Beer Goggles: RamRod and Coffee Discuss the Canceled Taliban Peace Talks: TidePodcast Episode 119

1 Hour, 8 Minutes


Chocolate Milk…Need Not Apply!

Just when you though things couldn't get any worse...NYC wants to ban chocolate milk from schools!!! First, the 20 ounce sodas, then the sky high cigarette tax, then "Meatless Monday's" in NYC schools. When will the madness end? If I can't have my chocolate milk, then obviously this is not the place for me. NBC …

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My Secret Guilty Pleasure

Wanna know a secret about Coffee? I love giving Meghan McCain a hard time on Twitter. In my opinion she is a spoiled brat that has led a very privileged life, riding her father's coattails. She does her best to pretend like she understands what it means to be working class. But really, she's an …

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