Selective Censorship

Why is pornography considered detrimental, yet steamy romance novels are considered innocent? If you see a man, old or young watching porn, are you disgusted? If you see a lady, young or old reading 50 Shades of Grey, are you amused? Why don't Romance Novels come with an age restriction? Is pornography for the eyes …

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The InfeKtion of America……(2019): Tactical Toolbox

When the majority of any society decides that they are too free, they will happily hand over their only means of defense, in the hopes of safety. When you look to the government for a job, for a way of life, you have forsaken your free will for a bowl of soup. Esau, despised his …

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Your Annoying Little Brother: Caring, Penis Envy, Implants and Luxuries: TidePodcast Episode 101

17 minutes If the Second Amendment (2A) doesn't protect our right to certain arms, by name or nomenclature, then how does the First Amendment (1A) protect Journalism? Journalism is never named specifically in the First Amendment (1A).