The importance of exercising criticism on the one you voted for is paramount. The less we criticize, the easier it is for them to execute their desires instead of doing what they were hired to do. Once President Obama was elected, the majority of the press in our country and around the world fell in love with him and the complete opposite is true of President Trump. That should show you the barometer of our nation and the world. We are either hot or cold, there is no middle ground. They left blames it on Trump and the right blames it on Obama. Sound familiar, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I truly see the two as almost interchangeable, during their campaigns. Whenever the press becomes emotional about any elected representative, it is that much easier to control the population. It becomes easier to identify and label the “bad guy” and run with it, with no regard for accuracy. Meanwhile the remaining representatives just go along to get along. As long as they can blame the president, there is no need for them to work, since the press does all the leg work involved.

The more we begin to think for ourselves, the less power they will hold over us. If you find yourself mimicking lines from the “news” then you’re only seeing what they want you to see and you’re only hearing what they want you to hear. The same talking points over and over and over again. They become less relevant and more annoying the longer they are regurgitated.

If we are as simple as Trump or Obama, then why do we deserve better?

Old People and New Technology

There are plenty of jokes out there targeting old people and their apparent lack to understand any if all new technology. Smart phones, computers, social media, texting, global positioning systems and so on and so on. The mockery of the elderly strikes me as incredibly disrespectful and horribly ungrateful. The difference between our grandparents and great grandparent’s era is as simple as hard work versus minimal work. The old adage of work smarter not harder has been manipulated to allow the masses to believe that we all deserve our participation trophy. The elderly built their own homes, they fixed their own automobiles and they practically cooked and prepared every single meal from scratch.

Today we push a few buttons and we feel accomplished, we buy organic and we feel right, we lease electric cars and we feel as if we are literally saving our fellow man. The constant championship of today is absolutely pathetic. We count our steps and we count our calories, but only because we do not build our homes, we cannot fix our automobiles with simple hand tools and now cooking from scratch is considered “artisan”.

Our ancestors gave us everything we have today and what do we do but make mockeries of them to garner likes and shares. Maybe if we slowed down and listened to our elders we might learn something. All we need to do is stop talking and pay attention.

“Keep the Change”

Picture this, a group of teenagers are hanging out around a convenience store. They are evaluating the customers walking in and out, their target is downtrodden. Once they spot the person, they casually walk up and attempt to strike up a light yet probing conversation. Once they make their mark, they go for it. They nervously hand over twenty dollars and tell their newly acquired mule to keep the change. They wait outside for what seems like an eternity, once their mule exits the store they desperately try to appear nonchalant and encourage their mule to approach them out of sight of on-lookers. The teenagers get what they want, the cheapest alcohol in the store and their mule makes off with the change. Both parties get what they want, although the price they just paid for the harshest alcohol, was probably two to three times the actual sticker price. But who cares right, they got their alcohol and they couldn’t care less about the money they lost.

This very scenario is playing out in the states that have legalized recreational marijuana. The states that have legalized it, are the highest taxed states in our country. But who cares, now you can get high without the fear of getting locked up or fined. Sure, the legal weed from the weed store might be priced sky high compared to your local drug dealer, but hey, you only live once right. Marijuana, weed and drugs, in general I really couldn’t care less, do whatever makes you happy. But just understand, some of the states with legal weed, also have some of the highest unemployment rates, highest tax rates and highest real estate in our country. I just think that the possibility of these states legalizing recreational marijuana use and consumption is to encourage its citizens into willful sedation.

Sedation to numb the feeling of poverty, sedation to champion mediocrity and sedation into servitude. The industrial revolution is over, the majority of production has either become robotic or shipped overseas, and now they have just bid your local drug dealer out of a job. Drug dealers and bake sales, both cause controversy and both are usually done with no license and under the nose of the Internal Revenue Service.

Do what you want, do what makes you successful and fulfilled, just remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. Weed shouldn’t be illegal just as selling homemade dishes without consent from the government shouldn’t be criminal. You gotta ask yourself, these so-called progressive states that have legalized recreational marijuana consumption, why aren’t the political representatives of those very states toking up with their constituents? Maybe they know something, maybe they are hiding something from us all.

My Way or the Highway

From education to healthcare or insurance, happiness and satisfaction, money and job security there are many that attempt to dictate the path to success in these examples and many more. They always say something along the lines of, “I just want to make the world a better place”. Yet the only way to follow and adhere to their plan is to forfeit your own free will and your rights. They clamor to fix what they believe has been broken or what has been overlooked. People are people no matter where or when. The ideology behind creating a new “system” or a “better” way should only be taken with a grain of salt and taken for what it is. No one has ever figured out the perfect plan or the perfect society. Smokers and the obese, both must be outlawed if we are to ever institute socialized medicine and healthcare. If these people cannot be shamed into conformity, then, when this practice of “free” healthcare comes about they will take the majority of the money funding this exact program that only has a chance of succeeding if every person is fit and healthy. Smoking and obesity is what people have been doing since the beginning of time, yet for some reason marijuana is considered healthy if not applauded.

When it comes to education, happiness and wealth, again, the same is true. For generations now, a college degree was considered the distinguishing criteria that would separate you from your peers. Yet no one earns a college degree to sweep floors or clean toilets. All of these college graduates go to college to be a boss or a supervisor, if everyone is getting the same credentials to be in management, where will the workers and employees come from? I’m not trying to slander education, I’m simply stating that perhaps college is not for everyone. However; for decades that was the supposed path to happiness, wealth and success, now our nation is filled with graduates that don’t want to work and refuse to pay back their education loans.

The passive aggressive nature of creating a system or path to happiness and success is merely the “my way or the highway” ideology. “I will tell you what you should do, but I may not practice it myself”. There is no solution to people, other than allowing everyone to exercise their free will as they see fit. With that being said, to be free and to use your free will you also must accept the consequences of your decisions and actions, whether positive or negative. Without personal accountability or responsibility, there is no need or requirement for free will. Once that point has been reached, it’s always someone else’s fault.

A Fantastic Idea

I realize that the possibility of this idea is based in fantasy, but here goes anyway. Did you ever notice how we are always made to choose between this or that, we never really get what we want, only partial buy in. To this day there are many absolutely ridiculous laws that are on the books and the enforcement of those laws hardly take place today, yet they remain in effect. The laws that are drafted in the present do nothing to get rid of what is already in place, only compound on what has happened in the past. The situation at our southern border has me wondering, if this law was a law for decades now and this is the first time it has been enforced. Maybe, exercising this law as it is written is only now bringing to light the massive flaw of this law. If this law was never enforced until now, then for decades our elected representatives merely sat back, hoping that no one would ever enforce the law as it is written. But now we know, and what do we do about it? Nothing, we fight amongst ourselves, never holding our three branches accountable and never expecting them to actually do what they were hired to do in the first place. Our elected representatives are merely that, representatives, they are not leaders, as we are a free country.

So, now we know about one law, but how many more are out there that have yet to be enforced? Are we all walking and driving around, going on about our day, never realizing the laws that we are breaking? I think the possibility of this being the case is highly likely, if not actually true. The laws that our nation and states enforce and have are often very different. Taxes and laws, how many are actually worthwhile, and how many are completely useless? It’s only a matter of time until another law is being enforced, that has practically never been enforced, even though it has been a law for generations.

Now, let’s take a gander at felons and other previous criminals. Did you know, that once you have been convicted of a felony, any felony, automatically you lose your rights? Not just while in prison, but for the rest of your life, is it fair? Possibly and possibly not, the thing that stands out to me when it comes to felons, is that once they do their time for their crime, they are released back into the public, they get jobs and they pay taxes. They pay taxes, yet they do not get their rights back. Their taxes, pay the politicians, yet the felons who paid their debt to society are forever punished, and they pay taxes. Taxes, I always thought, made us all equal in the eyes of our government? Perhaps not though, felons lose their right to vote and their right to the second amendment, yet they still pay taxes. I would think that being taxed would automatically grant your rights back, but not in this country. Possibly, if felons were not taxed, or if their rights were granted back to them fully once their penance has been completed, then perhaps, justice would truly be blind.

Taxes are a funny thing, if the person you voted for doesn’t win the election, then you must still pay taxes to the winner, regardless if you agree with them or not. Let’s be honest, everyone who talks about term limits knows that they will never pass. In order for term limits to be made law, the house and then the senate would have to pass it. They would be voting against their own interests. Why would they vote themselves out of a job? Instead, what if we actually had a say in what every fraction of a cent of our tax dollars were spent on? What if the person we voted for didn’t win, what if in that case, none of our tax dollars would go to the salary of the winner? Taxes, they are spent regardless of what we vote for and what we vote against. If we could actually pick and choose what each and every single tax dollar went to. We would be taxed as individuals, instead of as classes or groups. They say you can never please everyone, but why can’t our elected representatives try? Because they tax us without consent, because they pass ridiculous laws without our consent and because they appoint people to select positions and offices that we wish our taxes would not finance their paychecks.

It’s all about money, it always has been. They will never enact term limits just as they will never grant us the power to dictate their salaries. Once a felon, always a felon, but they must still pay their taxes. If we could just stop paying into parties, campaigns and other nonsense, then perhaps they would be beholden to us. As I stated in the beginning, I know this is a complete fantasy to think that this could ever happen. But the more we speak amongst ourselves, the more powerful we become, the bigger we are, the harder it is for them to enforce laws and taxes upon us. We pay for them, why do they never foot the bill?

Spend your money on what YOU want, do not expect me to follow suit. If we could ever stop paying the taxes we do not want, then we wouldn’t have to follow the laws that we do not finance.

Forgive, and Let Live

What to do when you feel that one or many of your family members may be racist, sexist, or any other number of ists, ics, etc. Recently, a somewhat popular show was pulled off the air, due to the commentary of the main star, context was not queried, only outrage on many sides. Outrage over the comments and outrage over the cancelation. What happened next was reminiscent of late, other stars and shows that were pulled completely, for ambiguous reasons. The majority of these television shows were satire that took place in a family setting, actors playing parents, grandparents and their kids. So, like we are always told, “life imitates art”, although, art is subjective. Now that television has shown us how to interact with our own family members, we know that no matter what, the minute a family member crosses the line, they are to be stricken from our lives. No number of apologies will heal the assault, that didn’t happen directly to us. We were mere bystanders, however; if we do not distance ourselves from this slander, then we may be caught up in it.

On your way home from summer school for the Independence Day weekend? Well, have no fear, you’ve been trained to rescue yourself from the actions that may offend. No matter what, you must ostracize the family members that are bullies. Who cares what they’ve done for you as a child up until this point in your life, they just said something off color. Besides, you no longer need your family by your side, there are plenty of professors that would love to take you under their wing and guide you along the next few years of your life, as long as your checks don’t bounce!

Whenever these actors are cut off from the very actors that they helped along the way, I wonder, will the spin off show really be that good? Television and movies aside, too often we condemn, when we ourselves desire forgiveness. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, you have to pace yourself. You don’t know what lies ahead, or if you will need help along the path. Once you put your blinders on and ignore those around you asking for help in their time of need, there is a very good chance that you may be ignored as well, only your life or livelihood may depend on it. Forgive and let live, you never know who or what you may encounter, the more backup you have the better your odds of overcoming what may seem impossible.

We Ain’t Doing S***

The border and restaurants, does anyone else notice the hypocrisy on both sides? If any private business has the right to refuse service, does our country reserve the same right? Too often the moniker “we” is tossed around on very simple platforms. We this and we that, whatever happened to “I”? Whenever anyone decrees “we”, I wonder how many are willing to forsake their individuality for what is perceived in the moment to be the “greater good”. “We” would mean in these instances that “we” demand that all of the tax dollars only go to our interests, regardless of the differing ideologies on both sides. The problem is “we” are all taxed, yet “we” and “I” have zero say in what our money is spent on. Demonstrate all you want, but just remember, that the taxes “we” pay, pay the salaries of ALL elected representatives. Oh, and by the way, our money is merely promissory notes from our government, they took all the silver and gold a long time ago. Once they took our gold and silver, they issued us promissory notes, and those promissory notes keep on getting tossed back and forth. They took our money and now the “I.O.U.s” that they issued us, have been spent against us.

The next time you hear the word “we” being tossed around as the good idea fairies aim to destroy the other side, remember, “we” no longer exist, “we” have no real money, so “we” have no real power. So, what was that interest rate you were just approved for? Instead of “we”, perhaps do something yourself, maybe your example will garner followers, demanding “we” only requires that others give up their rights, for “we”.

Pollsters and the Media

The last U.S. President and the last election cycle should have solidified our idea of honest reporting and unbiased pollsters. I believe it did, so much so that neither have recovered yet. If they expect me to even trust a fraction of what they are reporting, then they must execute the same criticism on all parties, and all administrations. When President Obama was in office, we were constantly lectured on any criticism or doubt of his authenticity was racist. During President Trump’s term so far, we are continually lectured on how he is the very definition of every slander in the book and then some. The polls, I don’t know how they are still in business since their 2016 catastrophic defeat. The polls and the news got everything wrong. Used to be the weather forecast was the only aspect of local and national news that was always prefaced with the caveat of “possibility”. However; since the favored candidate of the pollsters and the “news” lost the 2016 election, instead of attempting to publish the truth, all they do is continue to dig their own “graves”.

I do not trust any news, right or left, the polls are slanted and have been for generations. Both have been weaponized to not only intimidate, but also challenge our values and beliefs. We pay taxes and we are United States citizens, these two simple facts outweigh all of the spin and misinformation that they throw at us, in an attempt to confuse and sway our votes. The media, in chorus with the “swamp” only wish to see us enslaved on their every word and their opinion pieces. Neither mirror the population, and neither care. All they desire is their influence and power respected, without question.

Instead of voting online, we must demand our right to vote be upheld. We must vote, physically in person at the designated voting booth in our locality. The internet is no place to vote, if our votes become cyber, then how will we know that our vote counted? The paper vote, is just as powerful as our feet and money. The media and the pollsters want our vote to be virtual, in the cyber world, it is much easier to avoid transparency. If the Chinese and other hackers can defeat our supercomputers, then what makes us think that our solemn vote will be safe?

The current pollsters and the media are the enemies of our free society, go against either and they will vandalize your permanent record as a deplorable, low information or an enemy of the state. They will do everything in their power to delegitimize your vote. They are the illegitimate freeloaders that deprive the rest of us of the oxygen that they steal to lie and cause panic.

Question everything, do not believe what you are told. If you cannot prove it for yourself, then more than likely it is propaganda and psychological warfare.

A President or a King?

With the recent events down at the southern U.S. border, it seems that President Trump is the evil, maniacal bastard that enjoys ripping children from the loving arms of their parents. Meanwhile, back in the house and senate, it seems that business is happening as usual, meaning no one is there. Whatever happens at the border, it must be law, without a law an executive order only lasts the term of the incumbent. An executive order is easily undone with a new President. If congress wants to sit on their hands and blame trump, they are more than able to do just that, nothing. There is no ownership in government, only finger pointing and blame shifting. Yet, we wonder why nothing ever gets done or fixed, and we keep on voting for the same carpet baggers every time. Why, because we are lazy and we are easily fooled into always blaming the other side. While we are out here fighting amongst ourselves, the “fat cats” up in D.C. and all 50 state capitals are sitting back, counting their money.

A king can decree edicts, a United States President can only enact what passes the house first and then the senate. Instead of our elected leaders demonstrating, filibustering and appearing on “news and entertainment” shows, children are being separated from their families. So, again, what is it we desire, to be ruled by a king or do we vote for what we believe in, do we vote for a person or do we vote for action? If our president rules via executive order, then why do we need the other two branches of government? If our government is deadlocked, then perhaps the wrong people have been elected on both sides. Regardless of your political affiliation, if action is what you desire then action is what you should demand from your elected representatives. If your representatives cannot fix it, then why should the president? They only do what we make them do.

The Value of a Dollar

Immigrants, living wage and the rest of us. Do we really know and understand the value of a dollar anymore, or do we just go from creditor to creditor, hoping that we can constantly maintain the juggling act of keeping up with the Jones’s? Petitioning for a $15.00 minimum wage and attempting to constantly make the federal government dictate what we can be minimally compensated. Prior to the government having a say in what is fair, people seemed to work harder and save more for what they needed and wanted. I think that we as a nation have forgotten the notion of making our own way in the world. It seems that only American citizens demonstrate for the $15.00 minimum wage hike, meanwhile immigrants both legal and illegal, continue to go to work for any wage. Are we really that spoiled in our desires? Have we truly forgotten what it takes to make it in this world? Interest rates are always discussed to signify trust and reliability. Instead of buying things, all we must do now is qualify for a great rate and only a lifetime of payments makes it ours, one day. We all must take out loans, but it’s the frequency, length and amount that makes it harder and harder to make ends meet when every payday all you do is make payments to your creditors.

Hubris makes up the majority of the debt and bankruptcy in our country today. The idea that you must be paid at a certain rate or that you will only do certain jobs make it easier and easier for companies and corporations to “only hire the best and brightest” when it comes to flipping burgers. With our failing infrastructure, roads and bridges, there is plenty of work to go around and plenty of money to be made. However; if you will only work for a certain wage or higher, your job prospects just got that much smaller and much more competitive. The value of a dollar has been replaced with your trust and history of paying off your loans. Without credit, money is much more valuable. Those who live debt free, are a fraction of the population, much like a virgin wedding, what used to be normal and accepted has become highly desired and sought out.

We rush to trash our innocence as children, just as we apply for loans from our smart phones. Whatever it takes to get the latest and greatest. If more Americans were willing to work, more willing to prove their reliability and fidelity, then that would be what determines who gets paid what. If you’re not willing to prove yourself in any endeavor, then why should you be compensated at a higher rate? There is no need to turn up your nose at what your hubris tells you is beneath your consideration. The more you prove your worth, the more you will be compensated. All you have to do is show up on time everyday and do what your told, with a smile on your face and intestinal fortitude propelling you along your way.

Children no longer work in the summertime, so why would their parents do whatever it takes to take care of their families. Homelessness is not an indicator of economics. If you want a job, then you must be willing to work.

Baby Killers

When the troops returned from Vietnam, they were met with vitriol, malice and terrorism. They were spit on, called “baby killers” assaulted and accosted. The veterans of Vietnam were slandered back then and even today. Why else would the idea of a Vietnam veteran conjure up images of an alcoholic, drug addicted, homeless miscreant? The criminals back then were the hippies, the politicians were their slaves, and the idea that the cultural and sexual “revolution” of the time was worth more than the Americans returning from a war. Those hippies have become the leaders, shareholders and stakeholders of today. Universities, academies and schools now churn out the same message to our children. Their ideology is the west is horrible, they spew lies about the west ruining poorer countries. They also refer to our founders as conquerors and the natives as the victims of white genocide and violence. They refer to us as xenophobes and every other ism, ic or slander they can create to label us the criminals of the world.

Funny how the term “baby killer” has been now used against those same hippies of yesteryear. If you refer to someone as a baby killer now, more often than not you are speaking of abortion. Abortion, however; with their supporters refers to mental gymnastics, litigation, legislation and “science” only translates to “cells” which in fact are living. When they hear the term “baby killer” suddenly, they seek to hide from the “right”. They say that it is a woman’s right to receive an abortion, with no consideration for the infant, who has no voice, so in their mind, has no rights, much less the right to live.

They scream and shrill during history lessons, referring to their idea of a white genocide or white violence. Removing and killing the natives that inhabited the land. Yet the Cherokee, killed off the other tribes to conquer their land, and so on and so on. They are conquering us, through our children. They kill their unborn children and they attempt to brainwash our children. They cannot succeed on their own merits, they are vampires that jump from host to host, only to continue their gruesome feeding frenzy.

Perhaps the Native Americans were xenophobes, by the logic of today. The same people who spit on our returning service member are now legislating tax funded baby killings. So, who were and who are the true baby killers?

Colors and Classes Versus Penises and Vaginas

The difference between colors/classes and penises/vaginas has been weaponized to divide us into separate containers which makes it easier to store us in an organized manner and use us as tools to win in everything from elections to businesses. You are either a man or a woman, the defining factor which is easily seen are the penis or the vagina. The X and the Y chromosome will differentiate between the two while the baby grows in the womb. Very cut and dry and incredibly impactful on the life of every person in the world from conception to birth until death.

Colors and classes are man-made attempts at synthetic differences that empower the “organizers” to convince us that we are different and we must be mortal enemies. Like in the “Highlander” movies, they always cry out, “There can be only one”. The classes in America have been simplified and categorized into the following: below/poverty level, middle class and rich. The funny thing is that in America, all of these classes seem to have the same “staples” of American/First World gadgets and tools. From smart phones to flat screen televisions, automobiles and the internet. If the class system was an accurate representation of what is real and defining, then it would seem that many would not have the “toys” that everyone else has. We have become enamored and obsessed to own what our neighbors own.

The price of cars, homes and phones has risen drastically in the past decade.  The companies that produce these gadgets and machines know that regardless of price, their product will sell. Trucks used to be utilitarian, now they are luxurious. Phones used to be boring, now they are highly desired and priced according to the interest that they generate, etc. etc. etc. The list of materials has grown and their price tag has grown as well. The class ideology is a farce, meant to confuse and provide a false sense of intelligence whenever someone regurgitates the same talking points, decade after decade.

The difference in color is only that, some are black, others are white, brown and yellow. If we chose to follow the trail of breadcrumbs into the sea, we will all drown in our own despair and hate for one another. The companionship between a man and a woman is what plants love and enables us to continue on. Love like justice should be practiced blindly. It’s the only honest aspect that can bring us together in a holistic approach.

We are our own worst enemy, if we refuse to go throughout our day in a conscious state, we will be the end of what our ancestors worked so hard to create for us today.

Fruit Cup

From “epidemics” to delicacies, as societies and peoples separated by location, but also by climate, do we really know what we have been changing only in recent times? No matter what you see, we are always lectured about the current “epidemics” that plague our society. From autism, to suicide, obesity and diabetes, “gun” violence and sexual harassment, etc. etc. etc. These first world problems keep holding us back from true happiness, but then again, how can anyone measure happiness? When my father took me on my first squirrel hunting trip, I remember, he told me that we only eat squirrel after the first frost. If we were to eat them prior to the first frost, the probability of finding worms in the body was very likely. If we found worms when we were skinning the squirrels, we would throw them away. We respect all of the animals we hunted and ate, tossing the carcass is disrespect. Like fruit, vegetables and many other foods and animals, there is a science behind the seasons of when they are appropriate and safe to eat. Yet for some reason, we demand what we want, regardless of the season.

Clementines used to be a winter delicacy, the majority of our fruits, vegetables and meats came from within our own region. There were a few exotic foods, but they were usually in very short supply or a special order for a specific customer. Things such as bananas, mangos, avocados, and many others that today have become staples, used to be special and appreciated. The Hawaiian Islands, have become a breeding ground for diabetes and obesity as has much of if not all first world countries. I wonder, with our differing DNA and ancestry, if our bodies are different based on where our ancestors came from? Take for instance, Central America, bananas, cocoa beans and mangos grow there naturally, they have for thousands of years. The people from those lands have been eating those foods for a millennium, yet for us, they only have been introduced to the general public in recent times. Pineapple from Hawaii, at one time was considered special and exotic, but now you can find it at 2:00 a.m. at your local Walmart.

There seem to be all of these epidemics as of late. Real injury and illness is now being roped in with self-inflicted ailments such as opioids, depression and whatever else can be labeled in an effort for more tax funded research. Truly, only within the past 80 years has this “experiment” begun on the human race. Can we eat all of these foods from faraway lands on a daily basis, with no risk of adverse side effects? Why have the delicacies of the past years suddenly become everyday dishes? If you listen to the “news” people everywhere are “unhappy” or depressed, with all of this excess in everyday living, how can anyone be unhappy? Suicide awareness has been brought to the forefront again, well ever since another celebrity offed themselves. Possibly we are lost with all of our wants met, while we forget how to sustain our needs. Fruits and vegetables, but from where and how long did they travel to get to my stomach? Homemade applesauce has been replaced with cooperate fruit cup, what’s with all of the ingredients?

There was a time when your grandmother or grandfather knew a home remedy to cure what ailed you. But, once we threw them in the “retirement” community, we haven’t heard from them since. Meanwhile, we have attempted to replace our small community with the global community and now we keep on running into these “roadblocks”, maybe we forgot how to take care of our own. The passive aggressive nature of fixing the world or making the world a better place is a mere silent coup against you and me.

“Based on True Events”

What exactly is the democrat’s message and can they stand on their own, or do they beseech their past champions based on current atmospheres. Today, 74 years ago D-Day commenced, both boys and men stormed the beaches at Normandy. The Rangers literally ascended Pointe Du Hoc while the Nazis fired down from the cliff at them, tossed grenades and did everything in their power to halt the Rangers advance. The assault to gain a foothold on the beach was grizzly. At low tide the Allies invaded, they had to fight through waist deep wet sand and mud, all while the Nazis had them fixed, they fired belt fed machine guns and bombed the allied assault from elevated bunkers. The men and women who fought in World War Two, fought through a massacre on all three fronts, Europe, the Pacific and Africa. These men and women fought for their battle buddies to their left and right, they fought for their families back home and more importantly, they fought for the future survival of America.

So, today the “news” is filled with gossip pieces concerning extra marital affairs and whatever else they think draws ratings. Last year the “resistance” wanted to erase all of the Confederate statues that dotted our country and reminded us of what can happen if we ever allow ourselves to be so divided again. This year it seems that the suicide ideation known as #metoo is furthering that same narrative. From Weinstein, to Cosby, Louie, and many others, all who pulled the party line of the Democrats for generations. Yesterday it seems that President Clinton was dragged into this quagmire, it is rather funny to watch, but does it really mean anything? If you look back into history, during the 1940s Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president during WWII, yet for some reason he is hailed as a hero both for WWII, but also for “The New Deal” and Social Security. Many leftists hail FDR as one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history, since apparently Social Security allows seniors to retire with “dignity”. Yet for some reason, the same die-hard democrats seem to forget that he was also the U.S. President that locked up the Japanese Americans in Internment Camps.

For some reason, the blame for this atrocity has been blamed on “old white men” again, another slander against a single group, for the actions of a democrat. The democrats are the party of Jim Crow, they are the party of the KKK, they are the party that created the welfare state (LBJ, “The Great Society”). Now with the debacle of the #metoo movement, rich and powerful actresses everywhere are getting their time in the spotlight once again, for these elite millionaires and billionaires, now they get handed work, no merit, simply perceived “victimhood”. Before President Trump, not a single democrat cared about Bill Clinton’s criminal behavior, no one cared about Weinstein, no democrats cared, they couldn’t care less about anything, except winning and remaining in power.

I ask, why do the democrats always get a pass, why are their horrible actions and policies always pushed to the right. The Board of Education and Hollywood is in compliance with all of these lies. Ask any child today on why the Civil War was fought, even though Nazi is an acronym for National Socialist, for some reason it is aligned with republicans and the right. The teachers of today strike for better wages, yet they spread lies and attempt to brainwash our children. Hollywood and virtually all media take part in the same psyop on American history. There is a famous saying, “If you want to hide something, write it in a book”. The more we desire “fun” learning environments and “based on true events” movies and television shows to educate not only our children, but us as well, the greater the risk of history repeating itself.

We must talk to one another, freely and openly. We must know what has taken place before to get us to where we are now. During WWII sports athletes, actors and actresses fought alongside the regulars. Back then, we were all in it together. It was serious and everyone took it seriously. Real evil was attempting global domination. Today, that evil is still present, however; today, it is subtler, and if we continue this mudslinging between left and right, the politicians will win, at our loss.

If the democrats were the party of the Civil Rights Movement back in the 1960s, then why did President John F. Kennedy and President Lyndon B. Johnson use the IRS and the FBI to not only harass Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but also attempt to kill that same movement. President Reagan decreed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Not a single democrat voted in favor of the Civil Rights in the 1960s. The Republicans and the Democrats never switched sides, again another lie from the state funded Board of Education and Hollywood.

Personal Failure

After a lifetime of failure, I know one thing is certain, failure is in my future. Failure, whether purposeful or happenstance can be very frustrating and frightening. In my youth, I took failure very personally, I always felt as if it was a strike against my manhood. Whether it was failing at becoming a member of a team or failing a test that it seemed like everyone else was passing with ease. Each failure became heavier and heavier, I felt as if I was an utter and total loser, a waste. I would often observe the people around me, I was constantly measuring myself against them. Was I better or worse? When I decided that I was better, it was usually due to circumstances out of their control and I was only using that small fraction of who they were, it was a quick and easy assessment. When I decided that I was less than them, I would feel incredibly intimidated in their presence or even speaking with them. Looking back, I’m positive that I exhibited this outward, even though I tried to hide it.

The thing about failure is that without it, how would we know when we actually accomplish something or discover a talent within ourselves. The thing about life is, all you must do is constantly show up and keep on keeping on. The more you attempt anything with a true heart, eventually you may achieve what you didn’t set out to achieve in the first place. Just because you weren’t selected for a promotion or to serve on any certain team, sometimes doesn’t mean that you weren’t good enough. I think it only means that you didn’t possess what they were looking for in that time. Taking failure personally is only a slight against yourself.

I cannot build a house and I cannot fix an automobile, I am a horrible runner and I haven’t performed simple math with a pen and paper in decades. All of these and many more are skills that which I do not possess. We all have a talent and a skill, you must simply be patient with yourself. Eventually, if you look close enough, you will also find your calling or your purpose.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, then look some more, perhaps you haven’t failed enough yet. The more you fail, the more you treasure what is truly important. If everything came easily, then we wouldn’t value anything, love would be lost on us and friends would not be cherished. If you didn’t set out to fail, then all you must do is try again or do something different. Failure is not guilt, failure is human. The more we view ourselves with humility, the more we value those around us. The more we love those around us, the more they value and love us.


I think that the 1980s and into the early 1990s television and radio were pushing the envelope. Both were very entertaining and incredibly provocative. You always hear about some movie, television show or radio show that could not be produced, shown or heard today, since everyone is so sensitive, apparently. I think back then there were more “shock jocks” and late-night shows on regular cable that were very risqué. It was all entertainment, meant to entertain. They never attempted to appeal to everyone, they only exploited their own strengths. The ratings game back then was incredibly volatile, in order to stay on top, you had to do your best work everyday. There was no YouTube or other media library that anyone could just access. So, in order to make a name for yourself, you had to be creative.

The problem with entertainment today, is that they only play to their audience. They no longer attempt to reach the audience that doesn’t particularly care for their “act”. Whether its opinion or talk shows, the audience always claps, on both sides. I think an entertaining and informative show would be for a performer to preform infront of an audience that despises their act. It seems that more and more the concept of you are either with us or against us has taken hold and that hold can seem very comforting. That is until you begin to realize that you are being included or involved in a lot of things that you may not necessarily agree with or like. But you chose a side and now you have to live with it, right?

Maybe and maybe not, I think it all depends on how fed up you are. The problem with having any panel be true blue or true red is that there is no controversy and there is no real dialogue, it’s just agree with this or that and the other side is crazy. The audience claps at appropriate intervals, it almost seems orchestrated (it probably is). But what if instead of the right going right and the left going left, what if they intersected and crossed paths to be an audience member in rival territory?

I think that would be very interesting and I believe it would bring more understanding and respect from all sides. Just hearing someone out, you do not have to agree, but taking the time to listen to the other side, you may find that perhaps mutual interests are shared between us. Again, maybe and maybe not, but who knows. If we are not willing to hear them out, then why should they hear us out?


Climate change, the food pyramid, nicotine, HIV, agent orange, mental disorders, OxyContin, autism, diabetes, obesity. The flat earth, the sun revolving around the earth, human sacrifice and the Catholic Church offering to absolve sin in exchange for riches and power. All of these scams either were or are currently incentivized. If there is no problem, then there is no work or research, with no work or research, there is no money to be made. The church used to have all of the power, but with the perceived enlightenment that the internet and videos provide, the need to read books or remain critical is quickly being thrown out. Science has replaced the church as the source of influence over the masses. Both the church and science are practiced by corrupt people, there are many examples throughout history and present time.

Just as the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice to honor their gods and to control the seasons and climate, the church persecuted and prosecuted an entire continent for hundreds of years, the puritans burned witches at the stake and African cannibals devoured their enemies and considered eating children a delicacy. In every culture and on every piece of land that has been inhabited by humans, there has been insanity, calamity and evil. Yet for some strange reason we think that we have outgrown these savage traits. People everywhere hate bullies, however; tell someone that you do not believe in climate change and they will bully you into giving into their ideology. The climate changes, and we humans might own a fraction of that, yet as the volcanoes in Hawaii continue to spew tons of lava a second, this also cannot be good for the atmosphere.

The lava, the storms and the earthquakes do not care about our money or our science. We cannot control the earth as we cannot control the grass in our own backyard. Today the church of science is the powerbroker. Science yields influence and influence yields money. Believe what you want and allow others to believe what they want. You are either an individual or you are a faceless zombie in the crowd. You cannot be both, you can only choose one. If you are an individual you are priceless, if you are a body in the crowd then you are worthless.

Choose your convictions wisely, as history has shown us, the popular choice is often the wrong choice.


It’s funny how life works out, from slamming into rock bottom to standing on your tippy toes attempting to reach and grasp that golden rung that you’ve been working so hard to achieve for so long. Everything in between can seem awful or delightful, depending on your outlook at the time. The passersby and the people that either help us or need our help along the way. If your open enough, perhaps those people will help you along your journey. Networking as it is often referred to implies the old saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. This more often than not is true, we only mumble it to ourselves when it doesn’t work out in our favor. Like I stated prior, this more often than not is true, but there are plenty of other times that others go out of their way to help us, even when we do not realize it. You never know who you will meet tomorrow, all you must do is smile and offer the proper greeting (depending on the time of day). The more you go out and treat others as you would want to be treated, the easier your life becomes.

From asking your neighbor if they know any reputable electricians, or mentioning at the hair salon, that you really like the design of the facility. The more you compliment, the more apt people are to provide free advertisement for the people that do that sort of thing. The network of the community has for generations provided the life support to its inhabitants for fixing problems, from leaky roofs, to babysitting, tree removal, general grounds keeping and everything in between. The laws and bean counting legislators (whom are owned by the corporations) that prohibit children from learning a strong work ethic and the value of a dollar only strive to destroy our small communities that dot our nation.

It’s high time we begin to commune within our communities, meet our neighbors at church the hardware store and the local tavern. All of these small establishments are rally points in our communities and they provide a gathering place to discuss the topics of the day and ask for help when needed. There once was a time, when communities all over our country were for the most part self-sufficient, our communities were self-sufficient and we were self-sufficient as well.

The more we look to each other for help when we cannot figure it out ourselves, the more independent we all become. Everyone does something better than most others, if we support them, they will support us.

Speak Freely

Speak, speak, speak, the more that people speak freely and speak their mind on a daily basis the better off we all will be. The more people that speak up and the more that speak out freely the more we all will know. The more we know, the easier and easier our choices become. Why wouldn’t you want to hear what the people around you truly think and feel? Racism, sexism, xenophobia, abortion, illegal immigrants, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Why are we so afraid of the opinions and thoughts of others? Again, another celebrity put their foot in their mouth, and now the “news” cycle is endless with opinion pieces and “experts” providing their diagnosis of the now foul celebrity. Why aren’t we happy that they finally exposed themselves for who they are, I say thank you for speaking your mind.

Silencing or suppressing anyone’s voice always has disastrous results. The freer we are to speak, the more we will get to know each other and everyone’s true personalities. If that frightens you, then perhaps you should keep your mouth shut, just don’t expect anyone to follow your example. At the same time, if you expect to be heard, then you should silence no one. It’s pathetic enough that the “anchors” are demanding once again that we choose sides, whether we are with them or we are against them.

I only wish more would express themselves and speak up openly. Maybe then less would suffer from depression, anxiety or low self-esteem. If you knew what the people around you were thinking, because they were speaking their mind, then perhaps you wouldn’t feel pressured to try and “read minds” or body language. There is a chance that if more people communicated freely, more couples would find love together, in a more honest and upfront approach. “If you cannot say anything nice, do not say anything at all”. This adage only promotes a passive aggressive nature, encourages gossip and emboldens hate and disgust, since you are forbidden from speaking.

Salutations and disagreements, if we desire true companionship and friendship, then why must we agree on anything?

In Memoriam

Thank you to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, for us. Thank you to the families that lost their loved ones, you are stronger than all of us and for that, thank you. Thank you to everyone who ever served and is currently serving, you make it possible for the rest of us to live our lives day in and day out. On this Memorial Day 2018, I salute the sacrifices that were made for America and her people.

Decoration Day was first observed in the years following the Civil War. The Civil War claimed more American lives than any other war in our history. It was observed on Saturday 30 May 1868 and continued until 1917. The graves of comrades were decorated with flowers and other adornments, a way to heal and remember. Decoration Day was unofficially observed at the local level, until 1917 when it was made a federal holiday following World War 1, it was decreed Memorial Day.

Everyone remembers and celebrates in different ways, some drink with friends, others pray, few go to the cemetery and mostly people spend time with their family on Memorial Day. No matter what you do on Memorial Day, just remember that it has been happening for 150 years this year. For over 150 years people of all walks of life and all backgrounds have fought and died for all of our freedoms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone who placed themselves in harm’s way for all of us. We all remember in our own way and in our own time.

Sexual Harassment and Racism

Accusing anyone of either sexual harassment or racism is very unique in the fact that the reception is the only allowed, encouraged and accepted aspect when deciding guilt. Accusations of either can be absolutely devastating regardless of accuracy or intent. The other aspect of both, is that it would appear that only “minorities” and a majority of women are exposed to these sleights and “attacks”. However; whenever a shirtless physically correct or symmetrical male is on display, comments and actions are not only allowed, but they are often strongly encouraged. The opposite can be said concerning the labels: white, male, straight and Christian.  These are all fair game if you subscribe to the ideology of victimhood and unfairness. The arbiters of these lopsided morals seem to be heavily tilted to the left. Just as California is attempting to succeed from the United Sates or be torn apart into separate states, this population cannot subside off of its own volition or inaction. These voluntary statuses are only and currently slung against us and everyone else that is deemed an acceptable loss.

Some would refer to it as “lost in translation”, like the telephone game and differing tastes or preferences, imposing your definition on these “words and phrases” seems easier and easier, since there are monetary gains to be made if you “feel” attacked. I acknowledge that lewd behavior and comments can be unsettling, and highly unprofessional, but whatever happened to “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? I have never heard of words physically hurting anyone, if that was the case, there would be no need for firearms, blades, bats or pepper spray. Unfortunately, in an attempt to control us from every single aspect, criminal charges are now being doled out in an effort towards suppressive conformity.

Diversity as we have seen is only sought after for the shades of optics. The lengths that people will go to, to simply avoid conflict can at times seem cowardly. If you cannot speak for yourself, and you are afraid to address unwanted comments in the moment, then perhaps you should simply let it go? Maybe and maybe not, I think of every encounter as singular in value and on a case by case basis. The passive aggressive nature of these accusations continues to prove over and over again, that they hold practically zero merit, since they are often made after the “perceived attack”, once a group decides on the meaning without consulting their “attacker”.

The memory of these accusers must be ironclad since their recollection of the encounter is the only valued aspect and insight into the mind of the accused. The longer we prosecute both legally and publicly, the sooner the rest of us will be swept up in the pop culture phenomenon of guilty before proven innocent. Like every other attempt at people control, eventually we all will be fodder in the machine that only sees us through the filter of current and approved popular opinion.

Salutations and disagreements, if we cannot speak freely, then how and when will we know when anyone is being genuine? If all we desire are Facebook friends, then snapshots and sound bites is all we will ever get. The more real our relationships are the more we should expect conflict and honest conversation. Like every other barrier to overcome as individuals and children growing up, the same can be said, “it builds character”. The further we move away from character, the less freedom we all will have. Character is everything, without it we are nothing.

Flirting both attempted and successfully carried out is quickly moving towards a felony. Sexual harassment has been outlawed for decades, yet for some reason it is still carried out everyday. Like the war on drugs and the war on poverty, all of these tax-funded initiatives do nothing but encourage more to become offenders.

Just remember, if no one saw it and there is no real proof, then it probably never truly happened. Hurt feelings and personal offenses only translate and are simply attributed to weak individuals. If people are kept from expressing themselves as they see fit, we will never know who the people around us are. The more they talk, the more they expose themselves to us. I want to know with whom I am speaking. Why wouldn’t you want the same?

Harden Target

The label says it all, it is a target. How many of us remember high school? You either loved your high school years or hated them. I think this whole school shooting topic is not being discussed honestly. I am in no way absolving the cowards that shoot, kill and maim innocent people. Now, most places of employment ban firearms to be carried legally by their employees, if your found with a firearm on company property whether on your person or hidden and secured in your vehicle, you will probably be fired on the spot. The difference between work and school is most times people want to be at work, not because they enjoy it, but because it’s how they make their living. But school is a totally different animal all together, you have to go to school whether you want to or not. With the rising cost of living in our country, most times both parents work, so school has been transformed from an institution of learning to a pseudo daycare/holding facility, so then parents can go off to work, to pay for everything they have and need.

I understand the need to have a high school diploma, but outside of that piece of paper, there is almost no incentive to going to school. These kids are locked up all day, the teachers refuse to get involved with any conflict between students, since they could be held liable if anyone gets hurt. So, the kids form groups, or cliques, your either in or out, if you’re out it’s a hard day, every day to deal with the constant putdowns and assaults. Don’t be fooled, there are bullies on every front in school, teachers, staff, and students of every walk of life are bullying somebody.

I don’t have an answer to quell this atmosphere, but it is the truth. The longer our children go unsupervised, they will develop and implement their own chain of command and say what you want, but when you’re a kid up against that, it can seem unrelenting and never-ending at times. Now you throw smart phones, tablets and social media into the mix, they cannot escape it when they get home. I know there are great teachers out there who are not getting paid what they deserve, but they know that they will win in all of these strikes. The parents have to get back to work before they lose their house, so of course they will give in and pay the horde more.

It’s a multifaceted dilemma, choices will have to be made, some will choose to pull their kids out and home school them, but the majority will continue to take their chances. Sometimes you just need to slow down and give up a few creature comforts. None of these kids deserve to die, but they did and they will continue to die. Human behavior cannot be legislated, history has proven that no matter the odds or stakes, criminals will commit crime. Its far easier to remove our children from school than it is expecting everyone else to give up their guns. Do what you feel is right.

On the other hand, if schools competed for students, and created an atmosphere that all students wanted to be included in, well maybe then every student would feel incentivized to not simply attend but excel. If we rewarded hard work and excellence, then maybe more would try out for it, until then mediocrity will still be championed. Mediocrity, I guess they will have to look and act like everyone else if they are to survive. Perhaps diversity is a mere sham.

Stern Disapproval

From school shootings, to opioid addiction, public discord and general disagreements. We are always lectured on what is currently right and what is now wrong. Halloween costumes and lewd comments. Child abuse and child protective services. Experts and professionals. The wagging fingers and the dirty looks that are received from simple disagreements. The idea that we are all individuals is now being trampled by unions, groups and “rights” foundations. Used to be there were groups such as “The Little Sisters of the Poor”, who would perform charity as their service to God. However; with the delegitimization of both the church and religion, charity has been propelled because of its “Not-For-Profit” tax exclusion and the falsehood that a verbal attack on any individual is an automatic assault on us all. Charity is being stolen from us, with the excuse that people are hurting, charity is now demanded, instead of appreciated, for its selfless acts.

All we get in disagreements lately is stern disapproval for not going with the flow, our rights are not honored, we are boycotted and labeled as hate individuals or groups. They contact our places of employment, to get us fired, they notify our neighbors and our community at large, the beginnings of the secret police, to force us into compliance and silence. Common sense and reasonable, but only by their parameters. The line between adult and child is becoming more and more undefinable. They claim the label of adult only when it suits them, the rest of the time they are simply reverting to their childish instincts. Where do all of these people find the time to organize and demonstrate, how are their bills being paid for all of the time off that they need to “resist”?

The “moral” arbiters of current events and group think, are working overtime in an attempt to convince us that we are wrong and no number of platitudes will forsake your obvious slight against the “marginalized” group. Whether its gun ownership, political affiliation, garb or simply speaking your mind, if you go against the grain, they will shriek that you have not only offended them, but that now you could potentially be inciting violence, whether or not you are. Context and respect is what is missing. Context for what is meant and respect for the rights of all Americans. The furtherance of “charity” insured by our tax laws and code might be the end of simply doing good deeds. The government giveth and the government taketh away, it is only a matter of time. If we continue to look to our government to care for OUR sick and wounded, then the government will be the final word in who lives and who dies.

Giving power to the most corrupt power in our country will ensure that we all toe their line. If we continue to give into whatever they decide is moral, reasonable, common sense and charitable, then only the most prominent and the perceived and advantageous for their chosen popular choice will always be made, whether we support it or not. Our tax dollars pay their salaries, however; they are not beholden to us. Cable is out and the internet is in, the level of communication that is happening today is the only reason we are still holding on. The minute our voices are stripped of us, we will be in a downward spiral that will have us crashing to our death as the last free society in existence.

Use your voice and your actions daily to be the good person of your own volition. The French Revolution notoriously used the guillotine to sever the heads of those disagreed or those who would not give into their demands. Our country is very polarized right now. We are on the precipice and our individual actions will be the deciding factor in whether or not all Americans have rights, or only what is currently popular. If you live by the guillotine, you will die by the guillotine. The same revolutionaries that put the guillotine into practice were eventually put under that same guillotine. History repeats itself if we don’t pay attention and exercise respect for our fellow citizens daily, regardless of their stance. Instead of demanding that everyone else give into your demands, practice what you preach on a daily basis and be the example. Who knows,  you might convince the rest of us after we witness your example.

1CD, 2BCT, 1-5CAV, A1-3; M, M, B, G, H, V, C II; 19 May 2007, Amiriyah, Baghdad, Iraq

Catastrophe, death and mayhem. In the moment, it is impossible to look farther than what is happening right in front of you. Witnessing the direct action which causes the death of loved ones, is unforgettable and practically unforgivable. Looking back, it seems incredible that time continued to pass. That’s exactly what does happen, the world continues to turn, time stops for no one. Tragedy affects everyone, some lash out, others internalize while the remaining attempt to assemble everyone, only to continue their push forward. That’s all anyone has to do is continue to put one foot in front of the other. If you keep on moving forward, you will eventually find yourself past the event that caused so much pain and anguish for the loss of your friends and family. No one ever forgets, but the importance of moving out of the “kill zone” both literally and figuratively is imperative if anyone ever expects to continue on with their life.

I guess that’s how you honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, do whatever you can to honor them by living your life to the fullest. Talk and socialize with your battle buddies, check on them and allow them to check on you. We all care, we all show it in different ways. To those we have lost, I salute you. To those who remain, I will be there for you as you are there for me. Our shared experience has made us family, regardless of blood. I owe and will continue to owe those who sacrificed their lives as well as the ones that are still here, my life.

We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers

We Will Never Forget

Programing Children

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is yet another example of feminism destroying the mentorship and leadership program that trains boys to grow into men. The old adage that all the good men are taken, has been said over and over again ever since the sexual and cultural revolution of the 1960s. These “women” are constantly complaining about all of the boy’s and men’s clubs that are apparently closed to girls and women. The feminist mantra is to not only break the “glass ceiling” but to eradicate and destroy men everywhere. Misery loves company and feminists; liberals and leftists everywhere are very miserable. In their mind, they must subjugate everyone in their path, so they can place their personal burden of loathing, hate and self-destruction on the rest of us, since they are too weak to care for themselves. They hate their families and they despise liberty.

The first downfall of the Boy Scouts was when they allowed openly gay men to serve as leaders and Cubmasters. Homosexuality has existed in humanity since the beginning of time, however; it is only recently that homosexuality has been placed on a pedestal and praised. Gay or not, the person you have sex with should not be defining characteristics, but sadly today it is. So, lawsuits were brought against a private institution for discrimination. The Boy Scouts caved and began accepting openly gay men to mentor young impressionable boys. I would think that if anyone had an axe to grind, their strategy for payback would be to trick the young into following their example, instead of just sticking to the basics and the manual.

Upon inception, the Boy Scouts taught, trained, mentored and led boys. They exercised, learned how to navigate, tie knots, identify plants and animals and many other primitive skills that seem to be lost on many first world countries today. Their primary focus was teaching boys how to survive any situation and how to be a model citizen. Since man and woman became companions, it was always the primary function of the man to protect and provide. The woman’s primary role was to nurture. Today however; if you listen to the pundits and talking heads of single parent homes, they are attempting to recreate the traditional roles of men and women. They want to erase genders, after thousands of years, they demand that we must change in the matter of less than 100 years. They celebrate homosexuality, philandering, incest and polyamory, all of the taboos for thousands of years.

So, the easiest way to cause cultural and catastrophic damage for these trouble makers is to start on the very young and impressionable. Why else would the teaching profession be so heavily tilted towards women and leftists? Why wouldn’t the infiltrators at the Headquarters for the Boy Scouts of America begin to accept girls into the ranks of the boy scouts? They want to completely destroy the human race. The malice and chaos that they desire is only a generation away. Look at the downfall of the traditional American family since the 1960s, we are still in the wake of that absolute disaster. The hippies and terrorists of then are now the professors and stake holders of our country today. The longer we allow these zealots to run amuck, the worse off our children and grandchildren will be. The damage that they have already caused is almost unrepairable. The only way to insulate our children from this madness and suicide ideation is to pull them out of these organizations.

These organizations will never go away, but the less they have in their ranks, the less power and influence they can exude and wield. The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls was infamous in their brainwashing ability. Not only, were parents mandated to send their boys and girls to these “camps” and programs, but sexuality was rampant between the two. It was how Hitler began his “supreme race” initiative. The modern Hitler Youth and League of German Girls has become a hybrid of the Boy Scouts of America, it is a way to encourage sexual exploration and exploitation at a young age, away from parents and prying eyes. After all they are the future and if the left has anything to say about it, they are going to brainwash our children so by the time they come back home after their overnight camp, they will report us to the modern day secret police. It’s what the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls did once their parents found out their girls were being impregnated at 14 years old and younger.

We need to take our families back, to raise and mentor them into our core values and beliefs. The values and beliefs of social media, entertainment and “news anchors” will do nothing but facilitate depression and early onset of impotence and chemical sterilization. These imposters only desire to live vicariously through our children, our children are their lab rats, their experiments are heartless and selfish.

Any girls who wants to learn how to survive should do so. But why can’t the Girl Scouts of America be just as cool as the Boy Scouts of America? Perhaps, the Girl Scouts are off limits, but the Boy Scouts are in season and expected to step aside for everyone else. With all of these single mothers out there, the Boy Scouts might seem appealing for their sons, just be forewarned, if your ex, your father or your grandfather cannot take the time to teach your son, the Boy Scouts are happy to groom, but you always pay for what you get.

Traditionally, boys were celebrated for becoming men. Whether it was a hunt, their first kill or war, the lines that defined men from boys were clear, in order to become a man, a boy had to complete his “Rites of Passage”. But today, in our world of passive nature, zero genders and celebrations of sexuality over bravery. It becomes harder and harder for boys to become men. Popular culture will not facilitate this progression, it is on us, the fathers, uncles and grandfathers. We became men and we must define what it takes for our boys to become men. Our way of life depends on the men of tomorrow, learning today of what they will have to overcome in the future for their transition from boy to man.

Questions for Elected Representatives

Anyone running for elected office must realize and come to the realization, that if they do win the seat that they are competing for, their personal lives end and they are now our indentured public servants. Too often they only mingle with us during their campaign, even then the time that they spend with us is very limited. I believe that the duty of any elected official is to be at the behest of their constituents, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. I expect my calls and correspondence replied to in a timely fashion, let’s say 96 hours, that’s plenty of time to get answers from our public servants. Holidays weekends and vacations do not apply to elected officials, they work for us and there is plenty of fixing to do. Their families are their second priority, we are now their first priority, we matter more and we want action. I don’t want to see read or hear about their exercise regime. I do not want to see any celebrity endorsements and I want, in writing, everything they will support and oppose. If they change their mind during their time in office, I want them to relinquish their seat to the runner up, within 24 hours. I expect they will do their own laundry, their own dry cleaning and they will drive themselves everywhere in their own vehicle, paying for their own gas and every single travel expense out of their own pocket, with absolutely zero reimbursement. If public service is truly their calling and their passion, then they should have zero issues with these standards.

Below are some of the questions that I would ask them, I would expect straight and immediate answers:

  1. What is your direct/personal phone number?
  2. What is your personal email?
  3. Since I do not leave messages with secretaries, assistants or anyone else, how many rings can I expect before you will answer?
  4. How long do you plan to serve in office?
  5. What will you do once your time is up? (I would expect they would work a job like the rest of us, not consulting and zero paid speeches)
  6. Are guns allowed to be carried at your functions, office and basically everywhere you are, loaded?
  7. How much will you actually work, not your staff or interns, but you, yourself, what are your hours?
  8. As you can tell, access, transparency and consequence are very important to me, how can I exercise this upon you, daily?
  9. Please, don’t waste my time telling me about your family. (I acknowledge this is a statement and not a question)
  10. For someone seeking public office, how often should I expect to see you around your constituents?

I know there are plenty of other questions, but I would think that this would be a good start.

Lastly, one final question, who cleans your office and takes out your trash?

If Racism is Outlawed, Where Will All of the Racists Go?

Racism, it’s a powerful word and label that scares many people. Racism is construed as hate, and many profess to hate racism. Hate, goes both ways, people are people no matter where or when. The confederate flag is now a symbol of hate, at least in the mainstream it is. White pride, black pride, gay pride, Mexican pride, etc. all of these are loved and cherished with the people that align themselves with each herd. Why is only white pride looked down upon? If the Confederate Battle Flag is feared and hated by people, can’t other people hate and fear the Rainbow Flag? Being a strong black man is looked upon with pride, why can’t the same pride be shared for a strong white man?  When a woman acts stubborn, she is praised, when a man acts stubborn, he is labeled a bully. It would seem that anti-bullying campaigns only bully with assistance from tax payer dollars.

If love and respect is not shared on all sides, then hate will still thrive. Just because people are labeled as racist, they still have to survive somehow. Erasing human emotions, beliefs and values only erases those humans, some call it a crusade, others call it mass murder. The perceived gain or loss depends on which side you choose, hopefully you’ve chosen correctly. But then again, why do any of us have to choose any side, why can’t we just worry about ourselves? If being a racist is truly horrible, then wouldn’t those apparent racists come to regret their decisions eventually? If the Southern Poverty Law Center labels both individuals and groups as racist and hate, then those same individuals and groups cannot receive assistance or the same luxuries that the rest of us enjoy, isn’t that bullying, even though they pay taxes?

If we continue to allow the “professionals” to mediate, moderate and legislate us and them, at what point do our laws become ours again? If these laws and regulations are truly ours, then we should be able to enforce and use them, as they are ours, right? Racism, it’s just another ism, in an attempt to convince us that we are the victims. Instead of demanding our rights back, we are too worried about curtailing the rights of others. Funny how the circle of life works, right? The more we label others as racist, eventually we will be labeled as racist and we will be forced to live how we forced those whom we’ve persecuted before us.

Would You Kill Baby Hitler?

Knowing what you know about Adolph Hitler today, would you kill him as a baby, possibly preventing the holocaust, WWII and the many other atrocities that are blamed on the existence and actions of Hitler? If you were living back when he was born, and for some fantastic reason, you knew the future of the world, would you do it? If you were to kill baby Hitler, you would possibly be labeled a psychopath. Since killing a baby that hasn’t done anything yet, only a psychopath would do something that twisted and that disgusting. If you did kill baby Hitler, no one would believe that you possibly saved millions of lives in the process. No one would know what you know. You would be completely and utterly alone. If you were found out, you would probably be imprisoned for the rest of our life, raped and beaten until your death, all for saving millions of lives. Honestly, is there anyone of us, that can truly make that commitment, throwing ourselves on our sword, even though no one will ever believe you?

Hindsight is 20-20, we don’t know until we know, it’s as simple as that. The fact of the matter is people die in the process. But people do die, all the time. We cannot control life just as we cannot control death. People control, both attempted and fulfilled, is how all of these atrocities throughout history happen. It’s easy to look back and choose what you would have done different, always hoping for a better situation than what you are currently in. But why aren’t people adult enough to deal with their situation at hand, it’s always someone else’s fault, right? That’s what Hitler did with “Mein Kampf”, he blamed all of Germany’s problems on the Jews. How is anything we do different? We blame the right, we blame the left. Bush was racist, Obama was a race baiter, Trump is racist, maybe these accusations are true and maybe they are false, the bottom line is they do nothing for us. All they do is allow us to choose their sides, instead for our own side, our individual selves.

The more we look to correct history, the farther we will be from creating our own destiny. The past is the past, we all have been wronged, and all of our ancestors had it worse. Pretending that you are constantly attempting to be on the right side of history, only allows and furthers the same goal that Adolph Hitler laid out. Sure, you might not be attempting to create a super race, but the outcome is the same, some must pay with their lives and their rights, so the ones you have chosen can be placed on a pedestal.

Instead of fantasizing about what could have been, be satisfied with what you have right now. Be responsible for yourself and only yourself, your reputation is all you have at the end of the day. Any attempt at people control, always has the same outcome, death, mutilation, rape and sodomy. We are all human, we are all fallible and corrupt, sin is sin. If you only answer to yourself and you are always true to yourself, no one else will bother you. Popular culture, as history has taught us, is no true indicator of right versus wrong. What makes us think now is any different?

In the Absence of Hitler’s evil, what other evil will replace it?

Congressional Pensions

We are constantly barraged with new technology and we are being told that in order to keep up with the job market, we must constantly undertake more and more education. From computers, the internet and compounding regulation such as OSHA and many others. This is a fact of life, if you choose to stop learning, very soon you will be replaced. Businesses are in the business of making money, any business that refuses to advance will quickly be obliterated in the wake of new methods and new technology. However; this isn’t completely true for all facets of employment. The Congressional Pension system is very intriguing once you look into it. Any person who chooses to participate in the program must only serve five years in Congress or six years in the Senate. From there the breakdown is very simple and is shown in the tables below:

Full Pension = 80% of $174,000 Annual (*Average Salary) = $139,200 Annual (Approximate Pension)

CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT SYSTEM (Elected Prior to 1984, this table does not include Social Security or Thrift Savings Plan)

Retirement with an immediate, full pension Available to Members aged 60 or older with 10 years of service in Congress, or aged 62 with 5 years of civilian federal service, including service in Congress.
Retirement with an immediate, reduced pension Available to Members aged 55 to 59 with at least 30 years of service. It is also allowed if the Member separates for a reason other than resignation or expulsion after having completed 25 years of service, or after reaching the age of 50 and with 20 years of service, or after having served in nine Congresses.
Retirement with a deferred, full pension Available if the Member leaves Congress before reaching the minimum age required to receive an immediate, unreduced pension and delays receipt until reaching the age at which full benefits are paid. A full pension can be taken at the age of 62 if the Member had 5-9 years of federal service, or at the age of 60 if the Member had at least 10 years of service in Congress. At the time of separation, the Member must leave all contributions in the plan to be eligible for the deferred pension.
Retirement with a deferred, reduced pension Available to a Member at the age of 50 if he or she retired before that age and had at least 20 years of federal service, including at least 10 years as a Member of Congress.


FEDERAL EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM (Elected Since to 1984, this table does not include Social Security or Thrift Savings Plan) 

Retirement with an immediate, full pension Available to Members aged 62 or older with at least 5 years of federal service; aged 50 or older with at least 20 years of service; and at any age to Members with at least 25 years of service.
Retirement with an immediate, reduced pension Available at the age of 55 to Members born before 1948 with at least 10 years of service. The minimum age will increase to 56 for Members born from 1953 through 1964 and to 57 for those born in 1970 or later.
Retirement with a deferred, full pension Available at the age of 62 to former Members of Congress with at least five years of federal service.
Retirement with a deferred, reduced pension Available at the minimum retirement age of 55 to 57 (depending on year of birth) to a former Member who has completed at least 10 years of federal service. The pension annuity will be permanently reduced if it begins before the age of 62.

*Speaker of the House receives $223,500 Annual Salary (Approximate)

*Majority and Minority Leaders of the Senate and the President Pro Tempore receive $193,400 Annual Salary (Approximate)

Members who leave congress before reaching retirement age are allowed to leave behind their contributions and receive a deferred pension later. This program covers any person serving in Congress from 1984 or later. By law their pension cannot exceed 80% of the top three years they served. Top three years refers to their highest paid top three years averaged out. All of this might seem rather confusing. Something to ponder would be that the reason for Congressional Pensions in the first place was to attract the older members to retire, thereby; to get younger members into the elected government. The Congressional Pension Program was made law in 1946, after World War II.

Funny, how the legislators vote on their own pay and their own retirement plans, right? We are constantly lectured about the economy and our rising debt, but for some reason the same people keep on getting elected. They decide how to spend our money and they face zero consequence for mismanaging our money. Some want the federal minimum wage raised to $15.00 an hour, others don’t. Some want free college, others don’t. Some want free health care, others don’t. Perhaps, instead of fighting over what we should or should not receive from our own tax dollars, we should first pass a law that any elected official should not receive a fixed salary. Elected office lacks competition once elected. We must compete, we must undergo drug screenings, we must constantly undergo furthering our own education level to simply hold a job.

Just some food for thought this midterm season. While we are out here hustling, they are skipping out of work to chase down more money for their reelection. I must say though that not all participate in this retirement system, Ron Paul famously slandered it, stating that is was completely and utterly immoral. Few others have as well. So next time you hear about antics in the House or the Senate, just realize they are not fighting over whether or not to reduce their own salaries or their own pensions, they are just fighting for their valued super pacs and not us.

We only matter come election season, the in between time is their playtime and their time to “catch up” with their own families. They do not value us, they do not care about us and most of all, we are all “blank checks” in their eyes, simple dollar signs with no human value to speak of.

Taxes and Citizenship Trump Perceived Education and Weaponized Facts

No taxation without representation. This simple statement is the backbone of the American citizen. Too often we are told that we do not know enough to make an “informed” decision, or that we need to brush up on our facts. The truth is, no matter your education level or whether or not you have personally studied any matter that is up for debate, is that the simple fact that you are an American citizen and that you pay taxes. Why are we constantly assaulted with one sided opinions or “facts” and when we decide, we are then lectured on why we are wrong, why because apparently, we do not know enough? We pay taxes and we are American citizens, that is all we need to decide anything.

The war to conquer America is practically in full swing. They are telling us that our vote is criminal, they are litigating to suppress and slash our rights, they are constantly bringing in “experts” to tell us how to think. Our voice is ours and ours alone. Do not allow these criminal enterprises to dictate to us on how we should vote or why we should give up any of our rights. Our rights are our rights, to wield against them. They have chosen their platforms and they surround themselves with smiling faces and audience emulating machines. From social media to propaganda television and radio shows, their assault on our birthright, citizenship status and our taxes pay their salaries. Why are they considered the “experts” in anything other than manipulation? Regardless of your stance, the fact that you are an American citizen and that you do pay taxes is reason enough to vote the way you choose to vote. Every single American citizen’s opinion matters, our vote counts, no matter what anyone tells you.

The less we speak and vote, the more powerful they continue to grow. If we comply with their demands, we will lose. We have already lost too much, why do we allow them to gain at our loss? The new prince has been born and a princess is about to be wed, why do we care so much about celebrity news?

Don’t forget wear your Sunday best while you watch the royal wedding from your living room, they’re not going to invite you, you are fodder for them. Instead have a cup of coffee and revel in the fact that you are a citizen of the greatest country in the history of the world.

Stand by your choices, make them daily and regularly.

The Absolute Power of Humility and Gratitude

The absolute power that comes with exercising humility and gratitude is a sense of freedom that brings peace and perspective. The humility to know and understand where you came from and that you were taught many lessons along the way. Gratitude, to be thankful for what you do have and knowing that what you have can be gone in an instant. Hubris and pride are the downfall of every single person. Why do we allow ourselves to become so self-involved that it is easier to forget where we started, that when we see others, we tell ourselves that they are a waste of time? As I have stated many times before, we were all born naked with nothing and we leave this world in the same fashion. The Egyptians used to bury their Pharaohs with the riches that they had accumulated throughout their lives. The Vikings would load a boat with their dead king and his riches and living servants before they set it ablaze. There are many more examples of these types of ceremonies throughout history, the final farewell of the dead with currency and comforts to take forward to the next life. Yet to this day, we are still collecting the sunken and buried treasures that those kings and queens were supposed to take to their afterlife.

We arrive with nothing, we are nurtured and raised. When our time comes, there is nothing that will stop it or prolong our lives. With all of the division and hatred that is so easily tossed to the other side, it makes me wonder, if it’s the other side that hates, then why do we hate as well? Hate, it seems to me is the only emotion that is equally shared on all sides. Love is constantly spoken about but rarely ever practiced. Love is never equal, hate is.

Selfishness and self-involvement is the answer for any division. Gratitude and humility being practiced by all on every side is the only remedy for division. Life happens and there are going to be obstacles to overcome, but if you can attempt gratitude and humility, then there is a chance that you may also experience a sense of a peaceful perspective. We all desire, but our desires do not have to be the failure of others, they can be our own desires.

Humility and gratitude, try it out, I promise you will be surprised at the level of satisfaction that you will find yourself at. It’s nothing more than please and thank you.

Who Are These Teachers?

The ideology behind teaching children as teachers has been willfully twisted towards a leftist agenda. Teachers today act as if they are the adopted parents that must train the children in their classroom to constantly seek out the personal approval of that teacher. Instead of simply sticking to the staples of education: mathematics, history, English, geography, science, art and music; today teaching is more concerned with social change than educating free thinkers. From teachers appreciation week to school supplies, less education is enforced while reeducation is reinforced at every opportunity. Teaching is one of the few tax funded programs that has no oversight, transparency or punishment for those who endanger their students. The racket of the teaching profession is that at every opportunity they hold our children at ransom, constantly demanding more money and latitude for services not needed or requested.

The passive aggressive method of teaching is reaching a tipping point. We either shut down the teachers unions or we give in as we always have. Their gain is our loss. Their gain is our children’s loss. The willful malpractice that teaching has become, only slanders those few teachers who actually do care and work hard. The teachers unions have stolen the individual identity of great teachers and sullied the entire reputation of the teaching profession. As long as the bad ones are rewarded alongside the good ones, there will be no distinction, they will all simply be a mass of protestors. The uniformity that they adopt only protects the teachers that refuse their professional responsibility.

Teachers teach, parents raise. When this model is lopsided to a point where the responsibility is totally transferred to the teachers and enforced with laws and regulation, we will end. Again, why are they only worried about the children who escaped or survived abortion, when they champion the choice to murder babies?

If any of these teachers are individuals, why do they participate en masse?

Just a thought, answer for yourself.

Zebra Stripes

I have heard the reason why zebras have stripes is because they are a herd animal. The mass of stripes, especially when running, proves to be too confusing for the lions to focus on one zebra. The lion attacks the herd and must weed out one weak zebra to feast on. The purpose of the herd, is that the herd must survive, once one zebra falls out of formation, the herd continues to run and leave the lone zebra to attempt evasion from the loins and a hopeful return to the herd. Most times, the zebra is eaten alive by the lions. The zebras will leave their friends and family behind, if they can’t keep up, or if they step out of line. One wrong step and they are forever cut from the herd. The herd must survive, regardless of how many baby zebras are eaten by predators. The herd must survive, not a single zebra is worth saving in the eyes of the herd.

Are you a herd animal?

Who Cares About Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?

Who cares about Sarah Huckabee-Sanders? Why is this even being discussed? Do we assume that she was the victim in this whole White House Correspondence Dinner debauchery? Anyone who is in public service should be able to get a “bloody nose” from time to time without different sides running to their defense immediately. What is it about tribalism or identity politics that causes us to propel these human beings to statures that they clearly do not adhere to? Since when has anyone in politics or public service been transformed into living martyrs that are beyond reproach and are considered modern-day saints? Obama is constantly hailed as a great president and man, why, what has he ever personally done for you or me to align ourselves with him one hundred percent without question or falter? Apparently, we are a very simple people with singular issues that can easily be attached to one side over the other, without any real regard for resolution.

Anyone in public service should and needs to be able to deal with constant adversity, no matter how high or low. This is how sides are chosen over real problems and solutions. I like Sarah, I think that she is very good at what she does. But is she off limits? If so then who else has been off limits and who else will be off limits in the future? Do not allow your personal feelings and emotions to dictate who can ask what and what can and cannot be asked of anyone, that’s how we ended up here. The more we drag our elected representatives and their staff through the mud, the better off we all will be. The more scrutiny that we place on them, the less apt they will be to continue to run us into the ground.

The attacks on her, were attacks on her and the current administration, if we outlaw that, then our scrutiny will be outlawed next time. Your feelings on the matter do not matter. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into this false idea of victimhood. Bullying happens, let it happen, it builds character and iron will. Train yourself and your children to deal with bullies, if all the bullies are suddenly silenced, then who will the new bullies be?

The Kanye Phenomenon

From KKK white, to Nazi brown, Antifa black to Arizona red, Democrat blue to Republican red; all of these “revolutions” work on either the willfully ignorant or the truly and profoundly idiotic. The Korean Peninsula being somewhat unified for now and Russia is being crippled and delegitimized like never before. Employment is continuing to rise; the dollar is regaining its dominance in the world. The European Union is creeping towards extinction, perhaps socialism, groupthink and legislated inclusion are how societies are erased from existence. Kanye West is causing static on both the left and the right, whether you like or dislike him is completely irrelevant. What I think he is expressing is allegiance to oneself, not any group or singular ideology.

All it took for the titanic to go down was colliding with an iceberg. We are all boarding what we may think is the right side of history, aligning ourselves with the identity of others, rather than taking care of our own personal responsibilities. If we group together on the flimsy stances of one sided politics, then we will easily be toppled. Why are we criminalized and committed to the idea of mental instability when we simply communicate what is in fact true? Is any one side completely right or vice versa completely wrong? The merits have been lost to skin color and immaturity. The idea that racism needs to be wiped out as well as hunger and illiteracy is the same eugenics that promotes abortion in predominantly black and lower income communities.

The furtherance of political correctness and choosing the winner based on sex, color, religion and whom they choose to share their bed with, promotes a new supreme race. No one cares who you desire to sleep with just as no one cares whether or not your power bill is paid. In America we choose our own individual paths, if you choose wrong, then that’s on you, not us. The legitimization of sodomy, constant inebriation and the false perception of we love while they hate is simply a forced illusion, which allows the user to hide from responsibility.

Forcing people to act as cattle causes more catastrophic damage to everyone than simply allowing people to be people. You don’t have to like or love anyone. Its everyone’s choice. Kanye spoke about independent thought as an independent person. It’s a simple idea for these simple times. With everyone on both the left and the right clamoring at Kanye’s tweets only solidifies and proves Kanye correct. If you’re on the right then you are championing him now and on the left they are calling him insane.

Individuals speaking as independent thinkers. The fact that we pay taxes is the singular point why we have a seat at the table and why no idea or comment is off limits to us. Promoting education or experience over the tax payer and their opinion or voice is how the Third Reich came into power. The American tax payer is the strongest person in the room, once the tax payer is gone and their voice is silent, we will all lose! The history of the world has time and time again shown the resilience of the human spirit, stifle the human spirit for now and one day you will pay.

Quantity Over Quality

What is it about money that drives people over the top when it comes to quantity over quality. Compensation is usually derived from experience, tenure and resilience. Equal pay for equal work is not an honest equation. Equal work denotes, equal experience, equal knowledge and equal time on the job. But who decides what equates to equal? In this era of victimhood and desired socialism, what is truly sought after? Pay is personal and requires negotiation, there is no need to publish pay rates for any institution or private entity. When personal matters become public record for the greed of the inexperienced, where will it stop? The constant idea of the wicked are those that have while those that feel that they do not have are entitled, where does it end?

Does tenure and resilience mean anything anymore? The investment a person devotes to any singular profession, usually signifies loyalty to their craft. The higher the craft, the more compensation is justified. When the gap between novice and expert is erased in the false name of fairness, then money may be gained by the whiners, but the institution will assuredly falter before long. When the institution becomes extinct, where will the novices apply next, and what will their demands be?

When will enough be enough? Once their demands are met, it will only be a matter of time until new demands will be devised. Do not deal with economic terrorists, wants are not needs.

Guns, Bombs, Knives and Abortions

What is it about modern popular culture that focuses on the smallest percentage and decides that it needs to be banned. From malpractice death, to bombings, from knife bans to abortions. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Abortions are people killing people. Doctors, dentists and surgeons kill more people every year than almost every other profession. A bomb killed 48 people in Iraq this weekend, one bomb. Not an AR and not an AK, a person who hated a select group of people assembled a bomb, planted it and then detonated it. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is demanding a knife ban and he has promised that anyone caught with a knife will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In America, switchblades and balisong (butterfly) knives are already outlawed, to include collapsible batons and other blunt force objects that people carry everyday to defend themselves. The police are issued collapsible batons, why are we barred from carrying them as well?

Proper identification is already required in the U.S. to purchase certain materials and chemicals, those that can possibly be assembled into an explosive. Why does everyone think that we can legislate and regulate human behavior? People have been killing other people since the beginning of time. Laws and enforcement have never stopped murder, they merely conduct an investigation after the crime was already committed, to assign motive and means. People texting or under the influence or both while driving and walking have caused far more death and mutilation than any gun has. Without a trigger puller a gun is inoperable.

The clamor that abounds is directed at the inanimate object, rather than the perpetrator. Lay down your arms and demolish your defenses, but what about all of the bullies and last I heard there is a rape culture in America. I would think that the last thing any sane person would comply with, would be to give up their independence and life. If cops are targeting blacks, maybe they should arm themselves. If all men are rapists in waiting, then women should arm themselves. If gays and other queers are worried about being targeted for hate, then why wouldn’t they arm themselves. With all of the perceived threats coming out of Trump’s mouth, aimed at reporters and entertainers, I would think that they would want more guns to defend themselves with.

Why in this era of hubris, false enlightenment and scholastic intellectuals, do we think that violence doesn’t happen to good people? The rich and powerful can afford top tier security. The elites are protected by depths of protection and experienced gun slingers. Who are they to tell us what we need and don’t need? If you do not like guns and do not have any, I can respect that. But do not judge me since I do not persecute you for living your own life.

Once firearms are banned, then knives will follow and so on and so on. Arms are currently guaranteed by the Second Amendment, automobiles are not. The ever-growing list of prohibited persons will one day swallow everyone up in its path. So, go ahead, drink your alcohol, smoke your weed, and allow the furtherance of tyranny, since your selfish FEELINGS dictate what others can and cannot do. One day you may wake up to a country and society being locked up for breaking curfew. Breeds of dogs are currently banned in cities worldwide. Bans don’t protect, armed citizens do.


It has been said, “if you stand for nothing, then you will fall for anything”. Conviction, responsibility and the ever-long desire to escape reality. We all long for the time when peace, silence and normalcy will enter our lives, a time when we can reap the fruits of a lifetime of labor. In the meantime, we seem preoccupied with fixing everything and everyone around us, so much so that we often project our own worst traits onto others. We make assumptions and judgements based on soundbites and Facebook polls. The occasional Cosmopolitan magazine test or survey used to be fun to share with loved ones and friends, but it was simple, pen and paper, no connection required.

Everything is so personal now that it is easy to prosecute our own neighbors on the smallest decisions. The ideology of you are either with us or against us has taken over, EVERYWHERE, all over the developed world. So, with so many adrift in the sea of social and responsible change, there may be a chance that their homes are a disaster while they force us to recycle.

These nihilists strive to divide and destroy, all in the name of acceptance. Why is acceptance so widely desired? For a generation of self-proclaimed unique people, mediocracy is championed and diversity is simply compliance. The acceptance of others, begins first with the acceptance of oneself. When someone constantly spits venom at those they may disagree with, how can they demand acceptance from others? Instead of becoming a momentary trendsetter, why not take care of what will truly matters now and in the future, your family. But, alas, the traditional nuclear family has been slowly dismantled by generations of materialistic greed and a criminal dependency on others to provide for us.

A lifetime of looking for a purpose has robbed us of our time together. The love and acceptance of a family can make up for a lifetime of perceived losses. Technology is constantly updating, government will always be there to steal and assault us, the environment has survived since the beginning of time without any real intervention, all of these remainders will never change, we adapt to them, unfortunate but true. We can only attempt to control ourselves and love those with whom we share blood. Realize that the self-inflicted malicious attack you take personally for the sins of others, is not yours to answer come judgement. Sin is sin, accept others for who they are, however; choose your company wisely.

The world will keep on turning regardless of whether or not you get out of bed today, you are not that important, practically invisible from the stratosphere looking down. Quit holding your head so high while your children are still small, appreciate what you already have. Allow others to do the same, by granting them the same freedom you desire for yourself. Accept yourself and those around you before you demand acceptance from others. Humility goes a long way.

The Perceived Racial Bias of Starbucks

The recent events at Starbucks have everyone all spun up over the excuse that is being force-fed, racism. I cannot prove this theory outright, but a closer look would reveal that it was a woman, a female manager at that specific store that called 911 to report the two gentlemen. I think that this racism thing is just being spun to protect something or someone. I haven’t seen any pictures or names of this so-called manager. Usually in these cases, the person is known immediately. So, without knowing all of the players, we now all want to suddenly boycott Starbucks?

My inclination is that whenever a female calls the police on a male, the male’s chances of being arrested (even if no crime was committed) are so dang high, that the police were merely exercising muscle memory. In this climate of victimhood, the female always wins, the man will almost assuredly always be put in handcuffs or restrained. This case has more to do with women abusing law enforcement and causing real harm to men, than it does with any type of racist inclination.

Starbucks isn’t racist. The female manager that knew how to play the damsel in destress was the real perpetrator. Yet, where is her picture or name? She is referred to only as the female manager.

Maybe I am wrong, but this is what I think really happened. Starbucks won’t allow any woman to be slandered whether true or not, however; it’s open season on men.

The Ideology of America

When our founders signed the Articles of Confederacy, they made the conscious decision that what they were fighting for was worth every one of their lives and the lives of their families. They saw the United States of America as an opportunity to grasp perfection, and that was worth more than anyone, it was worth everyone. The United States Declaration of Independence declared our independence to the world. We sworn an allegiance to ourselves, not a crown, and not any man or woman. We were still at war with the British Crown, our declaration laid out our demands and our intent clearly and concisely to our enemies. The United States Declaration of Independence began with one of the most well-known and powerful sentences since God had created man.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Acknowledging that all men are created equal, we are created equal, it is our free will that enables us to either ascend or descend from that point until our death.

The United States Constitution, laid out the perfect ideology of The United States of America. Like the Holy Bible, the constitution lays out absolute perfection, it provides the groundwork and a step by step guide of how to attempt perfection. We are all human, we sin and give into temptation. We know right from wrong, we are all created equal, however; it is our free will that allows us to choose right from wrong. The United States of America is the closest nation to perfection, just because man is corrupt and fallible, doesn’t mean that The United States of America is corrupt or fallible.

The United States Bill of Rights is what we need to sustain and improve man’s odds and chances of insuring The United States of America. As men and women of this great country, none of these documents or ideologies belong to any one person exclusively. These documents are all of ours, these documents are the idea of perfection in an imperfect world.

The United States of America is quite possibly man’s final attempt at right in a world of wrong. We cannot lose America, we cannot lose ourselves in selfish and petty fights. The United States of America breathes life and hope into the rest of the world. If America is lost, then man will forever be lost.

You Salute the Rank, not the Man

You salute the rank, not the man. Humility is a valuable trait in any leader. I had a battalion commander that would always remark during a promotion ceremony that achieving rank shows merely the potential, it is on the man to earn their rank once promoted. Having the ability to separate yourself from your opinions and stances, to simply do what is needed, regardless of anyone’s personal feelings on the matter or task at hand. Recognizing that the only reason you were selected for more responsibility and leadership, was due to what you had exhibited and produced before anything was awarded. Too often we assume the rank is our identity and that receiving the rank was only a matter of time, because it is what we deserved (or so we thought).

A great leader is only as great as those who he leads. We salute the rank, because of the generations who wore that rank before us and fought to ensure that one day we would be able to step up and carry the tradition forward for the generations that follow ours. The rank or position is not an identity, it is only a responsibility to those who follow and the humanity of compassion and love for fairness and honesty. To train and mentor the next leaders, to be a model of professionalism and humility.

We are all human, we all have something to contribute. We do not praise the man, rather his accomplishments. We are all born naked into this world with nothing and we will leave this world in the same fashion. No man or woman is better than the other, however; it is what you are willing to do for your fellow man and woman that brings honor and legacy to your name. Honor your name, and the sacrifices your ancestors had to endure to ensure your life. Honor the rank and the responsibility that comes with it, the man will one day pass on, but the rank and the responsibility remain.

If we cannot look to those in the past that made us who we are today, then our hubris will dictate our existence. Hubris leads to trouble and failure. Humility and compassion are what we expect from others, so it is what we should extend to others. The rank is not fallible, the man is.

Forever Young

The major difference between adults and children is that adults do adult things like fix problems, whereas children merely complain about their personal problems. Children need adults to fix problems for them. The “American Dream” has been transformed from having the independence and rights to take control of your own life, into everybody “deserves” their own dream. The word and ideology of “deserves” has a certain connotation that is often translated as a right, not an opportunity. After a lifetime of being told that we can be whatever we want and hearing that we “deserve” happiness, the lazy American wants in one hand and wishes in the other. Basic human needs have been methodically replaced with nothing but wants and desires. We think that we need so much now, that it is easy to point the finger at those who do have, while we do not have.

We work now more than ever, but why? From my perspective our society has become entitled. We no longer live within our means, because we all long for a montage that requires little work or discipline, but ultimately is returned with ever long happiness and fulfillment. Again, from my perspective, it seems that we are more than happy to mortgage everything in our lives, for what everyone else has. We all want to “Keep up with the Jones’s”, without any real collateral, except for the credit that we willingly and happily sign for. We put ourselves in a perpetual state of debt to such an extent that if anything goes wrong, the ripple effect is catastrophic on what we have come to expect from leading a “successful life”.

So, when it comes to politics, it is too easy for the politicians to point their finger at our “bad guy”. Whether its education loans, healthcare, firearms, etc. etc. etc. We allow these crooks to pretend like they look out for us, but it is as simple as one hand washes the other. Why after decades of championing any politician that says they will fix our wrongs do we allow ourselves, friends and neighbors to continue to fall for this sham. We did it to ourselves. “Intellectuals” since the beginning of time have always looked to other nations and societies to point out how they do it “right”, or how they are so much better than us because of “whatever”.

We cannot see the forest from the trees, we always think that somebody else has it better. We do not appreciate what we already have, we always want more and more and more. We chase our own selfish dreams at the cost of the ones whom we love, because “we can be anything that we want to be”. If we cannot fix our own problems, what makes us think that someone else can. I think that problems are great for business and politics. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, if there are no manufactured problems, then these politicians would have nothing to run on. Do we really think that our problems are everyone else’s problems? Are we at our core truly that selfish and that self-involved? Do we really need more “adults” in our lives, micromanaging us and telling us not to worry, everything will be alright as long as they win?

Everybody has problems, the difference is, that some take care of themselves while the majority expect room service at motel rates. At the end of the day, you always pay for what you get. Most good comes at a premium, if you’re not willing to pay for what you want, then you will always feel sorry for yourself. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have near the technology that we do, for some reason they were able to make it work for them in their situations. Why can’t we? Give up this toxic ideology of remaining forever young, we all age and we all have our circumstances. Be adult enough to work for what you want and exercise constant expectation management. If we all grow up to be children, what are we teaching our children?

Silence is NOT Compliance

We are not welcome. Our opinions and our choices are not reflected or asked for. We are winning and it is because of that, we are continually silenced. Pol Pot (a Marxist-Leninist communist) notoriously killed and murdered his own citizens who were considered “intellectual”. He did this to control the people who remained. If your population cannot read, practice science or engage in philosophy, then they are easily controlled. Pol Pot silenced (murdered) anyone whom he viewed as a threat to his supremacy. The entire premise and ideology of the Khmer Rouge was to control the masses through ignorance and violence.

When you look at groups like Antifa, the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, Black Lives Matter, The Weather Underground and every other extremist group, the defining trend is that they want to wipe out everyone who defies them and they also desire to rewrite history. Our government has been rewriting history for decades, ever since the inception of the Department of Education. State run and funded re-education. The state controls the information and the tests. To pass the test, you must be able to regurgitate the misinformation that you have been force fed, once you pass the test, then you can go out into the world and recite what you were taught by the state.

These groups only survive off the backs, wallets and voices of imbeciles. They pit us against them, they define us as their sworn enemy, since we do not participate in their buffoonery. They can only exist on a plane of ignorance and childish outrage. Lately, more and more schools (including post-secondary education) are buying into this ideology and extremist outlook to whomever disagrees with them. The trend of the emotional age varies greatly from the physical age. These troglodytes are so threatened by our simple and direct dialogue, that they scream and shriek, always attempting to silence us. The majority of these domestic disturbers claim intelligence, since the state provided them a diploma for their wall, to signify their ability to digest propaganda and willfully participate and accept forever loans for their re-education. Our silence is not compliance.

Pol Pot is their model. They view us as standing in the way of their progress towards dominance. They want us exterminated and cast out. Their greatest fear, is that they will never recoup their credit. Money, it’s always been about money and it will always be about money. If we can forgive their loans, then their outrage will quell, or so they say. Do not give into their tantrums, continue to speak and communicate freely, if we stop, then we will be silenced.

The First Amendment is more powerful and devastating than the Second Amendment. The ability to inspire others to execute your will and desire compounds the mass effects of simple criminality are far greater than the maximum effective range of any round. We need words now more than ever, dialogue and grammar, written and spoken. This is how we win and come together once again as a nation.


Unwanted Gifts

Today it seems that “mental health” is constantly being discussed, labeling people that appear whether on paper or in person to be “unstable”. The thing about any “disorder” is that it takes place due to circumstance, not asking for it and not wanting to be a part of it in the first place. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is huge these days and more and more are not sure of how to proceed or properly engage with these “troubled” people. Whether through war, rape, witnessing murder or violence, PTSD is ruining millions of lives on a daily basis. The gift of PTSD is that is almost akin to having a super power, the vigilance and a certain “Spidey sense” of how to avoid impending trouble. The unwanted aspect of PTSD is that you are figuratively carrying a “red flag” everywhere you go. Employer’s, insurance agencies, our rights, etc. etc. etc., the ripple effect of being diagnosed can be crippling.

That’s the biggest threat when it comes to being diagnosed with any perceived mental health concern. No one ever asks for PTSD, it is due to time and place and circumstance. Those of us who remain, remain because we asked for help when we needed it. We asked for help and started therapy, now for the rest of our lives, our record is permanently vandalized. We continue to navigate this world always knowing that we will always be under more scrutiny than those who either haven’t been diagnosed or those who refuse treatment. The other aspect of this lifestyle is that we must always and constantly be aware of the feelings of the people around us. It is too easy to be taken the wrong way and face devastating life altering events that will again follow you throughout your life.

Our health records are being sought out to curtail our rights. We had an issue, we sought help and now we pay for the price of experience. How many more people need to feel the sting of rights infringed for this to be rectified? We didn’t break the law, we didn’t do anything wrong, all we did was follow our doctor’s orders and take our prescribed medication as directed and now we lose since we are not looked upon as stable law-abiding citizens anymore. We are looked upon as walking and talking liabilities that could explode at any moment. What is it about us who seek help and communicate our needs and fears that make us so scary?

Instead of going on a tirade, we did what we had to, for some maybe this also saved their lives. For this we are punished and limited. PTSD happens and if this trend continues then every single student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will also lose their rights, for witnessing savagery.

Labeling people and inhibiting on our rights does not stop crime. The more we are punished, the more will abscond from help or outreach. We haven’t broken any laws, quit trying to “protect” us from ourselves and treat us as the law-abiding citizens that we are.

The Optics of “Diversity”

What is with all of this speak concerning a certain aspect of “diversity”? What is the purpose behind driving the simple glance of diversity? Is diversity dictated by the color of a person’s skin, the reproductive organs between their legs or the garb that they desire to cover themselves in? If this is your definition of diversity then, apparently you subscribe to the ideology of stereotypes. I can understand and appreciate the goal of attaining true diversity, not only to capture and hopefully mirror the ideas and cultures of everyone, its good business if you can truly exude that type of appeal. But why is looking at a photo and counting the numbers of different colors or sexes apparently the only surface diversity that is championed?

Again, are we that simple or are each and every one of us different and unique? Are we individuals, do we decide for ourselves, or do we follow the dictated trends of others and allow them to tell us what we should think, eat and accept? If your friends are jumping off of a bridge, do you follow them? Are we judged by our actions and character or are we constantly discriminated based on the certain boxes we check? Discrimination can get your both hired and fired, if we are to be discriminated based on stereotypes, what will the fate of our complex individuality be for our future and the future of our children? The far right and the far left is the exact same, both want us to wipe the other out of existence. We must find a way to quasi harmony if we are to secure the future for our kin.

Answer for yourself, is this accurate? Please comment if you are so inclined, the more we speak, the more power we bring to ourselves. Communication, don’t allow simple aspects or opposing opinions dictate what you believe or who you will attempt to reach.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but usually the story behind the picture is even more entertaining and beautiful.

The Facebook Psyop Partnership

Yesterday, 10 April 2018, we were all treated to some entertaining daytime television. The ratings that politics draw today, is very reassuring that more and more are becoming involved, regardless of anyone’s particular side, the more that participate the better. So, the Facebook founder and CEO was front and center playing along with the senators, allowing them to easily poke holes into Facebook. For years now there has been a rumbling on social media concerning censorship, particularly on one side almost exclusively. The company has been absent in any resemblance of transparency or customer satisfaction. Yet, the powers that be really didn’t pay any attention to this outrage in the past. Now that President Trump has been elected, all bets are off and the opportunity to further their control over the very people that elect them has to be broadened and legitimized.

Zuckerberg played along yesterday and was a very good puppet for the representatives that only care now that their power may be waning and their incumbency is no longer guaranteed. I am no fan of Facebook, but to allow our government to once again regulate a socialist media website, only furthers their grasp on our freedom of speech and expression. It also ensures Facebook’s future and solidifies them as a private company that along with government assistance will rule over all other social media sites currently and up and coming. Facebook grew up in the free market and their success is due to only the free market, we decide what we like and what we are willing to either fund or associate ourselves with. Facebook is pandering to our government, asking for regulation, they are so huge now that any regulation would be easily adapted for them. However; any new startup that wants to become a social media giant, will be crushed by any regulation that is aimed at controlling information access.

For Trump, against Trump, this shouldn’t sway your stance on all of our freedoms. If we will be silenced, then one day you may as well. If our messages can be monitored and controlled or regulated by lawmakers that enjoy employment via the election process. This is a scary thing once you put it in perspective. If we want them to decide what we are allowed to see, read, hear or speak about, then we are entering the dark ages again. Witchcraft, heresy, taking the Lord’s name in vain, hate speech, etc. etc. etc. All of these and more can be disputed as illegal depending on who is the presiding over the litigation process.

If we allow the government to control our freedom of speech and expression, only to aide our side to win next time. Then how long will it be until this is another freedom that we will be jailed for? The war on drugs, prohibition, civil rights, net neutrality, being suspected of being a communist sympathizer, our history is riddled with real examples of what happens to us when we demand that our government choose for us.

Be careful of what you wish for, one day you may receive what you have done to others! If you’re willing to post your information of your own volition in the public square, then why now do you want the government to intervene and control what you say and do, or do you just want to silence the “haters”? Hate goes both ways, ALWAYS! If you are free to hate them, then why can’t they hate you, I thought this was a free country. You can only be as free as you allow others to be free.

Us Versus Them

Why is it so outlandish to suggest that we still require the second amendment? Listening to the “talking heads” and their babble concerning ignorant Americans clinging to their guns, while in the same breath speaking about black men being targeted and women being oppressed. Well, if I have the idea that one day my rights could be infringed, then why can’t black people fear that one day they will once again be in chains and bondage? Why can’t women fear that their voices will be silenced and they will be forced back into the kitchen again? We all have fears, why is one more important than the other?

I think that if we all fear oppression in any form or fashion it would bring us closer together, ready to fight for our rights and the rights of others. Why do we allow them to pit us against one another, when they are the instigators and the beneficiaries? My rights are your rights, yours are mine. We require each other, lets fight the tax man, not each other. We must acknowledge the fears of others, if we ignore their fear, then why should they honor ours?

How Many Mulligans?

Assault weapons, super predators, background checks, etc. etc. etc.… When is enough, enough? After every tragedy hordes of people petition our government to tax us more, incarcerate more and slash our rights more. From the temperance movement to today, more and more are jumping on the bandwagon demanding that their rights start where ours end. It’s an asinine idea that we require less rights today than we had yesterday. With blatant incompetence at the local, state and federal level, all we hear is “we need to fix the system so this never happens again”. How many mulligans do we grant our government that we cannot grant ourselves? The Internal Revenue Service surely and rapidly assaults an audit upon all of us if there are any questions, try to call them for a follow-up or clarification, good luck!

It seems to me that these regulations and laws do nothing to protect us, the survivors, the ones who remain. If anything, they only continue to advance the trampling of our rights and our freedom as citizens. Is there any transparency anymore? Is there any follow-up or oversight that is actually conducted? Sure, they’ll conduct a soft investigation into a department or agency, but there is never anyone held accountable since they all retire or move on to another level of government where they will escape from sight and recourse for the time being.

Assault, super, checks, buzzwords that sound menacing or ensuring, but mere words that are designed to strike fear into our hearts while we hurriedly dial 911. Our government does not answer to us, they simply retire at the first sign of trouble and collect their pension from our taxes, it’s in their contract.

Our nation was constructed in such a fashion that the government was in servitude to its citizens. However; with decades of weaponized dry and boring speeches, they up until 2008 have flown under the radar. It is only in recent times that politics has become somewhat entertainment. More are inspired now, nevertheless; the government has grown to a point of national atrophy. The nation of citizens is weaker now while the government has intervened in almost every aspect of our lives. We need the motivated citizens to once again rise up and grapple the government back into submission. We need to once again gain superiority over our governors and legislators. If we fail to grasp control, we will lose it forever. We need to win it back now through leadership and stewardship.

Our government and its agencies are cunning and shrewd, they will delegitimize us if we continue to present them the opportunity.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The Complexity of Simple People

The idea that America has progressed to a point of kindness, enlightenment and peace is the denial of people being people. We dream whether sleeping or conscious. We ogle the opposite sex when they exude attractiveness that appeals to us. We dream about a bigger or nicer house, a fancy car, we desire to live debt free. All of these simple traits point out that in the freest society in the history of the world, that no matter how far we may think we have come, we are still humans that have desire in our hearts. The thought that we would not give into debauchery and depravity, allows our hubris to a point of danger. If you know that you could get away with something without ever getting caught or being prosecuted, would you do it? At first glance the answer is a resounding and deafening NO, but what if the scenario that you found yourself in was slightly altered? I think that answering no straight away is not an honest answer.

We constantly find ourselves “caught up in the moment” rash decisions are made and desperate action is taken, hoping to rectify whatever happened “in the moment”. We are so personal and selfish with our decisions and actions that after a while, we continue to exist in the moment. Only looking to escape whatever is harassing us in the moment. We do not plan and we rarely attempt to forecast the second and third order effects. We move from one moment to the next, hoping to get out before things get out of hand. One moment to the next, why in this “rat race” do we fool ourselves and perform some serious mental gymnastics into convincing one another that America will always be the lone candle light in the world?

Do we even realize where we are, and how truly good we have it? Nothing is ever perfect and life is never fair. How do we expect to maintain our neighborhood, if we can’t even speak openly and honestly with one another? Conviction is never popular, conviction is personal and if our convictions are based on merely skin-deep premises or popular culture, then are they real convictions? If a conviction is what you have, then you should be able to defend it based on the merits of your conviction. If convictions are based on anything else, then those convictions will never stand the test of time and they will be joked about in the future.

No matter our education level, social status or whatever else makes up your perceived identity, we have simple needs. We require nourishment, we require shelter, we require a belief in a higher power, we require companionship. These are the only staples that a society requires to exist, everything else is manufactured. Do we live and die on the manufactured ideologies and chase the unattainable, or do we realize that we are humans and as such sin and wrongdoing are the facts of life that we must learn to negotiate, avoid or overcome?

We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be. If we accept hubris in place of reality then we and our country will become extinct. Does the world and the universe revolve around us, our wants and desires, or do we exist to raise our children to carry the torch forward based on our family core values and beliefs that enabled us to live this long?

Black, white, yellow and brown, we are all born into this world naked with nothing and we will leave this world in the same fashion. If we are only the color of our skin, the God we pray to or the political party we chose to affiliate ourselves with then we will continue to be those labels that we allow others to place upon us and that we place upon ourselves. Are we men, are we women, individuals with our own needs wants and desires, or are we only what is seen at a simple glance?

Answer for yourself, if you are unwilling to listen to those whom you despise, why should they listen to you? Hate is decided on whatever side you are on, it goes both ways, the same is true of rights.

Ratings, Scheduled Scale and Access

Burning books, to censuring music and controlling the inebriation of the Public. The overreach of government when it comes to drugs and who can use them. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) controls the ratings of all visual art and entertainment, they conclude who is allowed to watch what. The Nazis infamously burned books to control the flow of information that the public had access to in Nazi Germany. Nudity and violence, we are constantly shielded from ourselves, all under the guise of protection. We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be, we have become lazy and complacent. We are herded along, on our way to work or into any establishment that purveys in acceptable entertainment.

The ability to move freely and exercise our rights is being chipped away, all excused if to save only one. If safety is prized over all, then the state should be in charge of that as well. Why else would we elect leaders, but to be our saviors from all that causes harm and depression. Gambling and prostitution, narcotics and heavy metal, video games and rap. All behind a protective blind, so innocent children will be delayed from the realities in life. Parents protect their children, not the state or the regulators. Mothers and fathers, staying together through thick and thin. If man and woman cannot be expected to maintain their union, then why shouldn’t their offspring look to their governor for direction?

Our children are being harvested as tools of propaganda. We no longer raise our own, so why wouldn’t the family unit fall apart? Vices are all around us, the only medicine that wards off bad behavior is instilling core values and beliefs, not popular culture. If you teach your children right from wrong, then the rest will work itself out. The problem arises when the state dictates what is right and what is wrong, then the hordes of the social pages will force you to clap and cheer when the latest celebrity conceives the next heir.

The ability of ambiguous details, features and intent are being used against us in an effort to impede our knowledge, understanding and the individual right to decide.

Safety in Numbers

The collective feels that they have safety in numbers. Whether traveling or demonstrating, the mob mentality has taken over and madness is ensuing. The resistance has become fashionable to the tasteless. The mindless chanting merely begs to be restrained, we over I appears to be what is desired most. We over I, allows the smallest factor of society to become obsolete and forgotten. A single person’s inherent and God given right is sacrificed for the opportunity of, anything. The collective herd or a herd of sheep, bleating is a synchronized simplistic beat. Each person in the crowd is forgotten, all that is seen is a sea of idiots, all requesting that their rights be curtailed, and that freebies are handed out later. Free stuff in exchange for our freedom.

The far left and the far right, equal perpetrators in the assault on America and the individualistic ideology of America. Power to the individual over the people. If a decision is to be made, it is the individual’s right, not the mob’s obligation. Whether arms, healthcare, college, etc. etc. etc. It is the individual’s right to pursue their dreams. If dreams become reality, they are no longer dreams, the extreme push to the left and the right are the same, the state over the individual. Safety and freebies, instead of the individual exercising their desire to “help”, the audience hisses in harmony, until the ticket master shakes you down to ensure you’re not smuggling outside food into the show. We hope you brought enough for everyone!

Be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it.

Without a Full Time, Job, how do You Expect to Keep Up With” The Jones’s”?

The average school year is about 180 days. The average day of school typically lasts about 6 ½ hours. Summer vacation usually lasts between 2-3 months. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, there is about two to three weeks off. No overtime, no weekends, no federal holidays, summers off, seems like being a teacher is where it is at. Yet we always hear about how our teachers are so drastically underpaid. I would think that most people would gladly pay someone to have the same hours as teachers do. Then there are the benefits of attaining tenure, where it is almost impossible to fire a teacher. What in the hell are these people whining about? They want to decorate their classroom, that’s their decision, why should we pay more taxes for interior decorations? They want to make learning fun, hey news flash, life isn’t always fun.

Too bad these teachers don’t know how to make their money work, maybe that is a sign of an irresponsible person who cannot budget or make smart decisions. Maybe teachers these days are dumb. Yet, we are ticketed if we do not allow our children to attend public school. Too bad no teachers went on strike when I was a kid, I would have enjoyed the time off. Seems like we are made to open our wallets while a gun is to our back, to fork over more of OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY, to them, the teachers. Yet, these teachers can’t teach, without the latest technology, or whatever else they saw on television last night. Teachers and their unions are worse than the mafia, and they are state and federally funded.

What’s funny is you never hear about teachers from private or charter schools pulling this kind of crap on the taxpayers, because they aren’t paid with taxpayer money. But then again, those kids seem to learn faster and have better acceptance rates to higher education opportunities. In private and charter schools it is much easier for teachers and faculty to be fired. The answer seems like it’s right in front of us, but then again, what does everyone say “what about the children”. Again, using kids as human shields against their own incompetence. Regular people look for work elsewhere if what they are currently doing isn’t paying enough. Why don’t these teachers just apply somewhere else or maybe go back to school to learn a new trade? But then again, if they do that than they would actually have to work.

Kings to Queens, Presidents and Others

If you listen to the atmosphere today it seems that women and minorities are underrepresented and undervalued more than their male and often white counterparts. However; throughout history there have been thousands of kings and queens, presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, senators, elected representatives and so on and so on. With all of these historical figures and leaders, even in present time, somehow; we are being told that women still haven’t broken the glass ceiling. Blacks, Asians, Latinos or Hispanics, Muslims and others have ruled and still rule to this day. So, my question is, why are we being preached to about equality, when apparently the world is pretty balanced throughout history and in recent memory with leaders in all forms, colors and sexes.

From Catherine the Great, to Barrack Obama. It would seem that every box has been checked in the form of identity politics. That’s the real bottom line, identity, not context, but identity. With all of these perceived minorities and females in power, maybe the breakdown is personal conviction. If we continue to lift up these underqualified and inexperienced people, we will all pay the price for their incompetence. Angela Merkel is still the chancellor of Germany, Queen Elizabeth II is still the Queen of England, Theresa May is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sadiq Khan is the Mayor of London. All of these places are pretty messed up, dangerous and on the brink of total and catastrophic failure. How can this be with all of this diverse representation you may ask, well perhaps in public works, everything is always messy, but in their cases, when they were elected via identity politics, all of their qualifications and platforms were second to whatever’s in their pants and the color of their skin.

Anybody can strive to be whatever they want, but life punches you in the face and kicks you in the balls pretty frequently. If you don’t meet your goals, then change your goals and be realistic. Dreams might become real, but only after trillions of hours are spent pursuing those dreams, and there are still bills that need to be paid. Anybody talking about female empowerment and minorities being placed in positions of power only need to look as far as South Africa and the current atrocities that are taking place. Haiti, a government made up almost exclusively of black people, and all they do is steal and impoverish their own citizens. Saudi Arabia, where they still to this day conduct public executions, I think they are held every Friday.

For now, idiots will pursue their master’s and doctorate thesis’s in studying why certain women chose their paths. All in the hopes of causing more mass devastation. Merit, hard work, dedication, personal responsibility and accountability are the only real qualities that distinguish the winners from the losers. Stop promoting losers, the problem with the losers is that we will all pay for their losses.

Weaponized Optimism

As responsible, personally accountable, law abiding American citizens, we are always expected to deal with the legislation that is assaulted upon us. We are the ones who pay for criminal activity. We are the ones who must make sacrifices for our elected representatives and we are the ones who always foot the bill. All of this constant adversity that is easily tossed our way to simply “deal with” has become normal for us. We constantly bend, twist, turn and remain flexible. It’s what we have done for generations. From drugs, to taxes, arms and bake sales. We are always under assault from our lame and incompetent incumbents and their lackeys. America was founded upon freedom, power to the people, and us the responsible, law abiding citizens limiting the government. Our optimism has been taken from us, to use against us. They say things like “we are going to be ok” or “we’ve dealt with worse before”.

Notice how it is always us that are made to deal with their buffoonery. It is always us. We are the law abiders, we are the responsible ones. We use a level head and ensure that we allow freedom of others, since that is what we desire the most. We grant freedom to those who wish us extinct. We allow these talking heads to slander us and attempt to turn our very children against us. We are the punching bag, we are the kick plate on a door, we are the ones who receive the blame for their neglect.

Weaponized optimism, it has been used against us forever. When do we say enough is enough? Why are they allowed to do drugs, but we must pay for their therapy? Why are they allowed to have sex, but we must pay for their abortions? Why are their kids allowed to eat free lunches at school, and we must pay more for our children to eat lunch? Why don’t they have to work, and we must pay for their health care? Why don’t they require a job, and we must pay for their groceries? Why, why, why? Because we are weak, because we do the right thing and because we are adults. It’s that simple, we are forced, pushed and shoved, and we do what we are told.

From Enlightenment and Innocence to Savagery and Debauchery

Ralph, Piggy and Jack; Hogg, Jaclyn, Alex, Emma and Cameron. Parallel sets of characters with a similar plot. William Golding’s book “The Lord of The Flies” is a story of well off young boys suddenly marooned, alone and left to fend and govern themselves. Their tragic story is playing out in real time in-front of our very eyes. Their tragedy is being sanctioned and profited. They are being thrust out in front to silence us or anyone who does not agree with them on every aspect of their childlike tantrum. Like the conch shell in the book, their pain and suffering are being wielded as the most powerful tool, when in fact the very nation, Constitution and Bill of Rights is what they use to light their fire, to signal for help. If they can steal our rights and destroy our rights, then we will again be without fire, rights or life.

The saddest and most tragic aspect of both the book and these living martyrs is that, they will only realize their chosen path when they are confronted with their own maniacal devices, platforms and ultimately the loss of their ultimate tool which is freedom. Who is the “Lord of The Flies”, it is either Jack or the severed pig’s head on the end of the sharp pointy stick. If we continue this madness into disparity, confinement and prosecution, we will eventually bow down to whomever can create fire once again. Only Piggy owned his glasses, but he decided to share them to start the fires that protected them, provided for them and ultimately led to their being recognized and saved. Hopefully we will also be recognized and saved, but for now, it seems like the ships will continue to pass by our island as we are too obsessed with acceptance and fear.

The Importance of Being Cordial

In our society of see something say something, we are being turned against each other as our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors are being turned into the Secret Police of America. From being honest with your doctor about your true alcohol intake and outlook on life and popular culture to our intimate lives being broadcast to the world in the hopes of likes and acceptance. We must remain cordial if we are to expect any privacy and the continuance of our right to our rights. Smile, laugh softly and nod your head along with everyone else in sync. Never stand out and most importantly do not ask questions in public.

Sharing of ideas and stances only make it easier for you to be targeted. All that is required is odd behavior and the simple fact that nowadays perception is reality. Context will only be required when speaking to the police or investigators. See something, say something encourages all of us to record our surroundings and dial 911 the instant we pass by something that seems out of place. We readily rely on our government and law enforcement to question that which we don’t understand and refuse to intervene. We, our neighbors and our municipalities record everything. Whether on video, written down or things we have overheard. We are expected to report everything we see, all in the hopes of a safer community.

Freedom and safety do not coexist, they are polar opposites. Safety requires risk mitigation, a thorough understanding and sticking to the rules of engagement and execution. Freedom requires nothing but exercising freedom, to be free is to accept risk. If we want to remain free, we must also allow those around us to be free. We have been transformed into a people that demand safety at the cost of our own freedom. If safety is valued above all, then America will be lost and transformed into a home with a newborn baby. All of the sharp edges must be defeated, our electrical outlets must be covered and when want to use them we must ask permission. Our cabinets and doors will be installed with child locks to ensure that we do not accidentally ingest medicine because it looks like candy.

We will be rewarded with attaboys and stickers to signify our volunteering in the progressive safety and policing of our homes, neighborhoods and communities. The only way to remain unnoticed is to be cordial. The last bastion of freedom is the appearance of compliance. If we don’t not want to be reported, we cannot stand out. That’s how every people of every unjust and oppressed society were able to survive. From the USSR to China, Iran, Egypt and the European Union, and everywhere else in history and around the world. They continue to raise their children in an underground rebellion of cordial compliance and blending in.

This requires discipline and a steadfast loyalty to ourselves and our families. If we take one wrong step we will be reported, apprehended and recorded. All it takes is perceived questionable behavior to spark interest in what else we might be doing. Suspects, we all are suspects in waiting, someone, somewhere will see us and report us eventually. Remain cordial, appear compliant and happy. Laugh when required and be disgruntled after everyone else has become disgruntled. Speak with no one and expect the worst. These are the only tools and coping mechanisms that will help you to slowly and deliberately acquire some freedom of maneuver.

The Secret Police of the USSR stuck fear into the hearts of all of its people. The Secret Police themselves remained cordial and compliant since they were also under constant surveillance.

But then again, the creation of jobs is more important than freedom, right? If we are financially free, but with nothing left to buy, it seems like our job security will soon become meaningless. Safety squanders innovation and independence. If we rely on our government for careers, education and safety, then why is free will or freedom necessary?


We are alone, we have been abandoned. Our shelter has been ripped away. Our belief and faith in our patriotic blood has been spoiled. We have been left to erode away silently into obscurity. We are being hunted down with every piece of legislation that has been passed since the inception of the 1887 Federal Import Ban on Chinese Opium and the 1934 National Firearms Act. Chinese opium wasn’t an epidemic by any stretch of the imagination, but like any local, state or federal government, they tax us to save us apparently. From drugs, food, medicine, schools, and everything else that is either regulated, banned or controlled, they take from us to tax and control the products and ultimately oppress us.

The government has spent trillions of our money distributing drugs and weapons around the world. The government has also been using and experimenting with every drug in existence. Seems like our government is above the law. Food, drugs, guns, medicine and reeducation, our government has it on lockdown. Meanwhile we scurry about, following the letter of the law and cheering like star struck fans at a concert for our favored representative. They are playing us so damn well, and we fall for it every single time. They have this game so well thought out, that not only do we celebrate when our person wins, but we back them up at every opportunity when challenged.

Open your eyes, they have abandoned us. They seek reelection with another group now. They no longer need us, they already got our votes, free and clear. The mere idea that we must vote one way or another has become more and more self-evident, that we are being taken for fools and nincompoops. The game is over, there is no way to flex back. We have lost, that’s it. We have lost our country, we have lost our future for the future, of our kin.

It is more important now to go underground and be a peaceful people, our families need us still to protect and guide them. If we attempt to fight back we will be taken from our families and they will be left to fend for themselves. Our families are all we have, and all they have is us. We have been tossed aside. But we must remain in any capacity for our families. If we are kidnapped or assassinated the same fate will fall upon our children.

Two is One and One is None

Two is one and one is none, a popular saying that more often than not is completely true. The theory behind this principle is building in redundant systems that compensate for failures. Incorporating two over one will help to ensure that when the first fails the second will immediately kick in and take over. Redundant systems are often and more successful than systems that only operate with one. The same is true of the First and Second Amendments in the Bill of Rights. The first cannot stand or last without the second. The second amendment insures all of the other rights in the Bill of Rights.

If we progressively lose our second amendment right, the others will be slowly scaled back as well until we find ourselves, or more importantly our descendants find themselves without the same rights that we once enjoyed. Our society hasn’t progressed past evil, we must operate with the lowest common denominator at the forefront of any innovation. Safety is only an arm’s length away; the delinquents and villains are always there. They are there and, in their world, there are no laws to abide. We strip ourselves of the right to defend when we allow legislation to grow unchecked and feral. We allow these “lawmakers” to further inhibit on our rights to life, liberty. The right to life is the utmost liberty we must secure. The right to live and the right to be born.

Without the second there is none. Without life, there is nothing. Death and taxes are the only two things in life that are guaranteed, seems like our taxes are securing our death as a nation and as a people. We are being taxed without representation. All of America is being taxed without representation. These laws and regulations are brought about to breathe life into the victims that have been taken from us. These laws will take our breath away and continue to suffocate those of us who remain.

The Internet of Guns and Autonomous Vehicles

The internet and guns receive more blame than the engineers of autonomous vehicles that operate sans direct operation and intervention. Whenever there are casualties whether it be post-election or via malicious violence, the finger is pointed at the inanimate object and then the person. Whenever tragedy strikes the driverless car or any autonomous vehicle, the engineers will usually conduct a detailed and in depth forensic examination of how this happened and what events led up to the catastrophe. More often than not though, an excuse will be given somewhere to the extent of “we are still working out the kinks or this is a project still in development, we apologize for the pain that this has caused the victims, their families and everyone else impacted by this accident, but we can assure you that we are working day and night to ensure this never happens again”. So, it seems that the money devoted to the future of transportation is too large to cease production and research, also the idea of machines and robots working instead of people seems too much to give up. But when it comes to political affiliation and platforms, guns and the internet receive much of the blame.

“I support the second amendment, but no civilian needs this type of fire power”. “The ability to modify, change or confuse voters, is being weaponized and we must secure our democracy”. These lines and talking points, or variations of them are used to try and convince us that we must rid ourselves of these evil maniacal devices, in the hopes of a better society and a more inclusive and understanding people. Because at the end of the day, we are smarter than anyone with hate in their heart, right? Blame hate, blame guns, blame the internet and blame the people that allow these weapons to be in the hands of children. The blame game is in full swing, the ideology behind this, only allows more hate and division to be sewn into our union.

Too bad abortion or drug usage or philandering or prostitution or childhood sex or illegal immigrants don’t spark this type of outrage on a main stream scale. It seems that we are being duped into willfully giving up our freedoms and rights. Before you know it, a sex worker will be thrown into the mix, to further tarnish the already raunchy reputation of anyone who opposes their putrid ideology.

Guns are already on the verge of being taken away or criminalized. The internet has the ability to reach the entire world within milliseconds. Neither operate without a typist or a trigger puller. Autonomous vehicles are the future along with renewable energy and transgenders, so no matter the cost on us, our children and our ways of life, we are expected and forced to accept their bumpy rollout. The game of attrition is acceptable for the tyrants and their supporters.

The Reality of an Impending Government Gun Grab

Whether its fear mongering on one side, or justification on the other, the reality is that gun grabs are already happening in our country. For now, the justification is being proclaimed as taking guns away from the mentally unstable and criminals. So, all it takes is being diagnosed with a mental instability or being labeled a criminal. These two criteria are so broad and undefined, that to the layperson, it sounds like a good idea. But the fact remains that the harder that gun control is pushed, it is only a matter of time until we too will be labeled with a mental health concern or possibly arrested for jay walking. This is the easiest criteria for the government to strip us of our rights. Whether we have a bad day and the wrong person see us, then reports us for having anger management issues. Or something more heinous. The fact remains, that all it takes is a diagnosis or unpaid tickets (that you might not know that you have).

We hear it over and over again, the police and the military would never go door to door collecting our guns. But if you open your eyes, this is how it is already happening. They are using the justification of criminals and mental health to slowly and categorically disarm us. If the police and the military believe that they are just doing their job, then they will comply with their orders. They are simply working on one piece of the puzzle, slowly and with good intent. However, their bosses, the politicians understand the long game.

The laws in this country are becoming more and more obsessive and oppressive. With every new law, a law-abiding citizen is suddenly transformed into a criminal, unknowingly. At the same time, our doctors are becoming more and more empowered to observe and report their patients, a simple bad day at the doctor’s office can turn your entire life upside down. Remember don’t complain about the long wait and don’t forget to thank your doctor for their advice and treatment.

Criminals and the mentally ill, broad and open terms that will entrap us all one day.

Porn Addiction and The New Male

Ever since the inception of the feminist and the temperance movements, it seems that more and more men are seeking their sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Female empowerment often leads to more women and men being lost in the sanctity of love and marriage, both parties competing for their own slice of the economic power pie. Competing either against each other or their peers, trying to get ahead, without ever considering the compromises to themselves and their partners. So now the latest stepping stool in the feminist movement is pornography addiction by men. An addiction so powerful, that it allows the woman in the relationship to attain the proper amount of latitude to seek out her professional goals and dreams, but not enough for both husband and wife to truly appreciate each other and help each other out.

Respect for women and their troubles that they may face when climbing the ladder towards perceived success. Only to be let down by their chosen mate when they catch them in the selfish act of sole pleasure. Whatever happened to husband and wifely duties? When did empowerment lead to more and more relationships ruined and children left to decide between parents? Female sexuality has been promoted to a point of absurdity, in place of professionalism, women are sexualizing themselves beyond reproach. Meanwhile, their husbands are left to respect and stand back while their wives doll themselves up for work. Only to be let down when their granny panties and sweatpants are donned after a hard day at the office. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the requirement that is put on professionals to look and act professional. But sacrificing our relationships for the attainment of nicer houses and cars, seem to be more and more self-defeating, when we are left by our spouses.

I am not advocating for pornography or the sexual enslavement of women. But we are heading towards a catalyst of epic failure, when men and women must decide to either support each other, or both head out into the world, with both expecting support and latitude from the other in their journey towards riches and power. More families are more exhausted now more than ever in our history, the pressure to provide for and support is higher than ever in our history. And it seems that the more respect that is demanded, the more men and women will not seek each other out. Marital relations are just as important as every other aspect of marriage, but the physical and emotional relationship between husband and wife are even more important.

To ignore your spouse and their needs is the ultimate sign of disrespect. Then when infidelity is thrown into the mix whether it be on a screen, in a magazine or with another person outside of the union, then it is often deemed unrepairable. Both parties will go their separate ways, hoping to mend their wounds and redeem their own self-worth, and often times, with other people. It is said that the smallest things in life bring the most happiness. Why then is the simple act of love overlooked? Porn addiction is blamed and men are blamed for being weak. Weak for wanting and missing their woman. Weak for needing physical contact, weak and wrong for giving into their carnal desires. Again, I am not providing any excuses for inexcusable behavior. unfortunately respect and empowerment only go so far.

Too far, respect and empowerment more often than not lead directly to unhappiness and unfulfillment, felt by both parties catastrophically. Men and boys are being taught by women, social media, movies and television more than ever that masculinity is best used respecting and empowering. Men must treat women like women and men like men Women must do the same. Appreciating both men and women for being men and women is the first step towards happiness and fulfillment. Expecting men to be manly and women to be ladylike empowers us all, equally and evenly.

Pornography is easily and quickly replaced with a willing husband or wife. Addiction is real, but replacing sex with respect and empowerment, only deepen the divide between the sexes. The appreciation of true love and beauty between a man and woman, is the remedy for any fantasy. Become the fantasy, there’s a reason why we chose each other. If we replace the other with career, responsibility or respect, then we will also be replaced.

Let’s Just Say, We’re Not Better Than Anyone Else (An Exercise in Inclusivity)

Let’s just say that America is no better than any other country or region in the world. I mean no other country or society period. Anywhere, in anytime on the globe, for arguments sake, let’s just say that America is not only not better, but far behind other cultures and countries. Education, quality of life, life expectancy, healthcare, DIVERSITY, anything and everything is on the table. If America is not that great and it has never been great, and us as citizens are called to lay down our arms, seems like an oxymoron.

Our neighbors to the south flee their country and their way of life to escape to America, the worst country with the worst president ever (Trump)! Europe, where the white man apparently hailed from originally (before enslaving the rest of the world), insignificant with horrible culture and terrible religion. But for some reason Africans and muslims are running to Europe, again fleeing their own country and their own ways of life. Africa, what can we say about diverse Africa, at least they only cut off one arm? Africa, a land where there hasn’t been peace, ever!

The middle east (now we need to use some serious brain power) the first thing that comes to mind is the American definition of DIVERSITY. And that’s about it. They kill each other and rape children on a massive scale that would make pizza gate look like a Spielberg film or maybe a Disney product. Ok, India, let’s see, massive overpopulation, wait, I mean DIVERSITY. South East Asia, child prostitution and terrorists, no, that’s not right, DIVERSITY again is their strength over America. China, I don’t know if China qualifies for the college entrance definition of DIVERSITY, let’s go with rice and Karate. Russia, evil Russia, well, let’s just say that they are on the bottom (our bottom bitches).

Japan, Sumo wrestling, Toyota and Honda. Korea, where they are even more capitalists than we are. North Korea, hungry and cold. Australia, again, another country where the white government subjugated the natives, and then made everyone turn in their guns. Canada, where even Trudeau’s mother stepped out on his father on a regular basis. But anyway, back to Canada, again another white European government that subjugated the natives, and regulated guns, but hey feminist president right. South America, I guess DIVERSITY.

It seems that possibly America is better, as long as we get to keep our guns. But once we turn our guns over, then we will cease to be the greatest country and society ever!

The Selfishness of Legislation Prohibiting Rights

More often than not, we are forced to either watch, listen, read or overhear the litigation from one side specifically when it comes to stripping ourselves of the right to defend against a tyrannical government and protecting ourselves, our families and our property from criminals and their activities. And then kids are thrown into the mix, as if they are the moral arbitrators who cannot be trusted to work a 40-hour week, but yet they are put in front of these attacks, for the purposes of human shields. The one thing that is constantly overlooked is the second and third order effects or simply put the future. The immediate future or the future say of our grandchildren or our great grandchildren.

These proposed legislations only limit ourselves and our offspring from defending themselves from whatever threat will be presented then. Any legislation that would prohibit the citizens of any sovereign nation to defend that nation, only stands to lose their power, and will be overrun shortly from foreign invaders, i.e. the European Union, the United Arab Emirates. These powerful conglomerates easily roll over and dominate any small nation in their path, sweep them up and force them to observe and follow their laws. That is why it is so hard to keep these artificial nations together, since the only real cohesive property is money and power being held by a small minority at the top. Meanwhile everyone else at the bottom, is wanting out of this horrible partnership, and their weak currency.

That’s what happened to all of the countries in the European Union. First almost every single firearm was so heavily regulated that only the serious sportsmen would pay the money, attend the classes and follow the ridiculous protocol that was required by these states. Once these countries successfully disarmed and disabled their own citizens, then they could proceed with a hostile takeover. And since then the European Union has been sacrificing its own citizens for the muslim migrant and supposed refugee, to fight the hated Jews who remain in Europe and the feared Russian takeover. The financiers of the European Union unleashed rabid dogs into their neighborhoods to wipe out the Jewish population and keep the Russians in check, but unfortunately, these dogs have killed, raped and tortured the predominately Christian non-Jewish population to such an extent that the rise of the European skinhead and Nazi has risen to the top again.

So, now the law abiding peaceful citizen is now merely fodder between the migrants, the powerful and the Nazis. The law abiding European citizen cannot defend themselves or their families from any extreme anywhere. All because the old country, Europe and the countries that exist there allowed their hubris to grow wildly out of control and of their own volition, they permanently laid down their arms, thinking that their society had grown to a point of forever peace. But when they decided that they are too virtuous to give into violence, they willfully forgot about their neighbors and how their neighbors did not honor their laws.

If we are disarmed, the same fate will fall upon us. We will be sacrificing our children and their children and their children’s children on the altar of perceived hubris and enlightenment. Turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the savages that inhabit this planet, they will come for us, if we are defenseless. The crescent moon already is flown proudly over the European nations and the perverse swastika is coming out of hiding. Innocent peaceful people will be the only victims in this onslaught of gun control and false safety.

To My Children

Kids, throughout this letter, I will address certain reason why your mother and I have made conscious decisions on how you will be raised into strong, responsible and dependable Americans. I know that throughout your lives up to this point, you have not always understood why your mother and I do things the way we do. In this evil world of danger, it is imperative to your mother and I that we teach you right from wrong, introduce you to God and provide the tools necessary for life, we also will teach you how to use these tools to your own advantage. Our world, our country and our way of life is in peril, it is for these reasons why we will not falter on you. Although at times you may think we are being too hard, we must harden you and strengthen your resolve for when you go out into the world and face these hazards yourself.

Location: Our home is full of love, laughter and care. We lock our doors and close our windows to keep out the bad people that would cause harm to you and to us. We are conscious of where we live, and where we will not live. We reside in the middle, a little country and somewhat city, the suburbs. But where we live, our values and beliefs are not being sanctioned and suppressed. We will not allow your teachers, government or any other outside influences to raise you. We raise you to be strong, question everything and believe no one. These attributes will allow you to quickly identify dangers and help you to always be aware of your surroundings. I know that sometimes the city may seem glamorous, but I can assure you that these metropolitan cities are in deep decay and decline. We chose the countryside over convenience. Convenience always comes at a price, most times that price is your family.

Others: When it comes to your friends, the shows you like to watch and the funny videos we enjoy together, your mother and I are always there. The world is filled with dangers that at first glance may seem nice, comfortable or secure. We control who your friends are and who your friends are not, we will not allow you to associate with just anybody. I know that at times this may seem overbearing or unfair, but you will learn and you will one day appreciate this protection. To maintain the innocence of childhood, both mother and father must be constantly present to protect and direct their children. This will be the foundation for your core values and beliefs, which will guide and protect you throughout your life.

History and Current Events: Your mother and I have very different childhood experiences. But we have the same core values and beliefs. Your mother experienced a tyrannical government through her childhood, and she lived through the downfall of her society and the government that enslaved its own people. I have traveled the world and have witnessed the devastation that society can cause when it is handed too much power and influence over the individual. It is for these first-hand experiences that your mother and I will remind you of where you came from and what can happen when you give into popular opinion and belief. Popular anything forgets the individual for the savagery of the mob. The experiences that your mother and I endured have made us aware of what happens to children and families that look to teachers, doctors and the government when it comes to the individual and their rights. These false prophets will knowingly and willfully sacrifice others for their own gain and prosperity. We will not allow ourselves and we will not allow you to form a dependency on any. We are a family and we take of our own.

Lastly, this letter is simply an outline of your mother’s and my love for you and our responsibility as your parents to raise you right. One day you will either take these or leave these. But your mother and I will do everything we can to prepare you for endurance and resolve.

Inclusion and Diversity Prove that Manufactured Minorities Cannot Exist Without Assistance

Demanding action via social justice, litigation or legislation for the inclusion of perceived diversity only prove and provide example after example that these manufactured minorities are less than their Christian straight white male counterparts. If they were truly equal, then they could blaze their own path, they could carve out their own way ahead, but instead they look to us. They claim that they cannot succeed time and time again, on their own volition. These false handicapped persons demand our assistance for their climb up the ladder, perhaps they should attempt the climb themselves. If they are afraid of the fall, they should hold on tight, or not attempt the climb in the first place.

Is this true or is this merely another fraudulent scheme to steal tax payer money in the fabricated assault on anyone who claims to be oppressed in the freest society in existence?

Just a question. Answer for yourself. Equality doesn’t differentiate. Why do they all champion mediocrity and equality, when power over all is the trophy everyone desires?

Attempting Reason, When Reason Was Never Conceived

I think that the anti-gun control community is talking themselves horse, myself included. We are using numbers, facts and the Bill of Rights. None of this matters to the leftists who want us powerless and defenseless. The left does not care about facts, numbers, people or freedom, they want us unarmed and defenseless. At what point do we say Molon Labe? When do we say what the Texans said, “Come And Take It”? Do we have a line in the sand, or are we pleading with those who have willful deaf ears? No one wants war or violence to fall upon them or their communities, but when is enough, enough? Will we simply bow down and give in, or will we make them knock down our doors? Who knows what will happen, who knows who will stand and who will falter.

The French Resistance defied the Nazis, most paid with their lives, but to them it was worth the sacrifice. Then again, we fought alongside the French Resistance, to push out the Nazis and ultimately wipe the Third Reich off the face of the earth. Who will fight to help us out? Is there anyone or any country willing to bail us out of an invasion of tyranny? Probably not, we will be on our own, as we always have been. We protect, we defend and we provide. We stay married, we raise our own children, we feed our own children, bottom line, we take care of us, because our votes are not for sale. We have been forgotten, because we do not rely on the state to give our children free school lunches, because we can buy our own phones and because we know that FEMA is a racket. Our votes are not for sale, so they forget us and they betray us.

They want us disarmed and defenseless. If we won’t take their money, then they know that they cannot rely on our vote and they cannot treat us to handouts. These perceived freebies come with a price, a price of forgotten integrity, the price of millions of dead unborn babies and a price of prostitution.

We use reason, fact, history and most importantly The Bill of Rights. All of this does nothing to strengthen our resolve. We speak in circles around our elected representatives, they have already made up their mind. They must only work out their path towards implementation. So, the question remains, why do we continue to reason with a stone? You cannot get blood from a stone and you cannot have a conversation with a stone. We attempt reason with persons that have no conception of reason. How far will we allow their advance? Can we come together to destroy any legislation that would infringe on Americans remaining American? Or do we continue to plead and beg for our rights to remain ours?

I do not know what the future of America holds, I hope and pray that we will remain free. But every free day that we enjoy, the left enjoys the same freedom to scheme our demise, not theirs, but ours. Think about that paradox.

From World War II V-Day Celebrations to Vietnam Demonstrations (Where Do We Go From Here?)

It’s an interesting dynamic, from the height of American pride and the unity of the family once the troops came home from WWII. To the downfall of the American family and the burning of the American Flag, during and post war Vietnam. Ever since the end of the Vietnam War up until September 11, 2001, there was no major conflict that America was engaged with in direct combat. Once the American government did away with the military draft in 1973, many Americans absconded from answering the call that their fathers and grandfathers had for generations. Thus, the majority of these American citizens who did nothing to earn their citizenship, went to college to earn a degree and start their climb up the ladder, a climb that would result in the abandonment of traditional American core values.

Some say that the hippies won or that the military is a more professional organization now that it is an all-volunteer force. I don’t know which the right fact or opinion on the matter is, but I will say this, the separation between the military and the general public has never been wider. Between WWII and the Korean War, America was strong, family values and traditions were staples in the fabric of America. From the Korean War to Vietnam, the same can be said. Practically all civil service careers, industry, farming, production etc. The military veteran was the backbone of every industry in America. Every single president since WWII had served in the military up until President Bill Clinton, he dodged the draft during the Vietnam War.

During and after the Vietnam War, rioters, protestors, hippies, terrorists and other leftist cells trampled on the American Flag, spit on our returning service members, and tore the American family apart, all while on drugs and psychedelics. Twenty-eight years between Vietnam and Afghanistan. Any man who was born in 1956 on would not be eligible for a military draft ever. Seventeen years old is the minimum age which requires parental consent for any person to join the U.S. military. For 28 years, our country grew, without the requirement to serve.

September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists attacked America and flew two passenger commercial jets into the twin towers. For 28 years, our country grew soft and complacent. For the majority of men in America, they had never carried a rifle overseas, they had never been under fire and they had no idea of how to move forward to confront this enemy of America. So once again, the call was put out for able bodied men and women to step up and volunteer to serve. Then in 2006 through 2008 the call was once again set out for the surge in Iraq. Again, more volunteers signed up to fight and defend. Now, almost 17 years since the war in Afghanistan begun, we are still splintered.

Perhaps America is up for grabs since the majority of its citizens never had to fight to preserve it. Maybe America has been lost for decades due to the inadequate American failing to volunteer to serve. Possibly, this is my opinion. If you are never expected to police yourself, then why would you care for your home or your neighbors? If you cannot donate your time and youth to the service of America, then why would you care what happens with America? Respect for your neighbors, respect for our founders, our founding and the Bill of Rights. No respect is given to such ideas from those who couldn’t be bothered to give back to their forefathers, their brothers and their country.

Where do we go from here? Who knows, this twisted social experiment has been happening now for over 44 years. But the more division between military/civil service and the general population, the worse off we all will be.

An Open Letter

President Trump,

I am very disheartened by your remarks over the past week concerning your stance and willingness to advance Gun Control yet again. I supported you during your campaign from day one. I was elated to vote for you on the 8th of November 2016. But now, regardless of all of your accomplishments so early into your presidency, I must now say, that I cannot support you anymore.

The idea that law abiding Americans must pay for the inactions of the Broward County Sheriff’s department and the criminal actions of the murderer, is beyond comprehension. Why is it that it is the law abiding American citizen that choses to exercise their second amendment right is always the one expected to compromise? Ever since the inception of the National Firearms Act of 1934, our second amendment right has been constantly under attack, with zero absolutely zero lives saved with every new form of gun control legislation. Criminals will continue to operate with no regard for the law, any new legislation will only impact the law-abiding Americans. The notion that you would not only allow this type of legislation to pass, but that you are wanting legislation to pass is too much. Mr. President, I feel betrayed by your actions against your own constituents.

President Trump, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I can no longer support you or your Presidency. I respect your opinion, but I cannot support your stance on this issue. God Bless you President Trump, I know that you feel you are doing something right and worth doing. But, Mr. President, your actions will only target the majority of your constituents.

Please President Trump, do not allow more Americans to be punished.

The Following is a Post Donated by a Friend: ICE, Oakland, and Activism

Preface: This is not the work or intellect of Bottomlesscoffee007, this is a post, donated by one of my brothers.


ICE, Oakland, and Activism

This week, the mayor or Oakland, California, Libby Schaaf, took the spotlight in the nation’s ongoing immigration debate.

On Saturday, February 24, Mayor Schaaf issued a warning to the public that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be operating in the Oakland area the following day. On Sunday, Mayor Schaaf held a press conference justifying her public warning regarding the ICE activities. The  ICE raids, which federal law enforcement expected to apprehend approximately 1000 criminals unlawfully present in the U.S., resulted in only 150 apprehensions. This isn’t Oakland’s first rebuke of federal immigration law. On January 2, 2018, the Oakland City Council unanimously voted to bar all branches of the city government from cooperating with ICE.

ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan criticized Mayor Schaaf’s actions as “reckless and irresponsible.” Mayor Schaaf, however, insisted her public warning was motivated by her concern for Bay Area residents’ legal rights. Mayor Schaaf also stated that her actions were based upon her values of “social justice” and the consideration of Oakland’s culture of activism.

The first sentence of this blog characterized this event as an immigration debate. The moment Mayor Schaaf issued a public warning, the debate ended and action began.The mayor’s actions, which at the very least frustrated the intentions of ICE, and at most, directly obstructed local ICE operations, go well beyond the margins of  speech. While state and local governments are free to abstain from cooperating with federal law enforcement, they are not free to impede such enforcement.

This brings me to to a more philosophical point concerning the current condition of the United States: When state and local governments are motivated by social justice and activism rather than constitutional law and legal precedent, do we remain a constitutional republic? Do we govern ourselves according to the cold rationality of law, or the passion and emotion of activism?

There is historical precedent to help us understand the events unfolding in Oakland and elsewhere throughout the U.S. There was once a time in the U.S., similar to now, when Democrat party supermajorities at the state level were passionately motivated by ideals of ethnicity, culture, citizenship, and justice. These ideas were so forcefully defended, that entire state and local governments directly opposed federal law and governance. In order to protect these strongly held values, 11 states seceded from the U.S. and formed the Confederate States of America in 1861, where local values were upheld and centralized authority limited. Then came the U.S Civil War. We all know how the rest unfolds–I hope.

Mayor Schaaf is playing with fire; numerous U.S. cities and states are stoking that fire; and the necessary philosophical and historical context has failed to be applied to such instances that many in the government and media perceive simply to be a political game.

Eight-hundred or so at-large, unlawfully present immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area will not unravel the fundamental structure of our nation. Similarly, a single sneeze will not kill an ill patient afflicted with a terminal disease.

So make your choice: Activism or law? Order or chaos? Peace or war?



Without a doubt the M-4, M-16 and every other weapon in the U.S. arsenal has liberated more, protected more and saved more lives than any other platform in history. It was the person armed with a gun that has deterred rape, that has prevented theft, that has saved many lives throughout history armed with a gun. A gun or firearm is a powerful force multiplier. An armed good guy is the only medicine for an armed assailant or a crazed mob. It was the American citizen armed with a gun that enabled the colonies to refuse the crown. It was the armed citizen with a gun that enabled America to free the slaves. It was the armed American that propelled America to the head of the table. It was the service member overseas, armed, that has allowed children to attend school and learn how to read. Arguably, an American armed with reason, intellect and a gun has liberated more people in America and around the world, than anything else in history.

If we voluntarily give up our guns, then America and the rest of the world will no longer be connected, only the dictators will grow out of control. Only the elites will be secured and safe from the evils of man and the violence that thrives in any land where the citizens are barred from owning any gun and thereby defenseless from their own government and the criminals that roam free and undeterred.

If only one fraction or party has all the guns, then there is no reason for them to compromise with us. We must all be armed to keep everything and everyone honest and just.

  • If the Nigerians armed every man and woman, the boko haram would not be able to simply steal girls to be sold as sex slaves.


  • If the citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea were armed, then they wouldn’t be starving and attempting death to escape to South Korea.

Only tyrannical governments disarm their people. Once they successfully disarm their people then there are no longer any barriers that exist to stop them. There are many examples throughout the modern world and throughout history to show that only an armed society remains free. There has never been in existence a free country like America that has not only survived but instead thrived, that was unarmed.

Guilt and Shame are Powerful Tools Against the Weak Hearted

Fat shaming is very powerful when convincing anyone to commit to perceived social acceptance. When a weak hearted person is convinced to abstain from certain foods, in the hopes of gaining perceived social acceptance, to lose weight. The blame is placed on the food or the industry that profits off the sales of that food, or the business that distributes that food. Suddenly the food product is too blame, and the manufacturer of that food, for not educating everyone about caloric content, or nutritional value, or any number of other excuses that can be wielded against a proprietor or object. Lifestyle and choices are excused to ignorance, inequality, or lack of opportunity (can’t hurt people’s feelings anymore with the truth). Personal responsibility and accountability are shifted from the person to the object. Caving to achieve any perceived social acceptance, only ensures a never-ending lifecycle of slavery to others expectations.

The same works with video games, music, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, etc. This is also a powerful tool that is regularly used against American citizens, to convince us to give up our god given inalienable rights. The corrupt bodies behind the curtain, are always looking for the masses to demand that our rights be curtailed or given up all together. Recently, with the school massacre in Florida, many have begun rioting at state and federal locations, demanding that our second amendment right be closed and forgotten. This is how we lose our rights without a shot being fired, without a door being kicked in and without mass imprisonment. The corrupt bodies know that they cannot take our rights by force, so they guilt and shame us into a model of perceived social acceptance. That way, we are giving up our rights of our own volition. We are saying to our government that we no longer want or need the second amendment.

This is all designed to limit Americans from exercising all of their rights. If we allow these ignorant sheep to demand that our right be diminished, then with the simple stroke of a pen, our rights will be taken forever. Without violence and without a fight. Guilt and shame are being used against us. Guilt and shame are the tools that may one day convince us that our government is fair and just, that our government will care for us and that our government will protect us.

Don’t allow your fellow citizen to fall into the guilt and shame rhetoric. Don’t allow our government to be handed a monopoly on violence. Our police and law enforcement are becoming more and more militarized. Armored vehicles, sniper rifles, select fire rifles, carbines and handguns, chemicals to render us incapacitated, electronic surveillance equipment, body armor. Why are we wanting to disarm while our police and government continue to build up their defenses at alarming rates?

If we fold on our right to keep our government in check, then our government will soon exercise their power over us. Once the second amendment is gone, then the first amendment will follow. Any society that willfully hands over their guns to their government will not remain free. The second amendment protects all of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Without the Bill of Rights, we will fall.

Balanced State

Who are the purveyors of mental competence and mental incompetence? Are people with perceived mental deficiencies allowed to drive? Are people with perceived mental deficiencies allowed to inter mingle with the “normal” population? Or, are people with perceived mental deficiencies the victims of lazy representation and the portion of the population that continues to be ridiculed and cheapened, “for the safety of all”? What is the measure for defining a mental health issue? With all of the prescriptions in circulation, self-medication with alcohol or other controlled substances, and every other vice that induces or restricts the flow of endorphins, when are any of us totally balanced? Allowing the stripping or suspending of any rights without a day in court is the first step in the slippery slope of a tyranny in progress.

Wine, beer, whiskey, marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, LSD, social media, video games, creatine, steroids, sugar, chocolate, etc., etc., etc. We all react differently to different substances and different life events. As well, we all overcome and deal with the tragedies in our lives differently. Why is mental health a determining factor in anyone retaining their rights without their day in court? Prosecuting those with problems, prior to breaking the law, will only allow more and more to be determined to be mentally unfit. Whether somebody just has a bad day, or if someone is truly a danger. To grant the power to decide a person’s mental stability to more and broader scope of professions and people, creates a society that prosecutes only those who are different, or those who challenge the system.

I would argue that horsepower kills more people every day than gunpowder. In 2016, 40,200 people were killed in motor-vehicles.

In 2016, 15,095 deaths from violence that included a person using a firearm.

So, in 2016, 25,105 more people were killed in motor-vehicles than from a person using a firearm. But there is no call to take people’s driver’s licenses away. Kids going through puberty by law are allowed to drive huge metal boxes at highway speeds.

Gun control is about control of Americans. Mental health is a buzzword to shift the attention away from prosecuting crime and criminals. Horsepower kills more kids everyday than guns. If horsepower will not be mentioned, then why are guns being mentioned?

Our police are becoming more and more militarized. Our law enforcement has the capabilities to execute mass violence and death on us at this very moment. Why are we slowly being disarmed, while our local law enforcement is provided with armored vehicles, sniper rifles, select fire carbines and chemicals to render us incapacitated? Seems rather unbalanced to me.

Gun Control Throughout Modern American History

The National Firearms Act (NFA) was enacted in 1934. The NFA was introduced due to gangsters and the violence that ensued during the Prohibition. The gangsters used Thompson sub machine guns and other fully automatic firearms, as well as explosives, shotguns, bolt action rifles, revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, rifles and carbines. Due to the illegal activity of a minor group of criminals, American citizens had their Second Amendment Right minimized. Instead of prosecuting the criminals for their criminal activities, the American government took action against all innocent American citizens. The American government prosecuted innocent American citizens, by chipping away at their second amendment God given inalienable right. This is the first dress down of Americans and their inherent right to defend themselves in the modern era.

November 22 1963, President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Lee Harvey Oswald is identified as the murderer. Upon further investigation it is discovered that the firearm that was alleged to be used by Lee Harvey Oswald, was ordered through the mail. Straight from the distributor to Harvey’s doorstep. Five years later, Title II of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 passes legislation to become law. The GCA forced all Innocent American citizens to register their firearms with the federal government. The GCA also expanded the definition of “machine guns” and included the term “destructive devices”, simply to further the power of the government over the people. Again, innocent American citizens, prosecuted for the criminal actions of criminals. This is the second time within 34 years that our second amendment right has been watered down.

April 11, 1986, the infamous FBI Miami Shootout, a gunfight between two bank robbers and eight FBI agents. The two criminals killed two FBI agents and wounded five of the FBI agents. May 19, 1986 the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act becomes law. Due to the actions of once again criminals engaging in criminal activity, the American government once again targets innocent American citizens and their second amendment right. The definition of “silencers” is expanded (not clarified). Machineguns are now outlawed and prohibited from this point forward. But there are exceptions made for the transfer and possession of machineguns by government agencies. The only lawful verbiage that is used in the act is targeted at innocent law abiding American citizens. Only 26 years since the last enacted legislation and murder still took place.

January 17, 1989, Cleveland Elementary School 32 children and one teacher are wounded, five children are killed in Stockton, California. October 16, 1991, the Luby’s shooting in Killeen, Texas, 23 people are murdered and killed, 27 are wounded. July 1, 1993, the 101 California Street shooting, resulted in eight people murdered and six people injured. September 13, 1994, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in enacted. Arguably, this piece of legislation, targeting firearms and not those who use them to maim and kill. Did nothing to stop crime or criminals. Instead, once again the innocent American citizens were targeted for acts against humanity that they had not committed. The second amendment was stripped down once again. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban did nothing to stop the North Hollywood Shootout, Columbine or any other illegal activity committed by criminals. Only seven years this time between legislation and somehow murder still took place!

All of these laws and legislation have done absolutely nothing to stop crime, assault or murder. With all of this legislation, there are no limits on what the government can or cannot possess. Instead, we were targeted with every single piece of legislation, we are further oppressed, while the government can deal in firearms and arm whomever they desire. The only goal for expanding background checks, enforcing more gun control and prohibiting more accessories is only to solidify the governments monopoly on violence. They control us already, the more they take, the farther we move from being a country where the government works for the citizens, not the citizens work for the government. The government has no limitations on what they can possess or use. They are carte blanche, whatever they want or need to do whatever they want to do.

Gun control doesn’t work, it doesn’t stop crime. Murder, manslaughter, wounding and assault have been criminal since the founding of our country.

Why Do We Continue to Pay for The Failings of Our Elected Representatives?

The more we learn about the Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre, the more and more we have learned that our elected representatives and officials have once again failed us. So, who is expected to pay for their lackadaisical attitude towards executing their duties? The American people are expected to foot the bill for their failed leadership. We are now being told that the AR-15 is responsible, magazine capacity, the National Rifle Association, Republicans, President Donald Trump, or mental health or anything else they continue to peddle in the hopes of ridding themselves of the blame.

From what I understand the murderer took an Uber to the school. Then he, without being a student and having no reason to be there, simply walked into the school, in his possession was an AR-15 variant, loaded magazines and a gas mask. How does a grown man walk into a school, while class is being conducted, hauling that kind of hardware and no one says a thing? How does a grown man walk into a school, while class is being conducted, hauling that kind of hardware and no one observes him? Was the school secured? Who was monitoring the school grounds while all of this was about to unfold? Why wasn’t the school secured? Where was the police officer assigned to the protection of the children in that school? Was anyone in the office ever aware of who came and went from the school grounds? Whose idea was it to assign that police officer there, or was he assigned as an easy assignment while he waited for retirement?

Then the shooting commences, madness and panic abound. That police officer, refusing to advance, hides outside, he is a coward, this shame will follow him the rest of his life until his death. Three more officers arrive, instead of advancing, they decide to hide behind their police cars with their weapons drawn. They hide, while children and teachers are being massacred inside. These other three police officers are cowards as well. Who decided that these cowards would make good police officers? Who allowed these lazy selfish people to wear a uniform and pretend to be law enforcement professionals? They hid, willfully refusing to carry out their sworn oath, none advanced, all hid, all are cowards. Why did Sheriff Scott Israel allow his police force to be tainted with these cowards? Sherriff Israel is responsible for their actions as much as they are, and yet he immediately points his fingers at everything else, except himself. With all of the intelligence they had on this murderer, Sheriff Israel did nothing to police his community, the community that elected him, the community that he took an oath to protect, the community that he himself failed willfully.

Why do the rest of us have to pay for all of these willfully committed crimes against us? From the murderer, choosing his weapon, to the criminally negligent sheriff, to his four criminally negligent coward police officers. If you listen to the main stream media, they will tell you how we must now surrender our god given inalienable rights. All because a murderer decided to murder, because the school decided not to secure their students and faculty, because the school decided to leave their school open, because the school decided not to monitor their security cameras, because a few coward police officers decided not to carry out their duty, because the sheriff wanted to be left alone.

Security cameras don’t work if no one monitors them. Locks don’t work if no one locks them. The police hire cowards because of politics and popular culture. The sheriff couldn’t care less because he was a “nice guy”.

Now, we fight amongst ourselves, each blaming the other. Partisan politics and the tribe mentality in full effect. All because of the negligence of others, which led to the deaths of 17 students, faculty and staff. Ownership at every level needs to happen, and we must point our fingers at them and them alone. If we continue to bicker, nothing will change. A reckoning must happen for those who willfully allowed this murderer freedom of maneuver. If we do not place blame of the willful and negligent acts of these tax payer recipients, they will remain scot free, while we argue and fight around them. Only hoping for our side to win. No one wins, children and adults were murdered. Fix the serpentine that must be emplace.

Weapons of War

Below are examples of weapons of war, death and mayhem. This is not an exhaustive list, just a few examples.

  • Fully Automatic Firearms
  • Semi-Automatic Firearms
  • Shotguns
  • Bolt Action Guns
  • Revolvers
  • Missiles
  • Bombs
  • Tanks
  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Computers
  • Drones
  • Cell Phones
  • The Internet
  • Satellites
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Telephones
  • Batons
  • Knives
  • Bayonets
  • Swords
  • Planes
  • Helicopters
  • Chemicals
  • Clothing
  • Rope
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

Virtually everything we use on a daily basis was developed to fight and win a war, whether through attrition, information, confusion or all of the above. Saying that we must rid ourselves of any weapon of war, means that eventually we will lose all, because everything kills, fast or slow, painful or painless. As long as humans have existed, murder and war has existed.

Humanity Cannot Survive Without Civility

Humanity cannot survive or exist without civility within its walls. Mutual respect, responsibility, candor and exact expectations must be at the core. Law and order must be blind, just and clear. In order to maintain safety and security for all of the citizens, it is inherent that all citizens prepare for war, to maintain their peace. Failing to prepare for war, only opens the gates to the enemy, the virus that will bring down every individual who willfully expected everyone else to come to their defense. We prepare for war, hoping that we never engage in war. We prepare for war, whether between individuals or between nations, in the hopes that we can diffuse war before it breaks out. The only way to be prepared for the enemy to bring war to our doorstep is through the individual preparedness drills and exercises that each citizen must embrace and practice.

People prepare for speeches, debates, interviews and other competitive events. Why is it that preparing to engage a violent criminal with exact force and deterrence is beyond comprehension? The idea that certain individuals cannot engage in combat, only makes that many more of us, susceptible to injury or death. It is an adult’s individual responsibility to understand that one day they may be called to fight for themselves or others. If that individual selfishly lays down and cowers, then the assaulter will have that much more freedom of maneuver to maim and kill many more.

Understanding one’s motivation will allow that individual to overcome fear and panic, to assault the assaulter and halt their advance. The path of least resistance is always sought to gain a foothold, to drive out and dominate any terrain. No foothold must be gained by those that would bring harm to us. We deny confrontation, by informing all that we are prepared to deploy into action at a moment’s notice.

Peace is fragile and fleeting, the only way to attempt to maintain peace, is by practicing war. Civility is dependent on humanity, neither exist where pacifist dominate.

If There Are No Trees, Then There Will Be No More Forest Fires

If we cut all the trees down and leveled all of the forests in America, then forest fires would be a thing of the past. But if we remove all trees then mudslides and gigantic dust storms would become the new normal. Cutting down all the trees in America to stop forest fires, is the same logic behind banning any firearms from Americans in the hopes that school and mass shootings would stop. If all firearms were banned tomorrow, school and mass shootings wouldn’t stop. If the second amendment was abolished tomorrow, school and mass shootings wouldn’t stop. At the same time, I believe that we all have an expiration date. We all will die one day and it doesn’t matter how our friends and family feel about that, death is a fact of life. The fact that we don’t know when our time will come makes life that much more valuable.

Our country has turned into a land of freeloaders and moochers. We rely on the police to save us from crime and criminals. We depend on the fire department to save us and our belongings in the event of a fire. We expect doctors and the practitioners of medicine to fix everything we have done wrong to our own bodies throughout our lifetime. We count on our military to defend us overseas. From applications, social media and recently accepted perceived social norms, we have decided to spend our faith in the hopes that others will care for us, our families and our belongings as much as we do. We expect nothing but excellence from others while they care for ours. The truth behind this façade of great customer service is that we only care for ours, so honestly, we can only expect the same from others, regardless of their profession.

If you don’t have batteries in your smoke detectors and you fail to place fire extinguishers throughout your home, then the likelihood of the fire department saving all of your belongings has diminished greatly. If you don’t lock your doors, then eventually a stranger will open your door. If you don’t protect your pin and your credit cards, they will be stolen and you will be responsible. Just because you have a home security system, doesn’t mean that all is well and all will be well. If you don’t have a plan, practice that plan and exercise your defense of your home and family, you may be a victim in development. Bottom line, we all must be proactive in confronting crime. A criminal will only fall back, when they are being directly confronted.

We must protect ourselves and our children. Banning anything in the hopes of more safety only makes that many more defenseless. Banning a firearm, banning many firearms or labeling people, is no defense and results in zero proactive measures to stop violence. The only way to deter murder is to confront the murderer the moment they decide to take action. Violence stops violence. An armed and trained response force staged at every school, is the only way to stop a murderer from committing murder at that sole facility. Synchronized armed and trained confrontation is the only medicine that will solve this quagmire.

If we blindly ban something for only hope, then hope is all we will have. Hope doesn’t stop bullets and it won’t contain and explosion. We are better than that, we must protect our children. Good violence stops bad violence, it’s as simple as that. You can only hold and secure ground, with boots on the ground.


Some might say that from the outside looking in I grew up poor. But I would argue, that growing up, I had nothing to compare my life to, so everything was normal and fine as I was concerned. I had a great life growing up, we had food, clothing, a house and love. I thought of others with less than what we had as poor, but I never made a point of it, to tell them such. I knew that it would be rude. No matter where you look there are people with more and with less. Perhaps we didn’t have the latest and greatest clothes or toys, but we never had any of those things, so we weren’t missing anything. My parents worked hard to provide for us and raise us right. Everything we knew about life we learned from them. We had no real concept of being poor. We thought that we were pretty well off honestly.

Every thanksgiving we had turkey and every Christmas we had seafood. My mother knew how to cook and bake. My father worked very hard at multiple jobs, all to provide for us, their children. My parents collaborated and worked together, so all we knew was that. The majority of kids that we were friends with, basically had the same life. So, no matter where we went, everything was normal. We weren’t barraged at school or on the television about how poor we were. Life was normal and the odds were in our favor, life was ours for the taking.

The only people we knew were our relatives and other families in our small town. We didn’t watch a lot of television, if we did it was cartoons. We weren’t harassed with social media or glimpses into other people’s lives. Plus, we weren’t handed the idea that we were born with less because of my parent’s income. We were happy and we were loved. We were provided for and protected. Our summers were filled with adventure and excitement, every new discovery was a bicycle ride away. Our winters consisted of building snow forts, snow ball fights and making some money by cleaning off walkways and driveways. We were blessed and we were rich as far as we understood it.

Then again, we were kids. We didn’t know or understand the sacrifices or struggles our parents dealt with, trying to provide and support us. Our parents never talked business with us kids, if we asked them, they would tell us that it is very rude to ask such personal information. That was good enough for us. All of this helped to push us out into the world with open minds and open hearts. We were ready to take on challenges to carve our own way in the world and we weren’t hindered by years of reinforced mental block. No one ever told us that we were poor or that we were below the poverty line. Because of that, our perceived lack of monetary stability was never an obstacle for us kids.

I know now that my parents worked harder than I have, to provide for us. But maybe that’s what adults did back then, work hard because they had a family to support. No victims and hardly any persecution, just hard-working folks doing what they can. Proud and strong, families working and remaining together.

Simple Combat

Combat is simple, honest and most of all relaxing. Nothing is easier than combat, one mission and one task, accomplish the mission and keep your guys safe. Working out in the gym, eating in the dining facility and watching tons of movies and television series. Combat is the easiest life imaginable. I miss combat, I miss my chu I miss my buddies and I miss the great sleep I got while I was in combat. All of this might seem like it doesn’t belong together, but in fact it does. When I was first exposed to battle, I was quickly overwhelmed and manic, scared and guarded. When the first enemy rocket was fired at our FOB, I was scared to death, quickly rushing to the bunker outside, to seek shelter and security from the pending indirect fire attack. About a month in and I couldn’t care less, when the alarms sounded I would just roll over in bed and try to go back to sleep. It wasn’t that I was welcoming death, I was just more worried about getting enough sleep than wanting to deal with the possibility of being blown up.

Combat quickly shapes a man, it builds positive and negative attributes in each person. These traits, once instilled rarely ever leave. They are built on survival and teamwork. Combat quickly identifies what is truly important and what is not. If you are exposed to enough combat, you will be calmer than any surfer, an attitude of who cares no one is dying is often expressed and believed. This casual relaxed persona can be turned on and off rather rapidly, when constant moments of highs and lows are happening for months on end. A person quickly learns that energy only needs to be injected when it gets real.

After years of combat with high intensity training intermixed during times in garrison, an attitude of who cares begins to take hold, and is only dropped for real threats. This attitude is good when teamwork is required, or when a buddy needs help, cut and paste and plagiarism are rampant. Although this attitude can be limiting, the general public is not aware of the combat ideology, filling out forms, talking to outsiders (civilians) and trying to stick to proper etiquette and standardization prove to be taxing. You start thinking to yourself, “Holy crap, this isn’t a big deal, just give me the damn answer so I can move on with my life”! Everywhere you go, whether it is college, a job, or even something as simple as annual registration for your car. All of these people just seem to be standing in your way, being difficult and not providing instructions as to what exactly you need to do. It gets even harder when your buddies aren’t around to help or to vent your frustrations.

After years and decades of never really opening up to your family about what you’ve been doing all of these years in foreign lands, turning to family seems useless. It’s not that you don’t value them and love them, it’s just that you’ve gotten so used to not talking about anything with them (your way of protecting them) that opening up can be very hard and sometimes overly dramatic. Dramatic because once you turn on that faucet of experience, everything just comes spilling out and it can be very hard for both parties to communicate between each other and emotions run high. As men of battle, we know that emotions are to be expressed in their truest form only during memorial ceremonies, funerals and late at night, by ourselves, watching a war movie, thinking about what we have been through. It’s not that we feel sorry for ourselves, it’s just that we have depended on our beloved battle buddies for so long, that now we need to spell everything out for everyone.

It seems like we constantly need help and assistance, and after what seems like a lifetime of incredible achievement against catastrophic odds, now forms and protocol are the hardest obstacles to overcome. Forms and protocol, stuff that is man-made and practices that only stifle the odds of receiving assistance. But, once again, we need to muffle our frustrations and attempt to muscle through it, all of this just builds and builds, further damaging our delicate balance of appearing normal and stable. If any population is grounded and stable, it is the combat veteran community, but any groan of incompliance and our clean civilian counterparts, assume that only violence will ensue whenever there is a disgruntled “wounded warrior”. Therefore, an even calmer and steadier persona must be exhibited. All of these social norms and practices just make it that much harder to achieve real results, since honest communication is often required to succeed.

So, we lie, we cheat and we put our masks on, hoping to figure it out one day. Hoping that eventually we will reach a point of comfort and security, a resort of silence and harmony. As combat veterans, we go about our day, wearing the social face paint that helps us to blend into society and attempt a living. Smiling, pretending that we are happy or that we are ok with every new change that takes place. Allowing others to speak, and ensuring that we never appear to yell or talk over anyone. We know that we are out amongst the herbivores, they spook easily and we will only bring negative outcomes to ourselves and our families if we ever express our true knowledge. Aggression once prized and sought, now brings shame and life altering reactions. Now, the gray man comes out, easy going, quiet and malleable. The gray man is merely a hide, it is a ghillie suit, but it only works if you move with the herd and not against it.

God, Family and Country

God, family and country are the only staples any society needs to embrace and value over all else in order to prosper in a world of depravity and taxation. Belief in God enables us to appreciate human life and the sanctity of innocence. The family bond is the strongest bond and it propels its youngest members to higher levels of success and satisfaction than those who came before. Country and the need to protect your home and beyond is the only way we remain free and independent. A safe and secure country grants freedom of maneuver for your family to go out and prosper, enriching each generation more than the last, guaranteeing your lineage the ability to thrive in the future. America was built on these three principles, in this exact order. God is what creates families, family is what provides and protects, and country, the last staple, no country is possible without God and families. Ignoring any one of these principles opens the door to depravity and genocide, and invites these evil traits into your home and family.

God and a belief that man cannot control all. This belief in a higher power humbles us and gives us a model of what to strive for in life. Understanding that we cannot create life and that we are given a gift with life, is the truest form of appreciation. This enables us to do good over evil, free will is always present. If God never existed, then good versus evil would simply be tossed aside for strength and dominance. That is how America has existed in an evolving world, other governments and world powers have died out over time, while America has continued to lead. Never allowing a single man, woman or family to reign exclusively and understanding that we do not control all. This allows us to find fault within our elected representatives and strip them of power before they force their man-made power upon us in total and maniacal dominance. History has proven over and over that any society or country that promotes man over God will quickly falter and be erased from earth.

Family is what must be valued and saved. Family is how each generation becomes stronger and more resilient. Without family, we are merely wandering beings, no belonging and no roots. Family is the architecture that America was built around. If our country and traditions are to keep their foothold on humanity then family must be bolstered and solidified. Family may not always be easy, however; family and blood never change, it only empowers their offspring to build and prosper to protect the old and make way for the new. Family protects children and grants that children’s values and beliefs are founded upon continuing tradition and family-sufficiency. Children without families are quickly swept up to be molded into suicide bombers and pawns for political games. Once those games and killings are complete, then those family-less children are again thrown away by the same “charity” groups that propped them up in the first place. Family must protect and provide for its own. If family looks outside for strangers to protect and provide, then those services will always be tallied with interest and sales tax.

Country, in order to be a people belonging to a country, that land must be pure, protected and absolute. A country without borders is merely middle ground, it will be trashed and not valued or cherished. Without a defined country with laws and borders, then allegiance will never be required to police the land and protect the families that inhabit that land. Only sovereign countries and nations can leverage their authority for their own benefit. Borderless lands have no say and will never be viewed as legitimate. Bridges are used to navigate terrain features that would otherwise be impossible for the vast population. Bridges are meant to interconnect a country, not to allow other nations entrance. We are either a country or we are not, if we openly grant everyone entrance, then it is only a matter of time before we will wander like Bedouins.

God, family and country, without all of these three staples, America will fall from grace. All three must be deliberate and all three must be followed. These simple yet revolutionary practices are what we use as our opposable thumb to a world of four fingered nincompoops. Popular culture would have you believe that the resistor or revolutionary would flex against these three pillars. It is in fact these three principles that empowers America to rebel and resist the rest of the world. It is because of this agitation that the rest of the world caters to America and hates America in the same breath. The outside voices will always smile and pretend to appreciate America, when they shake hands with you, their fingers are crossed behind their backs. The world yearns for America’s demise. Thank God, hug and kiss your family and protect your house and your country. All we have is God, family and country. All we need is God, family and country.

“Can You Just Please Help Us Out”?!

Imagine if Lou Costello and Bud Abbott had stopped to ask for directions. They would pull up to an open-air café and ask politely, “excuse me sir or mam, but could you help us, we are lost”. The patrons would then reply, “I am they and them is them” and so on and so on. Confusion would amass between the two as they ask again, “Can you please let us know where to turn to catch the interstate”. Again, the patrons now feeling as if their wishes and preferences are not being respected would reply, “I am They and Them is Them, over there is Z and Em is right here, now could you please address us by our preferred pronouns, and then we could help you along your way”!

Abbott and Costello looking at each other whispering, trying to desperately continue their requests for assistance. Abbot says “Um ok then, They, how much father until the exit for the interstate we are running late and our boss along with his secretary are waiting on us and we don’t want to let them down”. Them turns around and says “Excuse me what were you asking”? Bud and Lou are getting tired of these antics, Bud exclaims “Ok, please, we are running very late and we have people waiting on us, could you please tell us where we need to go, is it over here or over there”? Their then aggressively barks out, “Hey you cis, why don’t you start addressing us by our gender-neutral pronouns, since we don’t conform like you obviously do”!

The two, looking at each other, confused, angry and desperately in need of directions, both speak up in chorus asking once again, “Excuse me Z, could please tap him on the shoulder” pointing to what is perceived to be a man. Him turns around and says “Hi, what can him do for you”? Bud say “ok sir” and is quickly cut off by Him. Him states the obvious to the other patrons, but not to the two lost travelers in their car “I am Him, please address me as such”. “Ok” says Lou, “Him, we are very lost and we have no idea of where the turn off is, could you please tell us where we must go to get there”.

Again, Their, now getting blatantly tired of the constant hate and disrespect coming out of the car says “How about you two get out of here and leave us alone, we don’t welcome your hate here”! Bud, trying his best to mask his frustrations calmly asks again “Is there anybody here that can help my friend and I out, we are terribly late, our boss is going to lose his mind and he might fire us, and his secretary, she will do her best to make sure we never find work again”. His, He, She and Her, hearing their pronouns being called, come outside to find out who is calling out their pronouns.

Now the automobile that Lou and Bud are in, is being quickly surrounded by almost every patron. As they clamor about addressing each other to figure out how to handle these two hooligans, Bud and Lou overhear “He, what do you want to do, They get over here, Them come and help us, She grab His and bring Z along with, Their put that down, we won’t be doing any of that today”. The gender non-conforming patrons start to lean on the car and bounce it back and forth. Lou says to Bud, “We got to get out of here, we will ask elsewhere a few miles up the road”. Then Abbott and Costello fearing for their lives, hastily drive away, hoping to lose the mob that was just terrifying them.

Seeking Adversity, Challenge and Competition

The U.S. Military is an institution unmatched in the world. In any of the five branches a person will experience adversity, challenges and competition unlike anything else they will ever encounter. These exercises in extreme human development present the opportunity for an individual to rise to greatness, be part of history and achieve a level of humanity often lost in our perceived modern culture. The U.S. Military forces individuals to be part of a team and work towards a goal, regardless of personality differences and background experience. This type of head on in your face adversity demands results and collaboration between people. Aggressiveness, persistence and communication are crucial traits that will be strengthened.

If anything, the U.S. Military creates people persons. In the service you must be able to work together and focus as a single outcome. Planning, communication, team building and achieving the unbelievable, all of these skills are honed and bolstered. That is why war stories and military history are so important to our future. They give us great leaders to look to for inspiration for our future. If anything is possible, the U.S. Military will achieve it before anyone else. Excellence is always expected and nothing less will do. The war stories from our families and friends always inspire and make it that much more difficult for the next generation to succeed. But without past feats of bravery and courage, how will the future generations know what the measurement of excellence is? The bar is always being raised, and it must if we are to continue.

The greatest recruiting tool for the military are the warriors that came before them. They inspire our youngsters to one day take the lead and protect us. It is important to hear these old veterans out, and listen to what they are telling us, it gives us a model of what to replicate and how to go beyond what they have done. Every war is different and every warrior has a different biography, but it is those who came before us and volunteered to fight for us. That is the competition, they fought for us by volunteering and doing the hard work so it would be easier for us. Politics is often injected into battle, but in battle the defining factor is love and intestinal fortitude. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen love and care for each other like nothing else in existence. The comradery and partnership between service members cannot be measured and with every test, it is emboldened and deepened.

Strict standards and tough people are what protect us from the evils of the world. These past warriors have stood guard against the maniacal forces that would persecute us to our demise, they have advanced and refused the enemies of Americans any ground. The warriors of present day continue this advance on the enemy, pushing them back and helping them to rethink their positions. The future warriors must embrace the past to motivate their initiative.

War creates the greatest leaders and followers. Without defending our country for over 200 years we would cease to exist. Adversity, challenges and competition allows the individual to become great and humble. It helps them to remember that there was once a time in their life when they achieved the unthinkable and were surrounded by the greatest of their generation.

Anybody has the ability to achieve anything, but if there is no history to look back upon and there is no adversity, challenge or competition to overcome, then there is no need for success and excellence.

It’s All a Sham

Solidarity, unity, transparency, charity and social evolution. All of these are simple talking points that are used in echo chambers to deceive us into thinking that all of our problems are someone else’s fault. If solidarity and unity once were, then what would the need be for the First Amendment? If our country ever stood in solidarity and unity, then this passage of the First Amendment would be stricken from the Bill of Rights. There would be no need for freedom of peaceful assembly if we were ever unified, no need to petition the government. Also, when has America ever been unified on anything? Ever since our inception, America has been built on the individual American, not on any type of unity, hence state’s rights. Solidarity and unity are a sham on the intellect and heritage of the single American and our ideology.

Transparency has been taken from us more and more over generations of lies, deceit and campaigns. We clamor for transparency, and transparency is always promised, but never fulfilled. Our previous tax code was 74,600 plus pages, and there weren’t a lot of pictures or diagrams, it was all partisan law that had been added over the years, transparency, I don’t think so. What about lobbyist, secret rendezvous and bribes to sway legislation one way or another? Lobbyist are only vilified when they are on the opposing side of our particular interest. Elected representatives, representing the lobbyist and only returning their calls over ours, their constituents. When was the last time any of us had lunch with our elected leaders? Do any of us even possess the private phone numbers of our elected members? Will they answer a late-night call from any of us? Whenever a person is elected to serve in any position, their families and personal interests become secondary to us, the people. Too bad no one in government embraces this type of servant leadership.

Charity is big business, and we are forced into charity whenever a camera is focused on a child. Government mandated charity is no longer charity, charity alone is a singular act, only driven through volunteerism. But like a criminal skimming off the top, our officials always find ways to spend money, to ensure they will receive the same funds next fiscal year. It’s not their money, so why should they be concerned about what is it spent on, the old tax code and legislation covered their movements and decisions, so they are not beholden to the citizens. They have the right and ability to draft law and regulation to ensure they have the latitude to make decisions on how to spend money on whatever they can justify. So, charity is again used against us to place the blame on the other political party, since our chosen charity is so much better than theirs, or so we think. Partisan all of it and all of it used against us, to enrich them.

Social evolution, and the idea that we have evolved into a better or worse society based on how we appear when viewed from the podium. As humans, we have remained unchanged for millions of years. And we are lead to believe that we have socially evolved more in the last 50 years than in any other period of time. If anything, we are more disconnected from our families and friends and more disjointed from our communities than ever in human history. We expect the government to fix our problems, instead of relying on our own families to support each other. The only thing that has changed in the past 50 years is popular culture. Popular culture is always changing, and measuring ourselves based off of popular culture allows us to be servants to popular culture and popular belief. We are the same people we were 10 years ago, just more life experience is what we have earned towards knowledge and understanding. Polls and popular opinions will always change, be swayed and most of the time, not accurate by any means. Polls are the foundation that social evolution is built upon, hubris and wannabe gods waving their hands at their audience, before they wag their finger at their competitors.

All of these points are used to fool us into believing in any person. People can be good, but if the opportunity presents itself for riches fame and influence, and that opportunity is quickly and easily attained, it will be taken by most. It’s human nature and human nature has proven to be evil and vile in all positions and levels of power.

All of these talking points are used to allow people the luxury to lay down and take a break, hoping that their candidate will take over and help them out. Forming a reliance on the government, legislation and regulation, forcing families apart and creating a lazy addiction of taxation and government assistance. We live outside of our means, because we want and not because we necessarily need. We want because our neighbors have, it’s a weakness that must be combated with personal responsibility, accountability and the nuclear family. The more we give to our government, the less we will always have.

“Don’s Tell the Kids That There is Broccoli in the Lasagna”

It is very important to feed our children a healthy balance of protein, roughage and vegetables of all colors. But sometimes our kids don’t like certain healthy foods, so we mask those beneficial foods into more pleasing and palatable dishes. But when you do this you must not tell your kids what they are eating until they have finished it. Informing your children about putting broccoli into their lasagna, could prevent your child from trying the lasagna. But once they finish their plate, after hearing about what they just ate, they may be more inclined to try broccoli by itself next time, since their last experience was easy and scrumptious.

Last night during the 2018 State of The Union, my observation of the democrats, reminded me of the same face a child puts on when they find out that they have to eat their vegetables. The democrats are constipated and they are not smart enough to realize that if they would just drink more water and eat more vegetables, then their episodes of lack of movements would dwindle. The democrats do not realize that they must embrace American citizens if they are to be successful in the future. The refusal to hear and see their fellow Americans as their constituents has brought them to this moment. Eventually President Trump will win the immigrant vote, he has already taken the union vote, the minority vote, the gay vote and every other faction that the democrats used to bank on for guaranteed numbers.

The people in blue do not embrace American values and their fellow citizens as their employers. The more they rage, the farther left they go, abandoning legitimate American citizens, vying for their own political prowess. Willfully tossing aside their devout constituents, looking to gain more power and influence, than actually doing their job. The democrats live and die on the special issues crowd, never really including everyone, just using those few outliers to virtue signal, hoping that feelings and emotions will propel them to political victory. Unfortunate for their supporters, positive feelings and uplifting emotions do not put food on the table or keep a roof over their family’s heads.

The democrats and the rino republicans must remain malnourished, they are adults and even though they know how to remedy their ailments, they refuse to do so. They have followed the same model for over 100 years, change is hard, especially since it is that easy. They need to practice their war face in the mirror before they unveil it in public.

American Projection Trumps Politics

Projecting American values and ideology does not allow any politicians or pundits on the left or the right to succeed. American exceptionalism is dependent on embracing a hybrid of perceived conservative and liberal practices. That is why for so long we have been divided on the left and the right. We are so concerned about our chosen side winning and dominating, that we often forget that in order to bring people together so they can live their own lives, free of government, both sides should be embraced in the middle to live in harmony. Our country has been able to succeed and thrive in a world of kings, queens, dictators and chancellors because both sides have equal opportunity to be represented. The quality of American life and the future of America remaining free is completely dependent upon a delicate balance of both left and right, liberal and conservative, democrat and republican.

None of us are perfect and no one is clairvoyant. We can look to history and other countries, other governments and other societies to pull examples from. But America and Americans are so different from every other people and nation, that we must decide for ourselves which path to take. It is imperative to the future of America and American citizens that we hear each other, regardless of opinion or stance, America is about freedom. If we demand freedom for ourselves, then we must demand freedom for all American citizens. The minute we forget, that if our neighbors are not free, then it is only a matter of time before we will no longer be free.

Good and bad politicians come and go, that is what is exceptional about America. If we do not hold this standard for the future then we are working on borrowed time. I know that politics can be mind-numbing, but if we constantly turn off whenever politics is discussed, then we will eventually be forgotten. Football and baseball are not our original pastime, politics, legislation, and policy are. I know that in order to maintain order, politics should not always be discussed. But that doesn’t mean that it should never be discussed. We all have opinions and it is of utmost importance that we are free to discuss and decide our own outcome.

Suppressing a side because you do not agree with them, only allows that side to grow underground out of control. Before you know it, an evil will become known and since it has been silenced for so long, the way to combat will be widely unknown. Talking amongst ourselves is how we conspire to thrive in a dangerous world. Talking, conversing and debating is what we must do on both sides to. If the left is suppressed, then eventually it will exercise terrorist methods to explode onto the scene and cause chaos for everyone, the same is true for the right, if the left suppresses the right. That is what has been lost over the decades, we all must respect each other enough to leave each other alone. Live and let live, it’s what every person desires, to be left alone.

Regardless of affiliation, we are all Americans and we must treat each other as such. We do not have to accept one another, but we must acknowledge every American citizen. If we willingly put American citizens aside for our own benefit, then we are not worthy of being Americans.

Trump Will Never Measure Up

President Trump and his supporters will never measure up to the left’s or the right’s idea of what is acceptable and what is tolerable. To those who cannot stand Trump, is the very reason they are blind to what President Trump spoke to and what he has stood against. They decry President Trump at every opportunity, as if it were mandated speak when applying for a job. To denounce President Trump is the same as vocalizing that they voted for President Obama. His base as they are often refed to (code for white), are slandered and mocked in the media, on campus and online, relentlessly and free of restraint. President Trump won, because we were tired of being held down and expected to thank our captors.

It’s always been that way, us as Americans were expected to place other countries and other people before ourselves. But as well all know, you must put on your own oxygen mask before you can help anyone else. If we do not eat first, then how are we expected to have the energy to help anyone else? We need to come first, before anyone else, we are the citizens, we are the American People. For decades now, our government has spent trillions of dollars helping out other countries, never giving a second thought to its own citizens, until campaign season. They’ve handed out food, built schools, provided free medical and medicine, propped up someone else’s infrastructure. All the while manufacturing and raw material refinement was being pulled out of this country and placed elsewhere in the world. With all of the vast energy sources in our own country, we were expected to pay exuberant amounts of what little money we had for imported energy.

Everywhere we turned, whether it was commercials on television or our own elected representatives, we were being lectured to either voluntarily or involuntarily put the needs and wants of other countries before our own. After generations of constantly being let down and bamboozled, enough was enough. Any person can only take so much criticism and terrorism before they take a stand, against whatever they identify as the biggest threat. Our government hands out more food and other humanitarian aid to other countries, than it does within our own borders. Why don’t all of these supposed philanthropists spend their own money on their own interests before they legislate for us to do what they won’t do on their own accord? President Trump is not a single actor expected to right every perceived wrong, but I do believe that he is the catalyst. He has motivated enough people that they can make a difference and speak their own mind, on both sides. If we are expected to continue, then regardless of each person’s side or beliefs, it is imperative that we continue to voice our opinions and not be penalized for unpopular speech.

Perhaps President Trump’s victory, halted the possibility of a civil war in America again. Telling people that they’re values and beliefs are inconsequential due to pigmentation, sex and affiliation only deepen and embolden hatred and distrust. President Trump’s election win has renewed interest and opened more two-way communication than any other person or practice has in modern history. No matter what side or lack of side each American citizen has taken, more are talking and conversing, which is how we remain in power over our own government and enforce transparency. It is more empowering and more beneficial that we talk to each other, free of fear and free from oppression. As we have witnessed from the last president and from the terrorist organizations that supported him such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, suppression is temporary, eventually the American spirit will clamor about to break free from the chains of acceptability.

As American’s we must remain free and independent, civilized citizens must continue to argue, curse and belittle. If we ever move away from vocal discourse, then the next step will be violent and fatal. Listen and speak, yell and scream, it is far safer and better for our future than sponsored military and police intervention.

Sleepless Night Consciousness

After beating the Dalai Lama in a game of golf, Carl Spackler received the gift of total consciousness on his deathbed, since the Dalai Lama wouldn’t cough up the money that he had bet on the game. Consciousness is a humbling experience, it causes panic and pride, both with seemingly copious amounts. Some say that ignorance is bliss, and at times I yearn for ignorance, constant reexamination, doubt and other outcomes sometimes overtake me. Although consciousness allows us to know and understand where we are and what we must do. But at night, tossing and turning, waiting to fall asleep, my head is sometimes filled with past scenarios and I become totally enveloped in questioning myself as to whether or not I made the right decision. I think it is something that we all go through trying to navigate our lives.

I don’t know if I would want total consciousness on my deathbed. Between having to say goodbye to my family and trying to maintain my composure and self-respect. I think that a final lapse of total self-consciousness would just add more drama to possibly the most traumatic part of my life, the ending of it. Rather than laying there waiting to cross over, I would rather it happened quick and relatively pai